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“I’m an actress, and I’ve lived in New York for almost fifteen years. Primarily I’ve done film, although in the past few years, I did my first Broadway play, and now I’m doing my first TV show, Covert Affairs, which is a spy show about being a young woman in the CIA. I just wrapped this movie called Red Machine, which is sort of a thriller set in Alaska, and I have a movie coming out in the fall called Looper, which is like a sci-fi movie that Rian Johnson wrote and directed—the guy that made the movie Brick, do you know that movie? It’s cool. Brick is sort of film-noir and this one is more Blade Runner, but it’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. I think it’s going to be good!

I think for myself, what shines through the best is when you feel good about yourself, you know what I mean? Confidence. It comes from a psychological place: how you feel about yourself and what you want to put out there initially, and then after that, I think it comes from a nutritional place—what you eat really affects how you look, and the better you are to your body, the better you feel, and the better you look, and the better you feel about how you look. When I put chlorophyll in my water, for example, I know that I feel more hydrated, and I just feel—this is going to sound so weird—but your sweat smells better, and it’s literally cleaner…you feel like the system is running cleaner. It’s chlorophyll drops, like what’s in a plant. A makeup artist was drinking it once, and her water looked black, and I was like, ‘What are you drinking?’ But after a week drinking chlorophyllic water, you do feel like the system runs better. And breakfast is really important. I started reading a lot about what the great nutritionists eat for breakfast, and one of the nutritionists I like is called Dr. Weil. He said he has fish for breakfast, so I started having fish for breakfast: a broiled piece of salmon with cold green tea and greens. Do yourself a favor and have that for breakfast one day, you feel so good! Super clean protein—it burns evenly so you don’t have that sugar rush, crash, caffeine, rush, crash cycle. You feel good and even for so long. If you have a doughnut and a cup of coffee, you’re going to crash; you’re going to be grouchy.

In my off time, I really go crazy low-maintenance. I rinse my hair with apple cider vinegar, and it takes all the product out. I’ll stop dyeing my hair, and my roots come out. I just try and give my body a break: just wash your face, and put on some sunscreen. You can pour apple cider vinegar in your bath too. I’m really obsessed with what you can put in your bathtub—I am a bath person, but only in a sort of detox-y way. I get too antsy sitting in there for too long. I’ll put oatmeal in my coffee grinder, and pour that powder in my tub. Super good for your skin. You have skin like a baby! And I put Greek yogurt on my face—you know, the 0% Greek yogurt, the Fage. You just scoop it out—it’s all cold when you put it on—and by the time it’s so warm that you don’t want it on your face anymore, you take it off. It’s really good for you—I mean, your skin looks so good. It hydrates because of the milk, but the lactic acid just gently takes the thinnest finest layer of skin down. And it’s cheap; you can get it at the bodega.

I keep switching my skincare routine recently—I’ll go back and forth between Super by Nicholas Perricone Free Clean cleanser, and then I love this Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash. But then there’s also this line out of Canada that I really like called Pure & Simple. Their stuff is so gentle. Sometimes when things are so pure, it’s actually too strong on my face—just because it’s pure doesn’t mean it’s gentle, but I find Pure & Simple to be really awesome. I’m sort of obsessed with the Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder. I know you’re only supposed to use it for 21 days, but I use it all the time. And I’m learning my way with La Mer. I got the cream first, and it was really too heavy for my skin. When I was filming Red Machine, I was in the mountains and the snow and the dirt for 6 weeks: we’re shooting in the dark, we’re shooting all night, we’re shooting with animals, I’m covered in fake blood—talk about wear and tear, it’s no joke. When I came back, I really wanted to try and heal and be gentle and hydrating. So I bought the original La Mer, but it’s too heavy. So then I backed up into the lotion, which I like—it’s much thinner and lighter.

I live for the Lancôme eye makeup remover, because it can take everything off at the end of a 15-hour shoot day when you have a lot of makeup on. I don’t want to spend 18 hours washing my face when I come home. It’s oily, but that’s why it can take off 15 hours of eyeliner! I literally have to soak two pads in it, put it on my eyes, take that off, and then start washing my face. You don’t even open your eyes with all that stuff on. But if I’ve got a row of fake single lashes on, and so many layers, it breaks it all up. My eye cream, which I think is the best cream in the world, is Shiseido. I’ve been wearing the eye cream since I was 21—literally, a makeup artist gave me eye cream when I was 21, and she was like, ‘Trust me, put it on.’ I want to write her a thank you letter. I’m 35 now, and I know it makes a difference.

I do wear mascara, Maybelline Great Lash. It’s so good; the Very Black is very black—I just like it. And my favorite blush is Bobbi Brown Pale Pink. It looks like it should be too bright, but it sort of makes you look like you just had sex, so I love it. It’s just the right amount of just had sex. I love Giorgio Armani Face Fabric; it’s nice and light. I mean, if I’m actually going to be photographed, I’ll go all the way to foundation, but for real life I’ll just put on Face Fabric. And sometimes I’ll wear a hard red lip—crazy red Dior 999. Good, right? It’s so blue for a red; it’s so matte. If you’ve got nothing on your face but curled lashes and a red lip, it can’t be all bad. And then I love this Rodin Olio Lusso—it smells so good. I just bought her hair oil, and her body one. My hair is really too light and fine to put hair oil in the day, but it’s nice at night. I’ll come home and wash it and not dry it to try to give it a break, and then rub a bunch of hail oil into it, wrap a towel around my head, and go to bed. I keep Perricone’s lip balm next to my bed—it’s really good, super hydrating. And there’s a scented clay disk over the light bulb in my bedside lamp—the heat of your light bulb burns the oil so your bedroom smells good when your lamp’s on at night. Dude, when you turn on your lamp in your bedroom and you sit there and read for 10 minutes, all of a sudden you’re like, sniffs! And, say you’re having sex? It’s really great.”

—as told to ITG

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  • Meagan S

    Love this one! I spy a toothbrush hanging in her shower!

  • ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Wow, such great tips and recommendations. She's a beauty!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  • http://starlightsworld.blogspot.de/ Andrea

    she is beautiful! i would never think that she is 35! looks like 22 :D

  • Ulumma

    Oh my God in heaven. I adore Piper. Covert Affairs has been one of my fav shows since it started. Her outfits in that show are to die for and she's so real and likable. All I could think when I saw your update from my Facebook feed was, "Shut up! That's Piper Perabo". And now that I'm done freaking out I can actually go back and read all about her.

    • http://twitter.com/SaraT1011 Sarita

      I adore Covert Affairs, too! I liked a lot of Piper's tips in this one. Now I want that disc for my lamp, and I'm going to have to do further research on chlorophyll drops in water.

  • Michelle S

    really digging that bust wearing the aviation goggles!

  • greta

    PIPER PERABO!!! So thrilled to see her on ITG, I'm a huge fan (if you couldn't tell, haha!) Love her lifestyle and diet tips in addition to the skincare and makeup.

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ The Procrastinator

    I was just blogging about a yoghurt mask -- it makes me so happy she uses it too! She's sooooo gorgeous! Thanks for this interview :)

  • Sofia Valanci

    Great story xx

  • VotreAmie

    Amen on the oatmeal and the greek yogurt giving you baby smooth skin, sister!

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    lol, she seems so candid and warm. Love her! And look at all those goodies!! Want!

  • Mckennarishmawy

    She's so .... normal!! I love her mix of high-end, drugstore, and refrigerator beauty. I relate so much to it. And that's no joke about the Fage Greek yogurt!

    • Ona_in_Barcelona

      Refrigerator beauty! Love it.

  • Zoobia Ilyas

    I love this! I remember Piper from Coyote Ugly, way back when I was a teenager. She sounds like she's talking to a friend in this interview; she comes across just very warm and friendly. So refreshing.

  • Em

    So happy to see a fellow Canadian featured! I second her love of Pure&Simple, such an amazing line!

  • trishelle

    omg i simply aDORE this actress!!! Great post!~

  • Ana

    damn, she's the girl from coyote ugly! could NOT recognize her in these ITG pics!

  • Em

    Emily, after checking the link you've posted for Pure&Simple I believe you have the wrong one. http://www.pureandsimple.ca is the address for the Canadian line based out of Toronto.

    Love your site!

    • IntoTheGloss

      Thanks Em! xE

  • mimi

    love her! she seems so nice, friendly and normal. she's so right about nutrition (and greek yogurt face masks!). i might give this chlorophyll thing a go too...
    but i feel like maybelline great lash mascara is the biggest makeup con of all time. i just cant seem to find the love for it like others do.

  • http://www.okay.com/ Hong Kong Property

    the statue has goggles!! cool!

  • http://thesparkle.net/ erin

    love her beauty wisdom. i've always found her SO beautiful.


  • Renaphuah

    she looks good, and doesnt look like she is 35 x

  • sashi

    she sure doesn't look like a kindergarten teacher from Jersey! I like her, her smile is like mine and makes her look extraordinarily young. Thanks Emily!

  • Ona_in_Barcelona

    She's 35?! I'd never have guessed.
    Loved her style, and her fun and practical approach to beauty. She's gorgeous!

  • Théa Unknown

    Love Piper look!

    Théa Unknown

  • Stephlny78

    I love her soft neutral eye makeup. Is she wearing grey liner? I can't tell.. love it.

  • Cay

    Love it! Some really great tips--the yogurt thing definitely works, even though you feel like you're a little crazy the first time you do it.

    The only thing that I'm not sold on is the chlorophyll--knowing what it does, I don't see how drinking it would make your body run better. I'd want to see the scientific evidence behind that one.

    • Elise

      so, chlorophyll can aid in detoxifying ( a function of the liver) and is great for digestion as eaten in greens.... I believe in eating the plants :)

      "chlorophyll? More like borophyll!?" That is for anyone who's seen the movie Billy Madison. So lame but I could not resist.

  • Hya

    Her routine is the most akin to my routine, I'm glad someone finally says low maintenance is great maintenance. And I'd love to have fish for breakfast, but I don't think my roomates or boyfriend would really appreciate the smell in the morning...

  • Lancel

    I watched her in "Covert Affairs" and I realised that she still looks like she is 25 years old, so I was said "Which products is she using? They got to be good products!". And then, I visit your site and there she is. This post just answered my question! She looks great.

  • http://www.spontaneouschick.com/2012/06/27/8-worst-dressed-celebs-ever/ Aleya Bamdad

    Awesome. Love the goggles on the statue.

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    She's gorgeous. I remember her from Coyote Ugly. Any clue on where she gets her hair done?

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    Love Covert Affairs, love her, totally going to try some chlorophyll.

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    Saw her in Coyote Ugly. Trying for years to forget about that movie. She looks great, though.


  • Capsulelove

    i love all her references to sex! She makes me giggle inwardly.

  • Fashion Sky

    You’re so naturally beautiful, I wish more models were like you!Love you !

  • MaryK

    I tried Face Fabric yesterday. I thought it didn't provide enough coverage... And I am a concealer-cum-tinted moisturizer kind of gal! For someone obsessed with all things natural, she wears La Mer, which is a bit puzzling... Isn't it true that they make you warm up the cream because it contains petroleum? Still... She looks great... It must be all that sex!

  • N.

    Pure + Simple rocks!!!!

  • http://www.fashion-territory.com/ Fashion-territory

    I have been following your blog for a quite a while, it is really cool and inspiring.

  • Raven Steele

    Hi Piper, Fell in love with your performance in Coyote Ugly. You are really doing well in Covert Affairs. I am 59yr now and someone mentioned I should write a blog. Thought I'd find one and see what they are about and low and behold, there was your blog. I am like you regarding resting your hair and face and body from all the products. Need my hair product but face, I give it a break. I never use heat on my hair although just gave myself my summer length and got rid of all the 'old' hair. Now need some heat to style. Been real sick with all this stuff and the meds I know, are bad for everything. My face is still good from using Oil of Olay all my adult life. I'll be 60 in Jan. and I stll look pretty good. No money for any botox or anything like that but alot of products on market, like Maybelline are great products and well priced. I use cover girl and Oil of Olay make-up and my underbase and cleansing in all Olay for old people, lol.....take care Miss Piper...

  • http://twitter.com/KPFUSION Kimmie

    Finally-someone that say's that they're low maintenance and actually IS! I've always been a fan of Piper, and she looks fantastic in these pics. I may have to try the oatmeal bath and the yogurt mask. I sometimes add ACV to my bath and I don't know what it is but it always makes my skin feel refreshed once I'm done!

  • SF City Editor

    My dream bathroom - look at all of the product!!! Oh My God!

  • Cosmodiva

    Piper in Covert Affairs is my escape!

  • piper fan

    Are you sure that she is using Shiseido Wrinkle Resist 24? I cant find it in the shelf...

  • Lischelt

    She looks good for anyone's age!

  • kmaranaomi

    What is this clay scent diffusing lamp thing she is talking about? I want one!

  • kaiju

    Great read, I had to get up and check my blush, it's funny that I was trying to find out which one she wears and I all ready have it.