Jeanine & Esme: Individual Lashes

There are some things that are best learned from—but not reserved for!—professionals. One of those things is the art of fake eyelashes. There are plenty of beauty experiments I’m willing to try out while perched on the edge of my bathroom sink, but in my opinion, any move involving glue, a tweezer and your eyeballs necessitates play-by-play instructions. So I enlisted my makeup artist pal Jeanine Lobell (Stila founder and Natalie Portman’s go-to face-painter…isn’t the fifteen-year-old in you dying?!) and her teenage daughter Esme for a little tutorial.

Jeanine’s Ingredients:

Duralash Natural—Knot-Free individual lashes, from the drugstore

LashGrip Strip Adhesive (“Strip, individual, doesn’t matter—just squeeze a little in the corner of the box and let it dry for a couple minutes before dipping the lashes in.”)

Tweezerman slanted tweezers

Mini fan brush

Chanel eyelash curler

Hourglass Film Noir Lash Lacquer

Chanel Inimitable mascara

Yves Saint Laurent Golden Gloss in #50

For removal, Jeanine recommends Lancôme eye makeup remover on a Q-Tip, massaged onto the falsies to dissolve the glue, before sweeping the whole eye with a soaked cotton pad and gently pulling them off.

Godspeed! Let me know how it goes. I’m still getting a feel for it… but, I want to be that girl who throws on some lashes and lip gloss and hits the town. I’d also like to be that girl whose mom is Jeanine Lobell, but that’s another story.

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  • Anonymous

    ADORABLE video! They look phenomenal on and so natural, but Ugh! My dreaded shaky hands - I'd wind up gluing my eyes shut like Esme said!

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    I've never had much success with lashes...wish she could do mine! They are so cute together, loved this.

    My jewelry blog:

  • NeenaJ

    Bookmarking now.

  • mlle p

    Looks great on her - but of course, what wouldn't - she's a very pretty 15 year old!

  • Amanda K

    GUSH! Great video, great contributors, have to try!

  • Nau

    Does anyone know the name of the palette Esme is carrying with the individual lip pots. I've seen the palette before but can't think of the name. It holds lip and eye shadows similar the the z palette. It's magnetic I believe.

    Thank You!

    • Marie

      Unii palette

    • Nau

      Thank You Marie!

  • Joanne Choi

    I wish she would do my lashes! I've never tried individual seems like something only professionals can do!


  • Jackie

    Love it! Still waiting for the collaboration between Jeanine and the OC. Any updates?

  • Esme

    I really enjoyed this video! As a sixteen year old girl I rarely ever find anyone with the same name as me so it was a fun thing to see!( except Twilight....)

  • Alyssa Longobucco

    What perfect timing--I was planning on trying out individual lashes this weekend for a party. I never thought of using a fan brush for lower lashes before--what an awesome idea!

  • Madison

    Great suggestions! They look very natural. I feel like it would be hard for me to put them on as easily as they did, though!


  • Emily Ann

    So cute! Love how you make beauty a family affair.

  • Ana

    Love this video. Lisa Eldridge (who, by the way, I WORSHIP, and Emily, if you ever go to London, please try to meet up with her and do her top shelf, because her favourite skincare products are amazing) also has a fantastic video on how to apply individual lashes. For those who might be interested:

  • Alex

    totally adorable. one question: how long do you have to wait between the falsies/glue action and the mascara application? i'm never sure when they are really dry...

  • Kerry

    Great video. Esme's a beauty. Love Jeanine--and Esme's eyebrows!

  • lagirl20

    Loved the video! I actually learn something since i never knew how to put fake lashes myself! Cant wait for more cannes inside! Xo

  • Ella

    cute video! esme is gorgeous!!

  • Woody

    Such a lovely girl

  • Carol

    I loved the video!
    I’m posting from Los Angeles, take a look on the windows of Rodeo Drive and our pictures in Palmdale!!

  • Anonymous

    such an adorable video, and YUP: 15 year old in my was DYING!

  • Stills

    Great video! But I'll still leave that job for professionals :)

  • Eco-vogue

    I really enjoy reading your blog, you always look great and I love the way you put your suggestions!

  • Lucy

    OK, I just about died when she used a fan brush for the lower lashes - LOVE it!