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"I hate leaving everything in the bathroom, so I keep most things in my bedroom and store backups in my bathroom. The lighting in there is awful; it's worse than airplane bathroom lighting. The globe bar that I keep my makeup in came from Sophia Lamar—she bought it for me for my birthday. Ideally one day I could fit a vanity in my apartment, I would love that. I love perfume; I go between all different ones. For different seasons, for different moods, sometimes I mix them.

I always put on an SPF, SPF 50. Sunscreen is a really good thing for me. I don’t want to get old and wrinkly [Laughs] I’ve had a skincare regime since I was ten. Makeup came years later. I was washing my face twice a day; I was using sunscreen. I am a big Kiehl’s fan. For makeup, I’m a very big Chanel person. And with hair, I am a very big Kiehl’s person too. Before I blow dry I use Heat-Protective Silk-Straightening Cream, then I use Silk Groom. My hair is naturally a bit fuzzy… it’s naturally curly and blonde. My roots get crazy. I dye it myself, every two weeks—every two in the summer, and three in the winter, with anything from the pharmacy. It’s so bad for your hair to dye it that often. This stuff I absolutely love as well—Suberbly Restorative Argan Dry Oil. It’s for your hair, it’s for your body, and it’s not greasy, it absorbs completely. I fell in love with Kiehl’s when I first moved to New York…I fell in love with the Ultra Facial Moisturizer. And the masks. I have the Papaya face scrub as well. And the Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer, I use every day. It’s for men but it doesn’t matter. I have a big steamer as well; I’ll get out of the shower and steam my face, and then put a mud mask on. It’s a black peel off mud mask. It’s like a pore strip but for your whole face—Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. A friend of mine is a makeup person who told me about it.

My schedule is crazy, but I find with slight inconsistencies in my schedule, my skin will look better. Like if I sleep with my makeup on, I know that’s terrible, but the next day I will wake up and my skin is glowing. All of the makeup artists are like, ‘That’s the worst thing you could possibly do.’ I do it all the time. [Laughs] I wash my face with this—Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser. And Bioderma [Créaline] was a little secret I learned from different makeup artists. I’ve become so used to doing my makeup, that I can do it in fifteen minutes. A smoky eye is very much my go to. It’s easy. In the winter I’ll do more of a lip. I can’t really wear foundation because my skin is so sensitive but I use a tinted moisturizer by Stila. Then I use the concealer, and then I always do powder to set it all—Chanel powders, occasionally a MAC powder—a pressed mineral powder, the compacts. I am a matte person. But then I go in with the black eyeliner…which is, like, a twenty step process. I have to go up underneath the roots of my eyelashes because they’re white. I put a black line on top and then one on the inside of my lid. I don’t have a problem with makeup wearing in…not a messy lip, but eye makeup. Sometimes I will do a lot of eyeliner and wipe out the inside [waterline], and replace it with a purple or something. I use Chanel mascara. I pluck my eyebrows; I have been meaning to go to the Kiehl’s spa to get my brows done, because apparently there is the most amazing woman there who does brows. They are naturally pretty dark, not blonde. There are some blonde hairs, but I pluck them out. I was blonde in high school. I did any color under the sun, because I never had to bleach it. Like all the Manic Panic colors—I would do blue tips, purples, gray, everything. I was the alternative girl in high school. Then I bleached it, I went Angela Chase red—from My So Called Life—she called it 'Crimson Glow' [Laughs]

I get my nails done—I live in the middle of all these nail places downtown. I go to Orchid Garden Spa, they do really good manis and pedis. Or I go to Sakura. I have done gels before, but if I travel for more that two weeks I can’t take them off by myself. I go to fashion week all over the world, so sometimes I will be travelling for two or three weeks at a time. I take manicures and pedicures very seriously. I feel like, if you’re going to take the time to do your hair and makeup, then you should take the time to do your nails.”

—as told to ITG

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  • Clau

    great post!!!
    I love Chanel cosmetics. These are very good.
    Congratulations for your article .. very interesting.
    A certainly saw a picture of you in Instyle Germany .. super

  • http://twitter.com/thegrtdanadane dana antoria tenant

    very cool post! I love that she's got a pretty sophisticated perfume spread :)

  • Simone

    This t is "The best" part in your blog. I really love it! Actually, I take a look everyday. Thanks Emily.

  • Ashleigh @ Jolie Jouel

    As a Kiehl's fan, I love seeing all of her Kiehl's stuff! What an interesting article...most interesting is that she's a light natural blonde and dyes it that pretty deep chestnut shade. The opposite of what most do. That intrigues me.


  • http://cococrimineaux.wordpress.com/ Coco

    i love kiehl's too! and their argan oil is awesome! been loving reading about beauty products from your blog!

  • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ The Procrastinator

    It's like the Chanel perfume bar in your house! And this globe bar stand is genius!

  • Elise

    what are all those CHANEL perfumes??!! Recently went to the Chanel counter and I thought they'd be a little too... but no it was really nice and I came away happy.

    I believe now she lives in a Kiehl's store. she opens her closet and there she is in the Kiehl's stock room. I would have a dream like that after reading ITG too much :)

  • M M

    I think Leigh's awesome, so thanks for this profile. Love that she's equally devoted to Kiehl's and Chanel but for different things. :)

    • Anonymous

      She's devoted to Chanel because she's a Chanel Beauty Ambassador, which I assume means she's compensated in some way and given free products (hence the Chanel perfume bar). Not that there's anything wrong with that but I do think it's disingenuous to feature her in such a Chanel-heavy post without mentioning that she's professionally affiliated with Chanel Beauty.



    • http://www.facebook.com/julie.puckett3 Julie Puckett Carpenter

      I,too,think Leigh's awesome,she's very pretty,and seems articulate and educated.I'm sure she has a wonderful mom to thank for her upbringing,and hope she appreciates her mother,and has thanked her recently for helping to mold her into what she has become.Good luck to Leigh and her bright future!

  • Bishplease1

    Leigh's freaking gorgeous - but the comment about wearing sunscreen since age 10 to avoid getting old and wrinkly, however exaggerated, does rub me the wrong way.

    • http://www.facebook.com/arivas38 Anita Rivas

      I've been using eye cream since I was 15, not far fecthed and I have NO Eye Wrinkles : )

      • Tulpen

        How old are you now? Because, you know, wrinkles eventually happen, no matter how early you started slathering creams onto your face :-)

    • Anonymous

      Sunscreen definitely makes a difference, though! Prevention is better than cure, etc etc.

    • Hototogisu

      Why? Wearing sunscreen from an early age is the single most effective thing you can do to prevent wrinkles. That and it prevents, you know, skin cancer. Growing up in Australia you're surrounded by so many sun-ravaged faces, it also gave me a fear of the sun. Wrinkles do appear over time, but sun damage looks just awful and it's SO preventable.

      • Bishplease1

        I'm a sunscreen-wearer since my youth, too. There's no correlation between taking great care of yourself based on what your dermatologist says and clearly having a negative perspective on the 'old and wrinkly.'

        Beauty's not zero-sum, no one's made prettier based on how someone else looks, and a 27-year old has no real understanding of what 'old and wrinkly' means. I'm not much older than Leigh but when I was 27 (...and coating my face in SPF 40 on every wintry day in New York City), I never talked that way. Never thought that way, either.

    • polka

      She has no wrinkles because she's very young. If she were in her forties and had a perfectly smooth skin, I might conclude it's due to her skincare routine, but given her age such conclusion is rather unwarranted.

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE your hair cut and color - Where do you get it done?
    Always been a big fan of Kiehls! xx


  • Jyeung87


  • Anonymous

    i love her!!!! these posts are getting better and better

  • Miss K

    She sure has enough 'back ups'! Fantastic.


  • gaufrette

    I admire her looks but her personality doesn't match her beauty. And even though I'm younger than her, I really didn't like the sound of that 'old and wrinkly' comment.

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    I love the products she uses! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Tiffanysquared

    Fantastic post.
    I'm increasingly fascinated by Leigh Lezark. The very idea of a Chanel fragrance bar is making me giddy. Must do. Must have.

  • http://twitter.com/YayaGagaFashion Messamet serdane

    She is so fresh and original with the way she considers her make up and skincare products !


  • Trishelle

    Love Keihls products! They really are worth their price!

  • http://thestrangerblog.com/ Michelle (The Stranger)

    This is a lovely entry!

    I really do look up to Leigh. Despite her fame, she's still so down to earth and not the least bit stuck up. I've bumped into her all over NYC, and she is always so polite and patient with the swarm of press and photographers around her.

  • Antoinette

    I like that you featured Leigh Lezark!!!


    Kiehl's is da bommmmmbbbb! Great post!!!

  • Azrakun

    Definitely agree on the nail part!


  • Petra

    Great post as usual! Love Leigh and her chic, minimalist style.
    I'm curious, what beauty blogs do you look at?
    Yours is by far the best I have found, but if you follow any those are sure to be great too!

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni

    love the way she has everything so organised!!!

  • marisa

    omg do you think she might like chanel?

    I definitely want to try out that boscia mask

  • Cara

    I adore this blog so much, please keep up the great work! Could I possibly ask ITG if it is possible to interview people who have a more organic/natural approach to beauty and skin care? I loved the Olivier theyskens post as he had a wonderful approach to natural organic skin care. Especially in the growing organic wholefoods movement in society today and with more and more people that are aware of the chemicals in skincare/cosmetics and are trying to make safe and healthy decisions with what they put on their skin. Maybe a post from Rose Marie swift? Tata Harper? But as always I will always love any post that you guys post!

  • Gemma

    Oooooh I love this!! She is gorgeous and gives a really interesting interview. And those products! What I wouldn't give to have those shelves full of Chanel and Kiehl's in my house. To die for.

  • Liz

    This is a great post. I appreciate the loyalty to the high-end brands that work for her, coupled with an appreciation for drug store products--like the hair dyes. It's an accessible approach that I think a lot of women can relate to.

    Leigh, if you happen to read this, the brow expert at Kiehl's is named Soul Lee and she is amazing. She is a fantastic makeup artist and a lovely person. You should definitely check her out when you have the time!

  • http://www.foofyo.blogspot.com/ Rola

    Kiehl's Silk Groom is the best for thick hair. Both my husband and I love it.

  • det david pokpok

    I wonder how she gets her hair so sleek and shiny like that.

  • http://irishtimes.com/blogs/fash-mob/ Rosemary Mac Cabe

    I love these posts - but whoah, her regime / product stockpile are insane! I've never tried Kiehls in any serious way but reading this has made me want to give all of their stuff a go!


  • http://twitter.com/Mirror_Reality Phil

    Jikes she's a really big fan of the Kiehl's line it seems.. So many backups and I haven't even tried one thing of theirs.


  • Donnarino

    Re the wrinkle discussion, I think a lot of folks forget the role aging and genes play in wrinkles. I'm 36 and have always worn sunscreen and cared for my skin and while I don't have lines around my eyes I do have the beginnings of expression lines around my mouth and forehead and, guess what, my mother and gram have them too.

  • Carolin

    Where can I buy that Globe?!

  • http://www.designers-artists.com/ DNA (designers+artists)

    I always find it interesting when a really cool, pretty girl with great skin says that she sleeps with make-up on. And I find it encouraging!


  • http://ridikoolus.wordpress.com/ ridiKooLus

    Love how organized she has all her products.

    XO, http://ridikoolus.wordpress.com/

  • Hannah

    SO EXCITED SHE IS THE ULTIMATE! Love love love getting a look at her favourite products

  • mcgintylauren

    That globe bar is genius for keeping products! And I love that her dresser looks like a Chanel perfume counter ;)


  • Matteabird

    love her fragrance bar. i wish i had that many choices to choose from! as far as the kiehl's shrine in her apartment goes - do you really need that many backups? i doubt she lives far from a kiehl's store. she is wasting her money and letting her products go bad more quickly than if she was to buy them one by one.

  • Morgan

    This is such an amazing feature. I've been waiting for Leigh to be on this blog. She's so beautiful and I love how she's obsessed with Kiehl's! I've only tried a few of their products, but now I'm excited to give more of them a try. Great post!

  • Kitty Montgomery

    I like Kiehls, but I don't love e it. I am still looking for something to replace my Diane Brill stuff.....(not available in europe anymore-very sad)...


  • alexis

    Could someone please tell us which steamer Leigh uses? I just did some research and read horror stories about facial burns. Love a good steam though so the tip would be much appreciated.


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