A Sun-In Story

Melissa Coker

Last night at dinner, I asked my friend Melissa Coker (the designer behind Wren, pictured above with our buddy Max) who colored her hair. "I do it myself," she said, "with Sun-In." Sun-In! The spritz that everyone tried at least once during middle school, which might have turned your hair an unflattering shade of copper/orange? Well, the formula has evidently been refined, since Melissa swears by it for maintaining her warm, flaxen color. Shocked, I asked her to explain:

“I don’t know why I started doing it. It was like seven years ago when I first tried, and my mom was like, ‘’You will look like a penny.’ But it’s not true, I never look like a penny. It takes, like, five minutes, and I do it whenever I remember, which is once every eight months or so. I’ll be, like, 'Oh my God my hair looks brown,' so I’ll put Sun-In on it. I just did it three weeks ago: I only spray it on the roots, and then blow-dry it. It’s heat activated—I don't go in the sun. And five minutes later, it’s lighter. My hair naturally is pretty light, but this definitely makes it more light. I wouldn’t consider myself a strawberry blonde, but people say that. They also say Sun-In makes your hair orange, so maybe that’s what why it looks strawberry blond. Is it bad for you? I don’t know… I’m so good with all that natural stuff, I’m so all-natural with everything, that I feel I’m allowed this. It’s my cheat. Well, red lipstick is my cheat, but this is my other cheat.”

—Emily Weiss

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  • http://lindsaysuejohnson.com/ Lindsay Sue

    I have horrible horrible memories of this stuff. Lucky her that she can pull it off!

  • Dragonflylifestyle

    Hehe I too have been using it for years, I have now up graded to the John Frieda one. It is a wonderful on us mousey/dark blonde girls, just don't go mad or use it to often. Great post as always. Ax

  • http://thezerowinter.blogspot.com/ zoobia

    My two older sisters use to lighten their hair with sun-in. They'd only spray it on top, so their hair would remain black underneath. I don't remember it being all that bad colour-wise, but I'm not brave enough to try it out now. Although I'll admit, this picture makes me really curious!


  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Her hair looks great! I wish there was a Sun-In that worked for brunettes too! :P

  • VotreAmie

    Holy snap, I had no idea Sun-In was still out there!! I do indeed remember summers that I nearly bathed my entire head in the stuff. Oh the roots I had come fall. It's working out beautifully for her though, so Bravo!

  • PradaStole

    I swear by Sun-in.

  • Adriana Chacón

    I love Max's sweater! Any chance he reveals its provenance? ;)

  • Weshippee

    Sun-In is easy and works well if you have medium ashy brown color. If you are a bit darker with warm (dark gold) color, your hair will come up orangey. If you don't like the dark gold/orange try a Blue/violet shampoo like Shimmer Lights, leave it on a few minutes and condition. I think Shimmer Lights may also have a conditioner too.

  • Emma

    She's beautiful and intriguing! Would love to see her Top Shelf!

  • Guest

    Brunettes, don't be afraid. I am a dark haired brunette and I use sun in. Every time I go for a haircut my stylist oohs and ahs over my natural highlights :)

  • Randi

    Is there any european distibutors that sell this online?