Carolyn & Dylan Murphy


Carolyn: Since I was a little bit younger than Dylan, every Sunday was beauty day: my mom and I would do masks, and we would do our nails. I have a cool mom. So, Dylan took off her three-week-old nail polish today, and when she was sitting on the bathroom floor, we realized that today is Sunday beauty day!

Dylan: I had on Essie Turquoise and Caicos. My favorite colors are turquoise, aquamarine, and purple.

Carolyn: Dylan is more fashion-forward than I am. She has a lot more style. She really wants a pair of wedge sneakers, and I said, ‘Dylan, you’re already 5’4” at eleven years old. You don’t need to have any more height.’ She’s very opinionated, about her products as well.

Dylan: I like my banana-scented detangler [Circle of Friends Bonita’s Banana Detangler]. It takes out knots. You do it when you get out of the shower; you let it sit for like five minutes and then you brush it. My mom got it for me. We went to the store together and she said, ‘Oh, you need any of this?’ and I said, ‘Yes,’ and then I picked out that. They had chocolate and raspberry and banana. I love banana.

Carolyn: For Dylan, most of the things I want her to use are natural or kid-friendly. I gave her that Bigelow lip balm [C.O. Bigelow Merry Mentha lip balm] last week. But it’s all about a balance. You know, there are these things that are geared toward children, like the detangler, and it smells yummy. But then, she loves the Bumble and bumble Seaweed Shampoo.

Dylan: I like it because it smells good and I love seaweed.

[Emily: Really? That’s like saying ‘I love broccoli.’]

Dylan: I love broccoli!

Carolyn: She does. [Laughs] She’s a green baby!

Dylan: I wear makeup sometimes.

Carolyn: Be honest about that. When are you allowed to wear makeup?

Dylan: I’m not allowed to wear makeup out unless it’s a really really really really special occasion.

Carolyn: And then, only lip gloss.

Dylan: And sometimes sparkly eye shadow, but not too sparkly. When we went to New York, my mom bought me this palette thing-y—I’m wearing the pink one. It has purple and blue and white. It was gift from the lady at the makeup counter.

Carolyn: I was buying Estée Lauder, which is funny because the woman then recognized me and said, ‘…Why are you buying this cream?’ and I said, ‘Because I’m so dehydrated!’ Where were we coming from?

Dylan: Australia!

Carolyn: I bought Re-Nutriv Crème. She kind of looked at me after a minute and said, ‘Aren’t you…?’ There was a picture of me in there. Most of the time, people don’t recognize me, but then they think that they know me from somewhere, and then all of sudden they see the credit card and they go, ‘Oh, no, wait a minute!’ But for Dylan, when we’ve gone into duty-free, she gravitates more towards the lip glosses.

Dylan: I just love lip gloss and lipstick. I have one in my purse that I stole from my mom a few years ago. It’s Nude Rose by Estée Lauder. And my uncle Ivan bought this for me—Stila Sparkle Waterproof liquid eyeliner.

Carolyn: I don’t think she’ll be allowed to wear makeup out of the house until she is sixteen. I wasn’t allowed until I was sixteen.

Dylan: I always wear stuff in my hair. Whenever I go to J.Crew, I usually get a new headband. I love wearing headbands, especially the big poufy ones. I guess I was inspired by Lady Gaga. At Zitomer, they have this whole section where they have headbands that are really big.

Carolyn: We love Zitomer pharmacy and Bigelow Pharmacy. Zitomer’s is in New York, uptown, around 79th. It’s just so easy to get lost in there. She got a wide-tooth comb from there that she uses to comb through conditioner.

Dylan: And I use the Tangle Teezer with sparkles.

Carolyn: I brought it home from the salon and knew she would love it. You’re supposed to start from the bottom and work your way up. Tracey Cunningham does my hair, from Byron & Tracey—but this was a gift from Michael Canalé. I see Tracey for color. I love her; she is such a character. I was there last week and she said, ‘You have to be more blonde because blonde sells!’ But I saw Charlize Theron in there the other day, who was just drop-dead beautiful. So beautiful.

Dylan: These are some of my chapsticks. I have a Skittles chapstick [Tropical Skittles Strawberry Starfruit], I have a vanilla chapstick [Carmex Vanilla], I have a Fun Dip chapstick [Fun Dip Razz Apple Magic], and I have a watermelon chapstick [OraLabs Watermelon Lip Rageous]. I keep them next to my bed, with my lavender oil. It helps you go to sleep.

Carolyn: I swear, every time we go into a pharmacy or a grocery store, she’s like, ‘Can I get a chapstick?’ I mean, that’s the fun part about representing a company like Estée Lauder—they send me all the goodies. You know, I grew up with the brand—my Nana, who’s quite chic and still around, had a blue and white vanity area, and she wore White Linen, she had the Youth-Dew, so I had this nostalgia. Working with them has truly been an honor. I knew by the summer of 2001 that they were signing me, and it was huge. It’s like the Holy Grail of the industry. I get to play and I get to be a guinea pig for their products; I’m just always trying new stuff. When the company said they were bringing Tom Pecheux on, I was so excited. He’s modern, and he’s creative. I think you’re always trying to separate yourself from the pack. When it comes to the beauty industry, there is so much out there, there is so much for us to choose from. They’re an iconic brand, and I think that they’re just getting better and better.

In general, I try to keep my skincare routine simple. I’ve been using Cetaphil for years, and I’ve also been using the Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion, which works really well. I have to use a cream cleanser because I have super sensitive and dry skin. Cetaphil is definitely not natural, but I’ve gotten used to certain things, and I believe everything in moderation. I also really believe in keeping everything super hydrated. I sleep with a humidifier by the bed; I think it makes a big difference. But, you know, I didn’t always take care of my skin. Surfing killed it—I’ve had to spend the last two years trying to repair that damage. I believe in Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair. If I had to choose one product that I think is my number one, can't-live-without item, it would be that. I swear to God, it’s the best. After thirty-five—and I’m almost thirty-nine—I think it’s about being aware and paying attention. Not that I was careless before, but I definitely had other things on my mind. Skincare wasn’t a priority because I had great skin; I maybe took it for granted a little bit, too. So now I wash my face at night, and in the morning, I splash it with cold water and that’s it. Then I put on the Advanced Night Repair—morning and night—and Re-Nutriv or, sometimes, Olio Lusso. And what Dylan and I are using right now in our hair and on our skin is this: Spectrum Coconut Oil, unrefined. We just finished a tub of it. I swear by coconut oil, and even raw olive oil. I’ve even been known to take it on the plane with me and slather it on, and people think I’m weird, but who cares? I slather it on my body, and on the tips of my hair. I’m also really into the Oribe hair mask, because my hair is bleached, and it’s curly, so every Sunday I sleep with this on. But more than anything, I believe that beauty comes from the inside out, so I’m very diligent about supplements. I travel with this kit, and I take the Omega-3s, I take Biotin and BioSil for skin and hair. I take vitamin D, which I think is super important if you can’t get 15-20 minutes a day in the sun. I take magnesium at night, which is also really great for the skin. But, you know, I’m debaucherous. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t debaucherous from time to time—I have a drink every now and then—but I just think it’s a balance. I’m realistic; I don’t want to be extreme on anything. If I’m eating well and basically supporting my body 99/98% of the time, when Friday night comes, or Saturday, or whatever, I don’t feel so bad about it.

I don’t usually wear makeup during the day, but I always want to have blush. I like the Estée Lauder Signature blush because it’s creamy; I’m not a huge fan of powder. I’m not a huge fan of foundation or even concealer, but I want a creamy blush, and I always travel with Clinique Black Honey lipstick because I think if you put that on and just have really clean skin, it’s beautiful. I use the Sumptuous Extreme Mascara. For night, the smoky eye thing is kind of new to me. It’s something that I think looks good in photographs—you know, for shoots—but I don’t know about it in real life. I feel like it makes my eyes look super small. Blazing Bronze eye shadow is the one I love; it’s my go-to. I’ve worn it for years. Or sometimes, for fun, I’ll wear Coral Chic lip gloss for a pop of color. But the most beautiful I felt was when I was pregnant. Literally the most beautiful I felt in my life. I was big—I went from 118-120 to 183—but I was glowing. The only picture I have of myself, a fashion picture of myself, hanging in the house is from when I was pregnant. Anna Wintour from Vogue was really curious about my living in Costa Rica at the time, and said, ‘I want to do an article on Carolyn, and Mario Testino is going to photograph it.’ So I show up, and Camilla and Mario, or I guess Mario, who I adore, had this bright idea that he would have me in a bikini coming out of a limousine. I said, ‘No. You’re not going to have me getting out of a limousine in a bikini and I’m seven-and-a-half months pregnant. I wouldn’t even want to get out of a limousine in a bikini anyway, even if I wasn’t.’ So, you know, leave it to Mario—foregoing the bikini was one thing, but I end up naked, just completely naked, in his room at the Mercer Hotel, in Manolo heels and Harry Winston diamonds and that’s the shot. It’s not your conventional pregnancy portrait—it’s not like I have the romantic long hair whisping over my breasts, and cradling my belly. I like that it’s rock and roll.

—as told to ITG

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