VIDEO: Eniko March 2012

The making of "The Makeup".... a little snippet from my shoot with the lovely Eniko, for ITG. Enjoy!

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  • Xeana

    Gorgeous video. I like it.


  • farrahluv

    awesome emily! it is so great watching you work! not to be greedy - but a video like this once a week or so would be fantastic. maybe even ones that are more like tutorials.

    thank you!

  • Kate

    Beautiful! I'm envious of her glowing skin!

    Emily, would you happen to know of a product that helps oily skin? I've been experiencing blemishes lately along my T-zone and I think it's due to my oily skin.

  • Babs

    I wish this were a bit more of a 'how-to' on achieving the look.

  • Jkcanter

    love your work and those Lucite drawers~where are they from!!!

  • Tlrussell
  • wing and well

    This looks like the new Nars Paramaribo Eyeshadow Duo? That olivey-gold color seems to work well for all seasons.

  • Ella

    she's stunning! it's really cool to get a behind-the-scenes look at your posts!

  • Jkcanter

    love it! Love the Lucite drawers..Where are they from?

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    She is such a beautiful model! I love the video.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Annemarie

    LOVE videos!! I know it's a lot of work but-Keep them coming! I try and put out as many videos as I possibly can on


  • Sanna W

    Great job Emily!

  • Rola

    Fab video and photos.

  • Kate L. Harris

    Very cool


    Kate L. Harris

  • Michelle Lee
  • Lenah

    i love this video!! how did you do her hair? if you did anything to it? it looks amazing!