Candice Lake, Photographer


“My approach to beauty is pretty simple: I’m obsessed with skin care and less with makeup. I have really dry skin. I have this amazing blue cream, which is called Collagen Cream by Dr. Spiller. My dermatologist is in Australia, and I always fly back there to see her. She’s got the Clear Skin Clinic, and any of the girls in there are amazing. It’s in Double Bay, Sydney. A lot of the girls get recommended to it by a friend, and then I found out that everyone in fashion in Sydney goes there. It’s this really long waiting list to get in, but she’s amazing, and it’s really very low-key and cool. So every time I go there, I buy six jars of this Dr. Spiller cream—it’s from Germany, but I can’t find it anywhere else. You can buy it online if you live in America. So I lather that on my face, and I always use a lot of Kiehl’s Creme de Corps all over my body, every day. And I wear sunscreen every single day as well, even in the winter, because so many people I know have dealt with skin cancer, and I’ve got fair skin. I’m never going tanning—I think it makes you look old. I’m the weirdo who goes to the beach but sits under the umbrella with the towels wrapped around me. I like Dermalogica cleansers, and I always have Evian spray. So it’s literally three layers of products: sunscreen, moisturizer, and then Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It’s like a prepper, so it makes your skin a little bit plumper and softer, and so it shines a bit. I’m really about dewy skin—I would never wear powder. It’s all about dewy. So sometimes I get Lucas Papaw ointment and stick it on my brow bone because it just soaks in and then leaves a slight little shimmer.

Armani makeup I’m obsessed with, I can’t live without it: Face Fabric, and bronzer. And then YSL Touche Éclat—can’t live without it. I put it on my eyes, around my nose, a little on my lips—any kind of highlight area. I’m really into very minimal makeup, but contouring. I learned that from working with amazing makeup artists, from years of watching how they do it. I would always watch how they would change my face. So they would always do contouring underneath your cheeks, and then highlight. For me, that’s all makeup is: just contouring your face, and less is more, so it always looks like you’re wearing nothing. I like wearing almost nothing, but just a lot of that contour, a little bit of NARS for that shimmer—the stick in South Beach. But my favorite go to is Tom Ford True Coral lipstick. It’s the perfect pop of color—I have one in every bag. It’s totally perfect for me, like he made it for me. You can look shit and then put that on and everyone’s like, ‘Wow, you look good.’ This year I really don’t care about mascara. I used to use Maybelline Great Lash because every makeup artist would use it…the way I find beauty products is to look at what makeup artists would use. My eyelashes are normally clear and white, so I don’t wear any mascara. When I was a model, Pat McGrath said to me, ‘Never ever pluck your eyebrows and never pencil them in.’ So I can always tell when a makeup artist is really good—if she says, ‘Oh, I don’t want to pencil your eyebrows in because they’re amazing.’ I never touch my eyebrows. I like the idea that it’s quite weird to have no eyebrows. For me it’s all about a lip, less about an eye. If I wear eyeliner, I just look like I’m on the town.”

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  • Phil

    She looks ethereal in the pictures, the result of decent sunscreen.
    I've tried the beauty flash balm but found it to remove/dull the healthy glow.
    Guess I had too much of it already.
    Must look into that Dr. Spiller cream.

    • Lulu

      Looked into it because I have crazy dry skin all over the face and body and must say - what a disappointment that Dr. Spiller collagen cream is! $70+ for a small jar, and with ingredients I think even those not in the beauty "know" have been trying to avoid for a long time: scary preservatives!

      their ingredients:

      BOO! I think I'll stick with my coconut oil!

  • Heba

    her makeup looks so fresh and simple ,its like shes not wearing any makeup

  • mimi

    aw, i've been a fan since she was vogue australia's model obsession back in the day.
    lucas' paw paw ointment is AMAZING. everyone should get onto this stuff, it's incredible. makes the driest of skin plump and hydrated in no time at all.

    • Belle

      There's also suvana paw paw balm. It doesn't contain petroleum. I like it much more than luca's.

  • misspeony

    Amazing interview! She looks completely natural and beautiful.


  • Bonnie

    Loved. Pieces like this are exactly why I adore ITG. Details like unmade-up blond brows and lashes make a face memorable. And somehow I need that blue cream just from her description of buying stacks of it.

    Must say though, it is always funny to me how almost all your subjects begin with, "I never wear makeup," or "I'm not really the makeup type," and then launch into a list. Exactly how much makeup do they think the rest of us are using?

  • mytheresaprgirl

    LOVE Candice! She's stunningly beautiful in real life - even ITG's pics can'T quite capture her beauty;-)! Great post!

  • Leanne

    I ♥ that she uses sunscreen year to!

  • Tai

    I love this post. She looks great - really beautiful and natural, but still done. I'm wildly jealous of the Pat McGrath comment - can you imagine how great it would be to have her say "_____ feature on you is perfect, don't change it." You'd never worry about it again. Not that I stay up late worrying about features, but you know, sometimes you start in on your makeup, and you think, "oh this could be a little better, a little fuller, a little whatever." And you go overboard! Ha.

  • Stephanie

    What sunscreen does she use?

  • erin

    great insight and interesting about the eyebrows! i've always heard conflicting opinions on this, but would always choose pat mcgrath's advice! x

  • Le chic world

    Gorgeous Aussie gal! check out my travel post on Sydney

    Monica xo

  • Elouise

    I want to know about her hair!

    • ArizonaGigi

      Me too! I wish this had been a Top Shelf. She's gorgeous! BTW, is she wearing the Tom Ford True Coral lipstick in the photos? I've never tried any coral lipsticks, they usually look a little too orange-y in the tube, but whatever she's wearing in the photos looks really beautiful and natural. Thanks ITG!

  • Cami

    Could you please feature Abbey Lee?! I'd die happy.

    • Silvana Weber

      Yes, please!

  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    She's lucky she's naturally gorgeous--I wish I could look that good with close to no makeup on! :P

  • Juliane

    She is so stunning and a natural beauty!

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Beautiful girl, great ideas - dewey rather than powder, and a great sweater.

  • Belle

    I loved reading this. Pure itg heaven. (especially after the l'oreal posts). Thanks emily!

  • Anna

    Loving the pictures of you Candice! Absolutely gorgeous! Great post Emily! x Anna

  • Anonymous

    A breath of fresh air with a stellar perspective on skin care!!!

  • Little Red Book

    Great feature, she's so naturally beautiful. And i love that she's more into skin than makeup, inspires me to take better care of my skin.

  • Christine

    Dear Candice, may I ask: how old are you? You look great and I couldn't guess...

  • Ivy

    love girl who doesn't wear makeup that much and still looks amazing!

  • greta

    She's radiant!! Would love to see more of her...haircare, etc.

  • Ash

    Has anyone figured out how to order the collagen cream in the U.S.? I spent some time searching on google but was unsuccessful :(

    • Melissa

      Hi - just noticed your comment, I work for the U.S. distributor and unfortunately you actually can't purchase the products online anywhere in the world, but if you contact us at 1-800-355-4485 we can help get them into your hands :)

  • welovefur

    Trovo un asola parola per definirla

  • Anonymous

    goodness, I love a lass that isn't afraid to show her age: she's just plain gorgeous and radiant!

  • Michelle Lee
  • The Author

    Huge fan of Candice and of course Clear Skin Clinic, one of our featured salons on The Beauty Book. For anyone that wants to give them a go, they have some great offers on some of their incredible treatments. Check out their profile via the following link:

    You'll LOVE them too, we promise x The Author

  • Fore-accessory

    This is such a fun picture of her – love that hair!!