Siri at Stella


The fresh-faced Stella McCartney girl has been mixing it up lately. Sure, bare, glowing faces—and we’re talking clean, often with only a dab of concealer—have been the designer’s request for her models season after season, but for the fall show back in March, girls sashayed down the runway with a surprising add-on: lashes coated in a striking cobalt blue paint, courtesy of Pat McGrath.

For her resort presentation, staged at a church in the East Village, McCartney was in a playful mood again. To complement the “really rich jacquards, poppy colors, and little elements of fluoro,” in the texture-heavy, interiors-inspired collection, the designer suggested that makeup artist Jeanine Lobell work in a little black eye pencil, but in an unexpected way. “We’re doing a straight-ish line under the eye—into a point, but not extended,” Lobell explained. “It’s short; it’s a little tougher. And, it makes the eye wider…if you do the line straight and don’t follow the roundness of your eye, it opens the eye up.” With Sunday Riley’s Pitch Black Velvet Gel eyeliner in one hand and a pointy cotton swab in the other (“They’re your friend, because you can kind of erase the liner into a shape you like,”), Lobell smudged Norwegian model Siri Tollerød’s liner into submission while the two chatted away in Swedish. Hopping up from the makeup chair after a quick coat of Riley’s Obsidian mascara—top lashes only—Tollerød slipped into her outfit to join the other girls for first looks, but popped outside with me for a few shots first. And her lemon blazer, spiked with lurex and perfectly fitted, was a true standout in the collection. “I love a jacket,” McCartney told me. “I trained at Savile Row in London, with a very historical way of looking at men’s tailoring, but as much as I love the way a men’s jacket looks, and the attitude it brings, for me it’s deeply rooted in psychology—that, in every woman, there is an element of male, and I think that’s really sexy.” Tollerød, buttoned up in the overcast courtyard, evoked a modern Mick Jagger, and embodied, as Lobell said, “that cool girl who has that one thing that she does with her makeup…that one little element that makes a face more individualized.”

Siri Tollerød photographed by Emily Weiss at The Church of Saint Theresa Nativity in New York City, June 11th 2012.

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  • Tinacious Me

    that blazer is beautiful!

  • Théa Unknown

    I love her blazer!

    Théa Unknown

  • hannah

    beyond amazing.

    xx H

  • Anonymous

    Love this look - It makes her eyes look lovely!

  • Monica

    The color of the blazer is beautiful Stella has always had great taste!

  • Andrea

    she looks beautiful!

  • Lindsay Sue

    I might have to test this technique tonight!

  • Michelle S

    Asian ladies don't you dare attempt this with a regular eyeliner, you'd sooner end up looking like a Panda Bear. A sexy one. I just got this eyeliner from Blinc which should do the trick..

  • Cat

    I love the make-up at Stella McCartney, it's always beautiful in a very refined way. Something I've read you say about "make-up the way a cool girl would wear it". That's exactly it. To compare it to something like the Chanel resort, which was beautiful, but I find if Stella had done it, it'd have been the pink eyeshadow only, no blush, no lips. Which would have made it all the more striking. I find this kind of simplicity about a million times more beautiful than the "full face of make-up" I always see on the street, with girls packing on foundation and concealer and powder and contour and highlighter and ten different eyeshadow colours and let's not forget about the blush arrrrrgh! It's also really unisex, I could imagine a guy wearing this and looking absolutely amazing, in a really masculine, non-drag way.

  • Kitchen afternoon

    I agree- restraint with make up is a better look.

  • H-vogue

    I like Siri.I love the look!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Its really amazing what makeup can do for you--I literally had to do a double take to make sure that was Siri. The way the eyeliner was drawn on really changes the look of her face! And I have been LOVING the makeup at Stella's shows the past few seasons. The electric blue lashes inspired me to hunt for the perfect blue mascara for a weeks!

    • Irina

      Have you found it? Care to share? :)

  • Bonnie Clyde
  • Nikki Mata

    Absolutely Amazing posting!!

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  • Claire

    She's beautiful! I hope you can feature Ai Bihr ( soon, she's Japanese and I love her beauty and style! Im curious on her beauty secrets :)

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    Love the yellow florals with the white shirt! Gorgeous pictures too :)

  • mcgintylauren

    She is so gorgeous. Her hair color and the makeup are luminous.

  • Nikki Mata

    Totally cute! I'm loving this look!

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    Nikki Mata
    The Bella Bordeaux

  • Merengue

    Siri is so pretty!

  • Nihal

    good written . good performer

  • Isabella

    that blazer. but more evidently, that face! so stunning, xxx

  • Michelle Lee
  • Mery


  • Vanessa Lucy

    great photos, loving the added liner compared to the usual 'bare' look and I agree with what stella says about how a jacket can bring a bit of masculinity to a femminine frame...who doesnt like to feel a bit powerfull with a sharp jacket on!