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If you’ve been reading this site since last July, well, first of all—thanks! Let’s go for a drink—and secondly, you may remember my shout-out to Guerlain’s Terracotta Light bronzing compact (in “Brunettes 02”) as one of my summer essentials. (And if you've been reading this site since yesterday, you know that it's beloved by the chicest of French women.) “It’s like the diet version of the real thing,” I mused, loving that it takes a lot of work to deposit more than a smidgen of color, which I prefer to the more concentrated blushers, illuminators, what-have-you. It’s foolproof. This season, Guerlain upped the ante and added a few more items to the infamous bronzing range—a double-sized pressed powder in pure gold, liquid blush, and amplified “Sun Brunettes” and “Sun Blondes” Terracotta Light compacts—and dubbed the campaign Sun in the City. “Can you shoot some imagery tied into ‘sun in the city,’” they asked me? Indeed I can, I said, accepting the commission, because there is truly nothing I love more than a sunny, spring-timey day in New York, except perhaps, a sunny, spring-timey day in New York playing dress up with my pal Alessandra, eating ice cream and snapping photos.

At her place on the Bowery, there were six pairs of short shorts and hot pants laid out on the bed—six—which seems like an appropriate number for someone who, at just over 5’10, can wear that sort of thing with flats and still look good. She threw on her mom’s Sonia Rykiel “Cote D’Azur” sweatshirt from the ‘80’s, slipped into Proenza flats and sidled up to the kitchen table to check out the makeup. The Sun Brunettes 05 has a touch more coral to it than my tried-and-true Brunettes 03—it’s a little warmer and works really well with a preexisting glow…which Alessandra has pretty much year-round. I swept it where the sun would hit, and dusted the sheer, shimmery Golden Glimmer Palette across the tops of her cheekbones, down the bridge of her nose and pressed it onto her eyelids with my finger. Wanting a bit of a dewy sheen, I grabbed a tube of Homeoplasmine (aka the French Aquaphor) from my purse and dabbed it on top so the look felt more lived-in.

Now—all dressed up and where to go? When the weather is this nice, it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy—sitting at a café table outside and having margaritas with friends will pretty much do the trick. But since that makes for a rather boring adventure, we opted for a trip across the river. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is now at the top of my list for lazy Saturdays spent outside—that, and the far Rockaways, or the “anti-Hamptons” as the New York Times dubbed it last year. Alessandra and I were going to make the trek out there until we realized it’d be at least an hour on the train, and I wasn’t sure of the food situation at the other end, so, to Brooklyn we went. The Dumbo waterfront has a refurbished 1920’s carousel offering $2 rides, a small stretch of “beachfront”, and an “Ice Cream Factory.” We put on our best “city girls trying to be active” faces and scaled the rocks down to the water for a little hike. After a spin on Jane’s carousel with a spirited bunch of five-year-olds, we set out in search of the Ice Cream Factory. And oh, the line for ice cream…think wraparound, think Six Flags. We were in line outside for forty minutes. And somehow, four hours later, in that five o’clock light, her makeup looked better than when we started—the little bit of glow where the light hits; the bits of glimmer that fall down under your eye...and make you look like you’ve been having loads of fun.

Visit Guerlain's Facebook page to enter their Terracotta "Sun in the City" contest. Trip to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory not included, but tell me when you’re going and I’ll try to make it.

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  • Tinacious Me Blog

    great photography! love those shorts!
    xo, Tina

  • Miss K

    I like the red top! And would love to have an ice cream. Right. Now.

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Ohh I am always on the lookout for great bronzers. You know, natural ones that aren't too streaky, orange, or look like a fairy dusted them. Going to the FB page now!

  • Farrahcain

    too much to ask for a video ;)
    you've spoiled us...

  • monkeyshines

    fun adorable photos!


  • Laura

    I so want to buy terracotta powder by Guerlain’s and now helped me to choose :)


  • Alwayslibertine

    i'm kind of in love.

  • sashi

    If I lived in NY instead of Chicago, would definitely round up an ITG crowd and meet you out for frozen somethings... Anyway thanks for enhancing my skin care with all the advice you have been given. Do you know my skin is improved since I've taken some to heart! Micellar waters? I never knew.
    paraphrasing the old advertisement: Guerlain powder, $50, ice creams $3, introspective comments from French girls, priceless.

  • Janet

    OMG this girl is absolutely stunning!!!

  • mlle p

    Very summery and pretty - it is major thunderstorm out here....will have to wait on the sunny look. Love that snake bracelet also!

  • Fem Tricks
  • Xeana

    Nice and pretty girl. Photos radiate positive and beaty.


  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Amazing photos! She is so gorgeous.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Kitchen afternoon

    That looks like fun, she is gorgeous! Yesterday I put a very small amount of St. Tropez faux into my Super Goop Sunscreen, perfect, as though I had been juicing in the sun.

  • amanda k

    makeup does not get any more perfect!

  • Ann

    What Lipstick color did you use on her? It's a nice neutral/natural shade?


  • Anonymous

    Beautiful photographs!! The sweatshirt from the 80's is AMAZING, and she is absolutely adorable!
    Gotta love the Guerlain glow!!!

  • yizuzeu_254

    Are you reading last Joan Didion book? is good? well, you are beautiful youu know that

  • Jane S.

    What a pretty girl! You two babes must have caused quite a stir on the Brooklyn waterfront. I'm partial to the Chanel bronzer but this looks awfully tempting! Margaritas and guac at Mole next sunny afternoon?

  • Window Shopper

    i'm loving this post-- 'sun in the city' really is the best!

  • Charissa

    well i didnt start last july but i sure did devour all your archives - that count? :D this look is lovely; her skin looks great but i really like what you did to define her eyes in that not-too-much way. pleeeease do a tutorial on the yeux charbonneux look!

  • Rola

    Guerlain bronzers have been my favorite for a few years now. I am glad you are mentioning them. I picked up my third one recently.

  • Raphaëlle

    Lovely snaps, it looks like you had so much fun.

  • Sabrina Mengoni

    I love the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory! Love from Australia!

  • Punctually Late

    Incredible. That sweatshirt is amazing. Along with her cheek bones.

  • Olga

    "wear that in FLATS and still look good" <= so true. It doesn't matter that you're slim, if you don't have good legs, there's not much you can do.

  • Adeola Naomi Aderemi

    Lovely Pictures!!!

  • Elle Beautiful

    Adorable pictures! Now I want a waffle cone xo

  • jules.r

    this is too good! emily, you have outdone yourself. who's excited for summer...!?

  • Emmamiranda

    Ok so I've been obsessing over that Guerlain bronzer since yesterday's post, and this may have tipped me over the edge! I use the Laura Mercier one usually, also, love the sunny photos.

  • Paulina

    She is so beatiful. I have always wanted to look like brunette like this :> btw-I am blonde ;)

  • Aurelie

    Emily, I have a question. You said in this post that you're personally using the shade Brunette 03, but the post you linked to says you liked Brunette Shade 02. I'm on the lookout for a great bronzer, and you've sold me on the Guerlain Light! I've got similar colouring to you, so am hoping to buy the same shade. Please do let me know, am currently on a flight and am hoping to pick the bronzer up at duty free :)


    • Anonymous

      Go for Brunettes 02 if you're more fair, or Sun Brunettes 05 (the new one) if you already have a bit of a tan! xE

      • Nina R.

        I thought it was Blondes 02 and 04 and the Brunettes 03 and 05? Could you please tell us which Terracotta color Daphne used? And the lipstick? Your blog is the best!

  • Lindsay Sue

    I need those shorts!

  • Miss Edgeley

    I haven't liked the idea of bronzer for AGES, this has totally caught my attention , I wanna try this out. or maybe I just want to look like Alessandra !

  • Aurelia

    Hi Emily!
    I know this is a simple question, but I was wondering how Alessandra did her eyeliner in the 4th picture. As stated in her previous ITG, she said she used Lancome's Artliner. But in this picture, her liner seems a bit smudged. Any advice for getting a similar look?

    Thank you so much!

  • Elina

    I just picked up Guerlain in 01 Blondes and it's amazing!! Never did I think a bronzer can give me such a believable glow on my pale skin. Thanks for the tip Emily, it's my new "cannot live without" beauty item!

  • Dámaris

    Love what you posted. Keep it up =)
    Visite mine

  • Pinkunoneko

    I am OBSESSED with the jewelry she is wearing!

  • Saint-Tropez Villa Rentals

    Amazing pictures, lovely concept.
    Thanks for the sharing, very poetic and inspiring.

  • Fashion-accessory

    This look is amazing! I love paisley. ♥