Snippity Doo-Dah

I should really start a new section of this site called “do not try this at home.” There are some things that, in my book, always require the trained eye of a professional: waxing (even if you get the hang of it, isn’t it just so much messier?) and highlights are two good examples. But haircuts, I’ve begun to think, can really swing either way. A cut cut…we’re talking a transformation, like shoulder-length to a bob—professional. Curly hair of any length—professional. But the odd inch or two off the bottom off your run-of-the-mill long hair? A few months ago, I wondered, what’s the big deal? and that train of thought landed me in an empty bathtub with my friend Ashley and a kitchen scissor on New Year’s Eve (pre-champagne—promise). One inch became two inches that turned into three, as I kept saying, "More!" and, ‘Think Frech Girl hair… imperfect…Lou Doillon!" Because, truth be told, I’ve never really liked haircuts. It always winds up looking too…freshly cut. Until, at least, you find your hairstylist soul mate, in which case—congratulations. Tip them well and often.

My impromptu, homemade haircut was a thing of beauty—“I cut it myself!” I proudly declared to anyone within earshot. “Yes, in a few short minutes....I just took it out of a ponytail and started snipping.” But you know who doesn’t buy this for a second? Hairdressers. In February when I saw my friend Brian, who’s been working alongside the legendary Orlando Pita for years, he cocked his head as I told my story, and finally delivered the verdict: “Yeah, I can tell. One side is totally longer than the other.” And not in a cute way, he said. “Just stand there, I’ll grab my razor and dry cut it to even it out.” Noooo, I pleaded. I hate haircuts. “It will take one minute—I promise.” He pinched little pieces from the bottom and shaved into them, twisting some first, and randomly selecting others to shave into a few inches up for some layers. Sixty seconds later, I shook it out, and voila—ends that sort of curved this way and that, random long pieces in the front (but not just on one side…); it looked totally lived-in and cool.

As it’s grown out a bit I’ve thought about grabbing a razor (definitely recommended over a kitchen scissor) and playing around, but instead I texted Brian on Saturday and met in Washington Square Park for a touch-up. Yes, he’s a professional, but he makes it look so easy. Can’t this kind of haircut be the type of thing, like advanced makeup application, you can learn to do yourself—if, that is, you’re a curious beauty nut (and/or double Aries) like me? We all learned how to pluck our eyebrows back in middle school…but then, don’t forget how long it took to recover from that dreaded “tadpole” shape after a tweezer-happy session…

The outfit I just can't seem to take off: American Apparel men's denim shirt, Zara frayed white shorts, Rae Jones Repoll boots (at No. 6) and Repossi rings.

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  • Jacqueline Fonte

    i cut my own hair and always will, because it's one thing if I mess it up, if someone else messes it up, I will seriously cut the hands off!

    and my friends like it so much, that now I cut their hair. lol. so I totally understand your lived in, less-than-perfect, coolitude aspirations, and feel at least some of ur pain. :)

  • Anonymous

    this is the best!

  • jen

    Neato! What a way to get your hair cut!

  • Mioara Roncea

    It is a tweezer-happy session indeed. And a happy video as well. : )

  • Jessica

    I'm afraid to cut my own hair (bad experience in 8th grade...) but I share your dislike of too-perfect haircuts. I'm going to make my stylist look at this video to see if she can do something like this for my next cut!

  • Farrah

    the beginning of the video looks suuuper shady! that man is talented! love the haircut - perfect messy ling bob.

    what color do you use on your hair?

    • Franny Mary

      i second -- color name and brand please please! and i hope its not natural (for my sake, haha)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Franny Mary & Farrah, I've been getting my hair colored at David Mallett salon in Paris... and I actually have no idea what brand the color is. Will investigate next time! xE

  • Emily Doyle

    Fantastic! I think a double kiss was in order for such a great cut! : ) The razor beats the scissor EVERY time.

  • Anonymous

    That. Was. AWESOME! Really.

  • Messamet serdane

    Funny video ! Why not !

  • Maiastras

    Awesome video. My favorite thus far!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lindsay--updated the post with clothing info! xE

  • Su

    Great video! Can you give us info on the music used in it?

    • Farrah

      it says in the end of the video....

      • Su

        Oops, missed that - thanks!

  • elise

    so jealous sometimes of simple straight hair, since I have a head of ringlets!
    I love the silent movie atmosphere of the video. He did a beautiful job and it's great to watch people so effortlessly do what they do well. One question for everyone.... although of course many men are talented stylists, does anyone feel they can not really feel how it is to be a woman and LIVE with a hairstyle every day? Women who style hair know, yes this will not only look great but will feel great during a 12 hour day, or in the wind, or when tossing kids around here and there? Just curious. I think this also when seeing how a man and woman make clothes also.

    p.s. Emily I love Gaia Repossi's jewelry. It's absolute art. Where is it sold? her site?

    • mimi

      as someone with dead straight hair, i envy you with your head of ringlets! what i would give to have some curls! :)

      • Elise

        I sure understand you... my little sis has what I call spaghetti hair it's so straight and she cannot even get it to curl! She says I have ramen noodle hair which makes me laugh. But sometimes I just want an edgy angled bob that swings around :)

  • Lauren

    haha i love this video. i'm 23 and i totally get how you feel about beauty. I want to be cool, not perfect! i'm going to ask my hair stylist to do this little trick!

  • CB
  • Stephlny78

    One of my favorite songs. This is fab.

  • Lou

    I love your outfit! ...and your hair looks great, I'm really considering going shoulder-length

  • Arisa

    Emily, I remember the first time I saw you on The Hills, with that whole "chinoiserie" business. I've been following ITG for quite a while now, and I'm glad to say I've found you again! Contrary to my first impression, you're kind of really awesome! :D

    • Kurtka

      I just read on wiki what "The Hills" is about. Was Emily part of it? OMG...

      • MyDearGirl

        Emily was on one episode. She was a Bitch. Meaning... Babe In Total Control of Herself!!! She knew how things worked, the name of flowers lol and was taking her job seriously, unlike the scripted, idiot charachters on the show.

        • Kurtka

          thanks for that explanation :) I got all excited that Emily was on TV, but after reading up on it, couldnt imagine what did she was doing there... Now all is fine again :)

  • monkeyshines
  • Queen Bee of Beverly Hills

    I have always been terrified to cut my own hair! My mother has tried to get me to let her do it, but I refuse. That is something I hold specifically for a professional. Guess I'm a scaredy cat.

  • Clean Beauty Blog

    Ha, awesome! I am in love with all of your videos! x

  • TheChambrayCountess

    I wish there were classes for snipping my own hair, too! The video was cute :)

  • Anthologycollection

    Cute video : ) You have beautiful hair!!!

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Adorable, more of that please, totally charming
    I went in for deep conditioning this week and walked out with shorter hair, it feels great.


    I can't believe you did it RIGHT THERE at washington square park!

  • Guest

    I love your videos, and a question - have you ever been to Sydney's Northern Beaches? Cut offs are a uniform, you look so Australian to me here X

  • Rola

    My Mom used to trim my sisters' and my hair at home, we always looked good. I haven't entrusted anyone at home with my hair since high school. Your hair cut is lovely!

  • Lisa

    Hi Emily! What size did you choose for the AA denim shirt? An xxs? It seems to run quite big! xx

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    LOVE this video. Made my day!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • daphnebrunelle

    This is how every haircut should be like. Spur-of-the-moment, no-fuss... Randomly picking out strands and ending up with a really cool result. I also HATE the look of obvious freshly-cut hair, it reminds me of back-to-school and I think I've outgrown this period. Ha!

  • Castawaynyc


  • nic

    We might as well be twins. I have the same kind of hair, also an Aries, have been growing my hair out for a while, and am in desperate need of a new stylist. Argh! Does Brian cut hair for civilians? Or does anyone here know of anyone in NYC who's a pro at cutting fine, straight hair and won't cost me a month's rent?

    • Liz

      Hi Nic,

      I realize you posted a few weeks ago and so you may not get this response, but Jordan Blackmore at Three Square Studio specializes in cutting fine hair. He's been cutting mine for a little over a year and I think he's amazing. He isn't cheap, but he isn't nearly as expensive as many other NYC stylists. The salon is on 17th St at 10th Ave.

      I really can't recommend him enough. He's a lovely guy (everyone who works there is) and he has made my very difficult hair (fine, very thin, and thinning) look pretty good--which is no easy task.

      Hope this helps!

  • Jolie Jouel

    Ahhh that video was SO COOL. It would have been awesome to be a stander-by watching it all happen in amazement. That rough, edgy hair is perfect for you. Keep rockin' it!

    My jewelry blog:

  • Woody

    You are dirtier than a French girl, and I mean this in the coolest sense possible. Great video!

  • Guest

    Love this! Will you please tell us what you're wearing makeup-wise?? You look so natural and fresh, quite beautiful and effortless!! Thank you for sharing this with us Emily!

  • Amanda

    Very cute!

  • Eileenlovesbread

    Dear Into the Gloss,

    I have recently just read about Caroline Issa, the fashion director and publisher of Tank magazine on this month's vogue issue. I would love to see her on Into The Gloss! She has great style, and of course beautiful skin.

  • Hototogisu

    I'm growing my hair out as long as I can get it, so I get my layers shaped maybe once a year and the rest of the time I trim it myself. One thing that's really saved my hair has been snipping off any split ends as soon as I see them. It's easy enough now that we have sun. If I'm relaxing outside I'll just stare at my ends and start snipping. My neighbours think I'm insane but I swear it keeps my waist length hair from looking ratty.

  • TheJessjess

    I'm a double Aries and cut my own hair, too! I twist sections then snip down the length of the twist with my sewing shears for that perfectly lived in layered look.

  • Trishelle
  • murt

    Very cute video! I cut my hair for years or went to student places... Sometimes I got great haircuts from the students. Now that I'm a bit older (late '20s) with a full time job, I've been going to the salon, but I may start cutting it myself again. My hair is wavy/curly/messy so you can't tell (or at least I can't)!

  • Carly Lim

    Haha this awesome Emily. I can barely style my own hair so cutting it myself would be a no-no! Although admittedly I used to cut my own fringe and it looked semi decent. But then I'd go to the hair dresser two weeks later to get a 'proper' cut anyway. lol Just curious what did you do with the hair on the ground? Did it just fly off..?

  • Funkylark

    Emily this is so frickin creative!!!! I love everything about this 'impromptu' snip session in the park. Gah hair envy. Your hair is perfection.

  • Kallie, Happy Honey & Lark

    This is great! I used to cut mine all the time (bathtub and all) until my hairdresser said something and dry cut it. Dry cutting is, in my opinion, perfect. If I could get her to meet me in the park like this I would!

  • Kerstin G. Calubad

    Love, love, love the music you used for this video! Who sings this?

  • Daulbee

    This is amazing! I cut my own bangs and hair sometimes too. But having a professional hairstylist/friend is a major plus!!!

  • True-fashion

    I cut my hair sometime.haha

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