Caroline de Maigret

Le 14 Juillet 2012

Chère ITG,

Today is July 14th, our National Day here in France. Outside, I can hear the French army tanks and soldiers marching. It reminds me with amusement of yesterday's shoot, where an army of Chanel lipsticks stood proudly on the makeup artist's table.

Yesterday morning, just before my photo shoot, I had a meeting at Guitar Garage, which, as its name suggests, repairs guitars. (Photo 2) I chose to wear black BLK DNM jeans, an LNA T-shirt, a good pair of boots by Fiorentini and Baker, an Isabel Marant necklace, and as for makeup, just black MAC Zoom Lash mascara. I like to apply it on top and bottom lashes, especially in the morning, to make my eyes look bigger! All together, the look worked well for the mix of different people that I would cross in that day: fashion + music.

Then I arrived at the Chanel jewelry salon, a magical place with a breathtaking view of the Place Vendôme. There, I felt like a princess, with different people getting me ready to become a 2012 Coco (Chanel) for a French magazine. We decided to do fairly simple makeup, with a slight emphasis on the eyes, using a mixture of the colors in the Les 4 Ombres Premier Regard palette, which comes out this fall. On my nails, I chose a red, Le Vernis 487 Rouge Fatal. I like that there is some brown in it, which makes it even more "fatal!" I will send you the final result when the photo is out in September, but for the moment, it stays a secret!

I don't know if you’ve heard about it, but yesterday I learned that Coco was superstitious and really into numerology. That's why she named her famous perfumes No. 19—because she was born on August 19th—and No. 5, because when she choose the scent, the fifth bottle she tried was the right smell! I love these stories.

Now, I’m going to go sit on the roof of my neighbor’s building to watch the fireworks.

Je t'embrasse.



Caroline de Maigret is a Paris-based music producer and model.


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  • marcela

    I can't wait to see the photos.
    The red colored nail polish looks like something I would definitely use, it is beautiful.

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Can't wait to see more, great lip colours!

  • Lindsay Sue

    What a natural beauty.


    Jane Birkin, is that you?

  • Fairydah

    I love the changes that are happening with ITG. This was a great read - I felt like I was there! I think I need to try out that nail colour, such a perfect shade of red.

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    This letter format was cute! Fun read.

    My jewelry blog:

  • Michelle Lee
  • Bibian Gomez

    Wow I did't know that about Coco! And I can't wait to see the result of that photoshoot!

  • fashiongossip mk

    Chanel <3

  • k.

    this is lovely! i'd adore a full topshelf with her


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Chanel Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow