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“My approach to beauty has always been about not adding on layers on top of what I already have, but building layers within. I’m really into a holistic approach: I’m really into diet, I’m really into acupuncture; I practice transcendental meditation. I think it’s the inner workings of yourself that can make you look beautiful, feel beautiful. It’s only recently, like the last two months, that I started wearing makeup, which is probably absurd. My parents are really holistic. Beauty is something that gets handed down to you. My mother has never worn makeup in her life…I think now, at sixty-three, she sometimes puts a bit of rouge on her lips, but she’s always been about using Sorbolene cream, which is a natural cream from Australia. And my grandmother is the same. They both have been so pure in terms of their sun exposure, and they don’t wear makeup, and they’re the most beautiful women I know. That’s the way I’ve been brought up—it’s always been about absorbing what’s around you and letting that make you beautiful, whether it’s the sea or the fresh air.

When I moved to America, I really noticed that the conditions here are different. In Australia, if you want to feel good, all you have to do is swim in the sea and let your hair dry naturally and have a glass of water, and you look great—you really don’t need to do much because the standard of living is so high. And when I moved to New York—and I adore it here, don’t get me wrong—it’s a harsher condition. The water on my hair alone was something I had to get used to. I never even used to care about what I did or didn’t wash my hair in, and all of a sudden I had to start seeking advice from all the hair specialists I work with on set because my hair looked terrible. It’s the same with skin. It’s only recently I started dabbling in makeup, and I had all my lessons from this amazing makeup artist called Chiho Omae. I’ve always admired her approach to beauty on herself and also the models we work with, so she’s given me some tips. She recommended Rose-Marie Swift’s products, which I adore. I use her coconut cream every day, and I love the Un-Coverup Foundation…but I never knew for a second that you had to put makeup on your hand first. Chiho told me if you’re using a foundation, you rub it and warm it on your hand, and then you apply it to your face. I appreciate that delicacy—it’s very Japanese, her technique. I use Armani High Precision Retouch under my eyes, in 4.5 and 3.5 and mix the two. Chiho’s all about cheap mascara, so I’m using fun easy mascara—Maybelline Volume Express Waterproof. I have to use waterproof because my eyelashes are really short; I’m half Chinese, so I have quite short and straight eyelashes, and if I don’t use a waterproof mascara, it leaks on my face.

I think when you come to New York what you absorb around you is so hectic, you definitely need to invest more in yourself, and that’s been a fun process for me. I just turned twenty-nine, and that whole side of grooming has been fun. I never got to feel like I was doing all those womanly things, and it’s nice to have some rituals. I put almond oil all over myself and take a cold shower, or at least end my shower with cold water—it’s so good for the glandular system; that’s what the Yogis teach you. I don’t blow dry my hair. The one thing I have started using is this Japanese product on my hair because my hair is Asian hair, and it’s obviously a different texture. It’s called Nano Amino Mist. But I like to be in bed with my hair wet, and I do think brushing your hair is good to stimulate natural oils. And then I’m really into supplements. MSM is actually something someone I know who had really crazy acne got me on to; it’s what people use to clear the skin structure. I have an amazing acupuncturist called Pamela Yap—she has been my saving grace since moving to New York. She’s amazing in terms of healing advice, especially if, as a woman, you’re feeling like you need some nurturing, whether your body feels strange, or it’s an emotional thing. She’s changed my life. I originally went for my back, but all of a sudden I was seeing her for my skin, for my hair. Physically, I always look really run down after travel, so she put me on this Chinese herb called the Free And Easy Wanderer, and it changed everything: I didn’t feel sullen, my eyes didn’t feel dry, and my hair didn’t look dull from all the flying and the air conditioning. I actually was a free and easy wanderer.”

Stevie is also the founder of the new online zine Shop Ghost

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  • Francesca Lyn

    Lovely! I really like the concept behind Shop Ghost as well.

  • MatterOfDress

    What a natural beauty! Amazing that her mum has never worn makeup, save for the occasional rouge. I'm not discarding my Makeup Forever just yet, but I do appreciate her philosophy.

  • Clau

    Interesante post!
    Very interesant! best regards from Hamburg!

  • Londonfan <B

    Wow, I love her outlook on life and balance and she's so stunning. Funny how she mentions that a change of climate and culture can really disbalance your physique, so recognizable. RSM is wonderful and I'm glad she's giving it heads up too

  • Joanne Choi

    That's really brilliant. Beauty is really skin deep and she captures that concept so well. It's not about using the best foundation but it's about treating your skin and body with respect.



  • monkeyshines

    simple refreshing look!


  • Miss K

    She looks beautiful! No make-up needed indeed.

  • Lili
  • greta

    A breath of fresh her attitude and approach to natural beauty!

  • Nina

    While I found this post interesting, and Stevie is certainly a true natural beauty, I want to point out that Sorbolene cream is not natural in the least. I'm not really that into using natural/organic products, but I always check out all the featured recommendations. It is mineral-oil based and has a lot of potentially irritating ingredients. Just wanted to give ITGers a heads up!

    • TheneAliceales

      I wonder if she meant lanolin which is the natural oil from sheep's wool?

    • JC8

      Why aren't you into using natural/organic products? Not being confrontational by any means, just curious.

      • Nina

        @TheNealiceales - I thought it might be lanolin-based (which can be highly allergenic) but it wasn't, just not a very "natural" product.
        @JC8 - What I meant was that I don't particularly seek out natural/organic brands. I'll buy Chanel or Weleda!

  • GG

    Sounds like a really cool chic!
    I wonder what she meant by "so pure in terms of their sun exposure"...If she had any natural sunscreen tips I would really love to get more info! Any ideas?!

    • Eva

      Zinc, it's a physical barrier as opposed to a chemical one. There is an Aussie brand by the name of invisible zinc.

  • lovelyday

    I really enjoyed this post and I agree with her approach 100%! It would be nice to learn more about her meditation practice and diet. Great job!

  • Mel

    Sorbolene doesn't have wool fat, it's glycerin and paraffin. But you can also get natural sorbolene with no mineral oil.

  • Nat

    Like her outlook on beauty. But I find het notion that the climate is harsher in ny funny: Australia has one of the harshest climates... There's an ozone hole and the sun is super strong.

    • Guest

      I think it's more that our water is not as hard, Sydney borders on ocean and it's very easy to get to clean air, the sea, nature etc etc X

  • Stevie

    Hi all x
    My mistake. It is Lanolin that I meant to say regarding wool fat. Mum just corrected me. It is fabulous for cracked skin. You can however source natural "Sorbolene" creams which she also uses.


  • Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    She is really a beautiful woman! I'm so envious of her long, healthy-looking hair and full brows! Gorgeous!

  • Alix

    The Rose Marie Swift site literally doesn't exist... why does everyone keep linking to it?

    • Jo

      If you click on the link now it does...? Maybe it's something to do with your broswer?

      • Faith

        Hi Jo and Alix, the RMS site takes a really long time to load. At first it's just completely blank and then you'll see a loading number appear in the center of the screen. I missed it the first five times I visited the site. I advice you to do something else while the site loads because it really is worth reading. Rose-Marie Swift writes about beauty tips, but more importantly about dangerous chemicals in our everyday beauty products. An alternative is the RMS beauty blog; just google it and it'll pop up.

  • Guest

    Stevie is brilliant, I've been reading RUSSH since its Charlotte days and have always been inspired by Dance's ability to achieve so much at such a young age. And she's right, the ocean is the easiest way to purify X

  • mimi

    i agree, we are very lucky to have a high standard of living in australia! i'd still move to new york in a heartbeat though!
    i'd love to get onto some of these chinese herbs, they sound great.

    • Melanie

      That is so funny - I'd move to Australia in a heartbeat. Wouldn't miss a step. :-)

  • Ella

    stevie is stunning! i loved reading about her approach to makeup, and her thoughts on inner beauty are very eye-opening!

  • AML

    Very interesting read, I love her approach to beauty. A more holistic approach to beauty will definitely glow the beauty within the self. She is a natural--and that what makes her more beautiful. Keep on posting!

  • Mary

    beauty from within... gotta love that.

  • Rosa

    I Looove her!!

  • Lovuisa

    I want to know more about her different take on beauty methods and tricks she's picked up along the way!

  • AL


  • Lou

    What a great article! She is so beautiful and to have so much peace in a hectic New York, is amazing!


  • Elle

    Stevie, what brand of MSM powder do you use? I'm looking to buy some. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Before I even read this post I looked at the photographs and thought, my gosh, what an incredible natural beauty - She shines! Great post!!


    I checked out Rose-Marie Swift’s products. The living luminzer seems great... And I like the almond oil/cold shower suggestion...

  • Elle Beautiful

    Oh I love natural beauty suggestions! Yay yay!!

  • Lindsay Sue

    Glad she pointed out a good acupuncturist. I need one!

  • colby smith

    what a babe! <3

  • frances

    interesting post and the sincerity of it!!

  • The Beauty Philosopher

    So lovely to see one of my favourite Australian talents here! I agree with the water affecting the hair in NYC although I cannot vouch for the all you need is a swim and a glass of water in Australia to look beautiful!

  • Emergency Bucks

    What a natural beauty!

  • mel

    Great post. Love the insights on here, will be checking out those chinese herbs immediately. I totally understand what she means in terms of harsher conditions, I moved from Australia to Switzerland and can still feel the difference, how dry your skin and hair gets through the water..

  • Michelle Lee
  • Charlotte

    Stevie is just fantastic. I've been a fan of hers for a few years now, especially when she was editor of Russh. I think it's so refreshing to see a modern woman so pared back with her beauty routine and one that only just started wearing make-up - amazing. I hardly wear the stuff these days too, so it's good to have role models so to speak like Stevie.