Nathalie Love, Actress


“I was due for a haircut recently and when I walked in, I don’t know, it just came out of my mouth, ‘I think I want to be platinum blonde!’ I wanted to dye my hair for such a long time and then I kind of just went for it and I’m really happy. It was the most painful process. It felt like my head was on fire. I go to Art Luna—my hair stylist is Linda Cho and she’s great. I used to have really subtle highlights. But I can’t imagine going from really dark to this color because my hair is naturally dirty blonde and from the sun—it just gets lighter and lighter—so the transition wasn’t too crazy. Because of all of the conditioner I use, it’s pretty healthy. You know that stylist, Kate Young? I’ve done a few jobs with her. She doesn’t know it, but she’s my secret idol. She’s very cool. A lot of my face products were actually recommended by her. I’ve always just loved her hair color—it’s almost a silver; it’s definitely not the color I have. I wasn’t trying to copy her. [Laughs] I feel like I’m having more fun with this color. I don’t know what it is…I guess it’s more shocking or daring or I don’t know. It’s kind of a disguise because I get really nervous in auditions and I feel like the hair has made me more confident, you know? Kate told me how she takes care of her hair conditioning-wise. She recommended this L’Oreal purple shampoo—it’s called Colorist Collection White Violet Color Shampoo. The first time I got it colored, the first process, it was still a little bit yellow-y and this shampoo really gets out the orange. Now, I’m on my third treatment and it’s pretty white. I think it could use one more round. There are still a few orangey highlights, but that purple shampoo has definitely helped. As far as the texture goes, it’s really important with this hair to condition a lot, so I do a process conditioning mask by DermOrganic. I’ll alternate between those and the Kérastase, and I also use Pureology. They make a really good conditioner, Serious Colour Care. I kind of like to switch it up and see what’s working best. I also heard, for the color, and I’ve done it a few times, that apple cider vinegar helps. You just pour it on your head and then you smell bad for a few days. [Laughs]

Kate raved about this face oil, Rodin Olio Lusso, which is great. I have very very dry skin and it’s just been so amazing. It has a ton of different oils in it. But it’s so expensive and I’ve been trying to lessen my use—I use it during the day, after I wash my face in the morning. It kind of moisturizes your face and you can add whatever on top of it. For my skin, I have a facialist, Dawn DaLuise, facialist to the stars. [Laughs] She’s great! She makes her own products. She makes a nice mild milk cleanser that I’ll use with my Clarisonic—my Clarisonic is pink and mini and it’s really cute. About twice a week I’ll use this honey almond refiner scrub that Dawn makes, which is a great exfoliant. Then there’s this collagen moisture retainer she makes, and I’ll alternate between the Rodin oil and that nice moisturizer. Dawn’s here in LA, in West Hollywood. She does my brows as well—I genuinely don’t let anyone else touch my brows. My brows are kind of my thing. They’re my claim to fame. [Laughs] So, it’s all at once—two for one: facial, eyebrows. For my body, I like this Skin trip Mountain Ocean Moisturizer. It kind of makes you feel like you’re on vacation. It’s like a coconut, yummy, tropical island, beach resort smell. My perfume is Frédéric Malle En Passant; it reminds me of France. But there is something beach-y—there is something about it that reminds me of the ocean but also of France, so maybe the South of France? Maybe it’s a Saint Tropez scent or something like that. [Laughs]

Right now, I have a little bit of concealer and mascara on. I have some Rosebud Salve on my lips. I generally don’t wear makeup, but my sister loves makeup. She’s so into her beauty routine and so it’s kind of rubbing off on me. I mean, really, for years and years, I never wore makeup. I always thought I looked like a total freak in makeup because I have a very, very small face and I always morph into this, I don’t know, twelve-year-old beauty queen. So I just starting to get into it. My sister will do my makeup sometimes and she does a good job. I think she gets annoyed because my mom and myself are super low-key. My mom doesn’t really wear makeup. But I love a glow-y look, like moisturizer or the Rodin oil and then I’ll put a little bit of Tarte blush on my cheeks. For a deeper lip color, I love Stila Acai Stain. I’ve always used that pink and green mascara you get at the grocery store—Maybelline Great Lash. I’ve worn the Tarte blush for a while, but my roommate has this amazing peach color which I think I like better with my new hair color. It’s so funny because actually now with my new platinum hair, I want a darker eye. I’ve done a few photo shoots and they’ve added lashes. It would be my dream if I could wake up every morning and put on a few extra lashes on the ends of my eyes. My eyes just pop! I wish I could do lashes. I don’t think I can. And my secret weapon is NARS Copacabana Illuminator. My sister taught me: you put a little bit on your cheekbones and it highlights your cheeks, and you put a little bit under your eyebrow, and you make a little crescent moon shape below the eyebrow around to the cheekbone and it just highlights your face nicely. You can put a little bit on your nose, your forehead, your chin. I love these pink egg makeup sponges [Beauty Blender]. They really help with the crescent moon blending in. You put them underwater and it grows—it’s one of the most exciting parts of my makeup routine. All makeup artists use these and I’m clearly going to be a famous makeup artist someday. [Laughs] So I’d say my beauty sensibility is to always keep it very simple, especially out here [in LA]—to look fresh and sun-kissed. I think that keeping hydrated and moisturized and having a nice healthy glow and very minimal makeup, I think that there is something about that. California girl, fresh, clean, natural—that’s the most appealing to me. But then, I do like those long lashes.”

By Rachel Chandler Guinness for ITG

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  • Ana

    Love her fresh look.

    And Emilyyyyyyy! I just saw Fred's video starring YOUR beautiful self! You look like an angel. I could fall in love!

  • Tinacious Me Blog

    oh my, the way you describe it sounds so scary! but you look fabulous as a "platinum blonde!"
    xo, Tina

  • Phil

    Would you say that the Rodin Olio Lusso is worth the high pricetag? Are the results that spectacular? I'm considering buying it. Anyone use it?

    • Suzanne

      You can request a sample of the Rodin oil from the company. It's...nice but not miraculous, and you must love the smell of very strong jasmine. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery serum works better for me and is much less expensive.

      • Lily

        I was pondering whether or not I should splurge on this. But smells of jasmine ? I'm sold ^^

    • aya

      I am on my second bottle. I love it. I don't think that it has changed my skin per se (like a serum might) but it feels and smells amazing. I love putting it on and rubbing it in. I use it after a serum before bed and in the morning between rinsing my face and putting on some tinted moisturizer. It gives me a dewiness, but never shiny. I love it. I am a Kiehl's fan and like their Midnight Recover Serum, but I think Rodin's is much better. The Kiehl's is thinner, less moisturizing and shinier. I honestly got tired of the Kiehl's one about halfway through the bottle and stopped using it. Both smell lovely, though I prefer the jasmine of Rodin's. I suggest trying the sample. It's expensive but I personally love using it.

    • Joyce

      It is nice but VERY fragrant- almost like a jasmine perfume! I'm in my 20s with "normal" blemish prone skin and it is a little heavy for me. You can request a sample, but if you want something similar try, Aesop's Fabulous Facial Oil, Sunday Riley Juno, or my personal favorite, YULI Skin Fuel.

      • JC

        I'd have to agree. It's overpowering to me and I don't really think it works for my skin type. I tend toward oiliness and blemishing. I'm currently searching for another facial oil because I like the concept of them and I know a good one should be able to deal with my skin issues.

    • Kimberly

      definitely NOT! I actually don't find the smell to be that bad, but some find it overpowering. My main qualm is the ingredients - they use several preservatives, even though they are milder ones. Rodin also has beautiful packaging and the bottle and label are gorgeous. I almost purchased the Aesop fabulous face oil because the online sites that carry it don't list all the ingredients (they conveniently leave out the preservatives). Saw it at Barney's and it's not pure oils.

      I have recently been enjoying plain argan or jojoba oil as a face oils. It's the carrier oil most facial oils use and they are easily absorbed. Sometimes I will add a few drops of an essential oil to it. A really great line if you don't want to make it yourself is Anne Marie Gianni. Her face oils have no synthetic preservatives and she has a FULL ingredient disclosure on her site. The reason she can get away with no preservatives is because she uses Violiv glass which blocks out all light (I discovered these when I started mixing my own oil blends and they are incredible). Her packaging is not the prettiest in terms of label, but it is a fantastic product. I like the anti-aging one and the regular one.

      • Jo

        You should really try grapeseed oil as well, I've been using it for almost two months now and it's like having new skin! I've been researching it all over the internet, and it really is one of the best, pure oils you can use on your skin (thanks to its high linoleic acid content). :)

        • Anusia

          I agree, I am using it also for about 3 weeks now ( 100% organic grapeseed face oil) and I love my skin! I mix it with organic yoghurt and I am living it for about 1 h on my face every night, sometimes also in the morning before shower for about 30 min!
          I have sensitive skin and this oil its just perfect! :)

          • Jo

            So glad to hear that it's working for others as well! :D I'm using it in place of "regular" moisturiser twice a day, and it really makes a difference in the tone and texture of my skin!

        • murt

          hmm I might try grapeseed oil... I use it for cooking so always have it in the house.

      • murt

        Wow thanks for that rec - I will try that. I currently use a few drops of jojoba oil mixed with aloe vera as a moisturizer. The aloe vera gel I use is the edible kind, not the kind in the cosmetics section of the healthfood store.

      • lainey

        i have been using apricot oil for a year or two, pat on every morning and every night- heavenly! easily available in bulk at the local food co-op :)

      • Lily

        I definitely agree. I've been using jojoba oil as a make-up remover every night for 6 months now and it has done wonders on my thirty something blemish prone skin. I then apply carrot, tomato seeds or desert date oil as a face moisturizer and my combination skin LOVES it. Nothing beats mother nature's gifts I guess :) Oh and a magical beauty trick I got from a renowned French esthetician : crack open a single-dose vial of dietary mineral (the one intended to be taken internally) and apply on your face each morning and night before your regular moisturizer (just as you do a serum). My skin texture has improved dramatically since I've been doing this, and it's cheaper too :)

    • Capitalist Pancake

      No - the quality is high but you can certainly get high quality jasmine oil blends cheaper from brands like Suti and Green People. It's nice, but not almost £100 nice.

  • Trishelle

    DEf dying to try the roudin face elixir. Also, the beauty blender!

  • StyleScoopDaily

    the platinum definitely suits you. such a natural beauty!

  • Jo

    Gorgeous girl! <3
    By the way, does anyone know the brand of the pictured hair brush? It looks like a Mason Pearson, but I don't think they make it in that colour...sort of violet, isn't it? It looks so pretty, I kind of want it. ;)

    • Liz

      It may be the Mason Pearson pocket sized brush in pink with mixed bristles. I have that brush and from certain angles it looks more lavender thank pink. It was recommended by my hair dresser because I have baby-fine and very thin hair that is prone to breakage and although it's pricey, I have to admit it is one of the best investments I've ever made, and the pink color makes it lots of fun (and easy to find in my purse).

      • Jo

        Thank you for your reply, Liz! :) Yes, you might be right. Well, except for the colour it looks JUST like a Mason Pearson, so I'll definitely be putting one on my wish list... ;)

  • Anonymous

    FABULOUS hair!! I've always wanted to rock platinum blonde locks as well, but know that since I'm a medium brown haired gal that this would be a helluva process, so I'll live vicariously through beauties like you!

  • Miss K

    She has beautiful hair and nice skin.

  • Anuschka

    I love how the hair looks against her eyebrows

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    I love her fresh, raw look. She is an angel!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Guest

    again with the gamine's who don't wear makeup. I would love to see someone who is totally decked out, Donatella Versace style in makeup and isn't ashamed of it. Please. I beg you. I want to see products!

    • Anonymous

      Oh my god, Donatella! Can you even imagine her bathroom(s)?

  • Heather

    I love Skin Trip. My mom used that about 30 years ago. The bottle is still exactly the same. I hope they never try to "modernize" it.

  • Emmamiranda

    Nice, I like her honest approach. My hair is this colour and the battle against the warm strands is a constant one! There are a lot of purple products in my bathroom..

  • Messamet serdane

    It's gonna be shining under the sun ! Good choice !

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Too pretty for makeup is a good look .

  • Stephanie

    She is a natural beauty and her makeup routine shows that. I secretly envy those that can get away with simple products and still look so fabulous!

    xo Stephanie

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    Cool article. Loved hearing about her hair process and her small face. haha.

  • Saif Eye

    WOw! Nice photos shared! Love her hair in the last picture very much! Welcoming you to the unique video on life and love

  • personal shopper

    man she is looking hot.