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Is that a red lip or a pink lip? “Red” lipstick, as we know, runs the gamut from MAC’s Ruby Woo to Tom Ford’s Smoke Red, can have blue undertones or lean towards orange, and turns many a visit to the makeup counter into a multiple choice test for which no one—I’m convinced—knows the answer (I shake my head ruefully anytime a friend asks for a personalized recommendation). I say: if you like it, if you feel like you look good in it, go for it and wear that color with confidence.

Buzzing around a makeshift backstage area at the Plaza hotel in March, Diane Kendal told me that “Thakoon wanted to focus on the lips this season. We’re using a fuchsia pink, which is not an obvious color for a bold lip.” To achieve the ultra-vibrant hue, she hand-painted NARS’ Heat Wave semi-matte lipstick (a “bright orange-red", in fact!) onto models’ lips, then patted an intense pink pigment powder on top. Oh, makeup geniuses and your magical layering tricks.

What struck me about this look [shown here on French beauty Othilia Simon, who posed for an impromptu photo shoot in one of the hotel’s gilded hallways] more than anything is how a pink (red? Orange-red?!) lip should be worn: with clean, sheer, glowing skin. Any more foundation or concealer would have taken it into “uptown” territory, but Kendal, ever the minimalist (and modernist), kept the face totally fresh and bare save for that intense pop of color. In a copycat move, I’ve been wearing MAC's Girl About Town and NARS' Funny Face—two of the most famous fuchsias around—with a tap of Eight Hour Cream on my eyelids, brow bones, and brows, and long, feathery lashes. Now all I need is Odile Gilbert Kérastase-ing my hair into a sleek updo, and one of Thakoon’s gorgeous fall party dresses

Othilia is wearing her own Alexander Wang sweater.

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  • http://lescahiersdheloise.blogspot.fr/ Les Cahiers d’Héloïse

    such a perfect glowy skin !

  • http://thesparkle.net/ erin

    another famous fuchsia is nars schiap. love that colour. and i agree, shocking lips must be worn with glowing makeup! x


  • http://twitter.com/catchthetiger The Black Tiger


  • ridiKooLus

    Beautiful + love her sweater...

    XO, http://ridikoolus.wordpress.com/

  • Anonymous

    I am a huge fan of fuchsia lips! It just feels perfect for spring and summer!!

  • http://into-mind.com/ Anuschka

    with eyebrows like that you don't need a lot of eye makeup anyway. her eyebrows are perfect.

  • marisa

    what sweater is she wearing????????

  • Miss K

    Great make-up!

  • mlle p

    Her skin looks so perfect! I also love love love the old school Cherries in the Snow by Revlon for a really long lasting pretty fuchsia lip.

  • Daria

    Words cannot describe how I adore a bright red lip coupled with a clean , glowing, pristine face. It feels so fresh and not "done".

  • http://thesomethingfabulous.blogspot.com/ Kate {Something Fabulous}

    I thought it was red lipstick! She is gorgeous, such perfect skin!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    I am convinced the perfect color only exists when you mix two colors together...why is this so?!


    • http://www.wamp-nation.blogspot.in/ Miss Edgeley

      Me too! I always, always layer 2 different lipsticks. Often in slightly different colours, like a pinky red Lancome over matte Lady Danger by MAC, or a hot pink Gril About Town MAC over a nudey bricky Dior.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1033981551 Adeola Naomi Aderemi


  • http://tiffanysquared.com/ Tiffany Squared

    I believe its a very rich cherry color. The neckline of that uber cool sweater is bringing out the red more than the pink. Amazing color either way

  • http://mybeautysample.com/ Becca @ The Beauty Sample

    Love the vibrant lip, love the flawless skin. Everything is perfection!! I'm so jealous that you are able to wear the whole "glossy eye" look--my face and lids are so oily that I don't need ANY help in the shine department :)

  • Jane S.

    I love a bright pink (YSL Fuschia Innocent) or an orange (MAC Heat) instead of a red lip for evening--so fresh and modern!

  • http://laceandtulle.com/ Samira Reyes

    I love the lipstick!!!

  • http://www.wamp-nation.blogspot.in/ Miss Edgeley

    oh I 100% love the pink/red lipstick look. I often wear a really fuschia lipliner with my red lipstick so the edges don't look too harsh. Also a pink like Sciap by NARS with MAC Lady danger is a great fluro red/pink layering combo.

  • Irina

    Hey, Emily, beautiful stuff - comme toujours! I can see the perfect faint trace of blush on her cheeks - to me that's actually more iconic than the lips - do you know what blush (and also what highlighter, maybe) they used?

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni
  • http://www.honeynsilk.com/ Stephanieliu

    oh my gosh her bold brows and bold lips are super inspiring. Love her chic look!

    xo Stephanie

  • Amy.

    great sweater with a lovely red detail!


    xx Amy.

  • Anonymous

    want that jumper so bad!!

    check out http://www.lasourcedujour.com.au
    essential source for australian style.

  • http://161cm.com/ Joanne Choi

    I love how the process is so intricate. they truly are geniuses!



  • ek

    Like the makeup, that bangs (is that the ends of her hair flipped on top of her forehead?) - not so much...

  • Franny Mary

    can we do a topshelf for ms simon?

  • Anonymous

    Me too I love Girl About Town! Definitely going to try the Nars Funny Face next - great post!

  • http://www.metromodels.ch/ Gargantuan

    Seriously, there a few sites out here as savvy about lip gloss as this one, respect! http://www.metromodels.ch

  • http://www.angel-fashion.org/ Angel-fashion

    red lip and pink lip are ny love