Mary Charteris, Model & DJ

Mary Charteris

“I’ve had long hair my whole life, basically, and I don’t do much to it. I’m naturally blond and the sun helps. I might do a haircut soon…I’m thinking I might just cut it off. I’m trying to think, because every time I put on a t-shirt and it gets stuck in my t-shirt, I quite like the way that looks. I just want to do something different. There is a hairdresser I go to in London whenever I have a party to go to and feel like having it up or doing it braided—French braided—called Paul Edmonds. It’s really super swanky and fun.

In general with beauty, I don’t believe in spending money on things where you don’t know what’s working. I’ll spend money on something because I’ve heard from a friend it’s good; just word of mouth. I go to this place called Face to Face in LA, to this really nice woman called Marianne who Liberty Ross actually told me and Robbie about—my boyfriend goes with me. And Liberty has the prettiest skin, so I was like, ‘I want to do whatever she does!’ [Laughs] And I drink a lot of water and exfoliate. I actually got that that little vibrate-y brushy thing, the Clarisonic. I love that! I’ve only just gotten into facial stuff; I like Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil for taking off my makeup because it’s like a moisturizer as well, so it makes your skin very oily which is great because my skin is so dry. Every day I use a moisturizer, Bliss Fabulous Face Lotion with SPF 15. If I use this oil, the Shu Uemura Oil, I don’t really use a moisturizer after because it feels so moist already. I don’t want to overload. I get paranoid about overloading my face with products, you know what I mean? Clogging it up so that it can’t breathe.

My cover up is Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, and I just got into MAC Studio Finish. It’s not really a foundation, it just makes your skin glow. And there’s another thing that Liberty Ross told me about: NARS Illuminator in Orgasm. She uses Super Orgasm because she’s more tan. There’s Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Copacabana…she’s a Super Orgasm girl! I’m too pale for that. You rub it in with some moisturizer and put it on. And I use Maybelline Volum' Express The Colossal Mascara. That’s pretty much it. I don’t really do eye makeup, because I’m bad at it. But a lot of mascara on me, because I have lots of lashes, ends up looking like eyeliner. I want to have lessons so I can be really good at doing eye makeup—I’ve found loads that are like eight-week courses about learning about skin types and blah blah blah. I literally just want to do eye makeup. I just need to find someone who will teach me. It is just like painting—painting your face.

I’ve been worrying about how I want my hair and makeup done for my wedding. It’s only four months away now! My dress is still very much a work in progress. Pam Hogg—she’s a Scottish lady, super sweet—is making it. I’ve always been obsessed with French braids, so I’m going to try to incorporate that into the beauty look. I think they’re so sweet. But, who knows if that will work. We’ll see. I’ll have a veil and a train—got to have that. I think it’s a necessity. It’s the only thing I know I want, actually, are those two things. [Laughs] The rest of it is all very up in the air. I guess I want natural makeup. That’s quite obvious…I guess everyone does that. I’m going to go as natural as I possibly can. But, that is really hard. Natural makeup is harder to do sometimes than intense makeup. So, hopefully, I’ll have a makeup artist.”

By Rachel Chandler Guinness for ITG 

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  • Anonymous

    She's got lovely brows.

    If she wants makeup lessons, she should just look at Lisa Eldridge's tutorials on YouTube. She is amazingly informative, and she has bridal makeup tutorials, too.

    • murt

      Yes - pixiwoo is great too - especially Sam from pixiwoo.

  • Charu

    Emily, what does she mean by "I just got into MAC Studio Finish. It’s not really a foundation, it just makes your skin glow." Isn't that just a concealer? How does it make your skin glow? Please answer! Thanks!

    • Izzy

      I'm not 100% sure but I think she actually means Mac Face and Body- so low coverage its hardly a foundation but it gives this amazing healthy sheen!

  • Phil

    She should follow up the Shu cleansing oil with something really, it's not really meant to moisturize.

    • Jo

      It's also basically just mineral oil, but I guess no one really cares.

    • Alex

      This reminds me of a discussion I had with my dermatologist, who is firmly convinced that moisturiser is not something you need, esp. if you have slightly oily skin. His opinion is that if you don't feel tight after cleansing your face, you needn't use anything. And if you do feel tight, your cleanser might be a bit too rough on your skin. I personally do use a fairly heavy duty cleanser that I follow up with a moisturiser at night, but only micellar water + sunscreen in the morning. So yeah, whatever floats your boat seems to be ok. :)

      • Laura

        Alex I have also heard this (on the web, not from an MD)....and I'm curious, what does your derm recommend for really dry skin? As in skin that feels tight even after being rinsed with only water?


    I use NARS Copacabana, or just started to. I also mixed it with my moisturizer. I don't see the difference though :-(...

  • Elouise

    I really want eye makeup especially eye shadow tutorials! Emily give us some :D

  • Jane S.

    Check out -- she's got some great tutorials for simple. pretty wedding makeup that can hold up to tears and stress and photoraphy! She may also be just the source you need to learn how to do eye makeup. She and Emily are my beauty gurus!

  • Elise

    for wedding hair, try out the gorgeous French braids that Fred of Cut by Fred does, which loop around your head in the most chic and casual look I have ever seen. With her multi tonal blondes it will look beautiful! It was on his a few posts ago- check it out

  • Ana Carneiro

    She looks stunning, I'm a big big fan of the natural looks and therefore I love this photo. Also, you get people to talk so openly on their interviews with you! It's amazing, I guess that's the reason we end up reading them even if we don't know who you're talking about

  • Joanne Choi

    Her hair is so beautiful!


  • Miss Edgeley

    omg please do the FACE on Pam Hogg she's so beautiful and her make up is perfection.

  • karen

    Drinking plenty of water has no effect on skin hydration_ its a Hollywood beauty myth; which sucks for me becuse I was doing this for years (I watch a lot of fashion tv) my mother even thought I had diabetes!

    • Laura

      Actually it does...or rather lack of hydration has an effect on skin. One of the major signs of dehydration that MDs look for is loss of skin turgor. Skin that is dehydrated has lost its elasticity and looks, well like crap. Now being overly hydrated and chugging 2 gallons of water a day is not going to make your skin super moist and supple, but maintaining good hydration will keep your skin looking good.

  • KTnally

    that could be me writing that article!!! my wedding is 3 months away and im still debating hair/makeup , i want the natural look which of course takes hours!!!!!

  • Londonfan <B

    I don't know...people like her already have good genes so I do not follow their advise so easily because they often can get away by using everything

    • TheBeautyPhilosopher


  • Donna

    charming model, great eyes and lips

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    Is she seriously not wearing foundation or eye liner? She is beautiful.

    • LaDiva

      but she IS wearing makeup: eye shadow. even her cupid's bow is highlighted!

  • Trishelle

    I've been wondering about cleansing oils. Swear by my clairsonic too

    • TheBeautyPhilosopher

      I love cleansing oils. I love the Shu one and the Aesop one.

  • Renee

    I second Ona, I to noticed her stunning brows first!

    And yay to Secret Camouflage... seriously the best concealer in the world! x

  • jenn

    i will teach you how to do eye makeup anytime! :)
    xo - jenn

  • Anonymous

    I second that Lisa Eldridge recommendation! She is my favourite make-up guru. ITG it would be so wonderful if you could do a feature on her! My two faves together at last lol.

  • misspeony sillage


  • Nicole

    does anybody know where i can find a clairsonic brush in france? i've emailed them about a month ago with no response....

  • Isabella