Coiffed by Fred!

French hairstylist to the stars (seriously...Mélanie Laurent, Diane Kruger) Frédéric Birault passed through NYC recently and worked some magic in Washington Square Park aka my new favorite salon. I'd have never thought to make "macarons" with bobby pins, but Fred took one look at the Bumble pin tin and set to work twisting and twirling sections (with a bit of Sumotech) into a coiffure that could best be described as "Björk on a day off." In keeping with the food theme, we enjoyed McDonald's Happy Meals along the way. Ladurée was too far uptown.

I'm also a humongous fan of Fred's blog Cut by Fred, now translated into English.

Happy Friday!


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  • Maiastras

    These coiffure episodes are the best!

  • Phil

    Haha perfect! More videos please ;)

  • Zkrauss

    Reminds me when Gwen stefani had that hair do back in the 90s and early 2000s

  • Tini

    Emily - LOVE LOVE your blog!

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Your videos are great, and they make my hair obsession absolutely amatuerish!

  • Ladybird


  • Isabeljlb

    he's the best!!!!!

  • Jane S.

    What a fun and pretty summer look! Perfect for hot and humid New York days - what did your hair look like when you took out the pins later? I loved the little braid/chignon he did as well!

  • heloise duchemin

    I love Fred ! His blog is so awesome ! So are you !

  • Velocityjones

    Sunbeams, blowing bubbles, hot Happy Meal fries and an even hotter pro doing what he does best? Heaven.

  • Dámaris

    Love what you posted!


  • JL

    Hi Emily-
    First time leaving a comment on your blog! You're blog is great-thank you!

    Wanted to know who makes your sunnies-they look fab on you!

    Thanks so much


  • faridah

    I'm loving all these videos so much that I feel compelled to let you know. xx

  • mimi

    i love this! unfortunately my hair is too long and probably a little thick for it though :(
    fred seems totally magnifiique x

  • Nat

    Nice! What's the ring you are wearing, Emily?

  • Emmamiranda

    This is such a great video, with the little instructions. I grew my hair out from really short doing twists like this, they look good all messy.
    Also, can we discuss how amazing those aviators are?

  • murt

    haha I used to do that exact style on my hair all the time 5-10 years ago. It's cute, and a very '90s-early 2000s look. It's also extremely easy to do on yourself, which is nice.

    • murt

      I also have quite thin hair, which I think works best for this style.

  • Jenny

    You have the best smile you know..

  • Samira Reyes

    wow!! so beautiful!! i wonder if that works on thick hair!?

  • Anonymous

    What I really want to know is: how do you get all the guys selling weed in that corner of WSP out of the frame? :)

  • anon

    what does the mat wax do? very cute hair btw

  • Beauty & The Street
  • Hug

    I love his blog
    your so lucky
    he has the best style sense for hairdo's!

  • Anonymous

    LOOVE the look of these tiny little buns - Very cool, quick up-do!

  • Amanda

    Very cute!

  • Gina Carpellotti

    The coiffure coverage is fun, but doing this all in public is a bit odd. To me at least.

  • Ana


    Love, Ana

  • Jessie77us

    Cool, it's a bantu knot out. I love doing this when I want waves but don't want to use a styling tool

  • Christie

    Love the videos you've been posting. Keep them coming!

  • personal shopper

    Nice post.I have heard about this before but good information provided here.Thanks for this great info.

  • Emma

    So chic and cool. Makes me wish I had long hair again...

  • Melissa

    Hi Emily, what shirt are you wearing in this video? Would love to see a video peeking into your closet :)