Jessica Noghes-Menio, Student


“I love decorating places, just creating scenes. In my parents’ house, they used to have mirrors all around the bathroom, and I thought that was quite nice. My dad is from Madagasgar, and my mom is Italian, and I live in between here [Paris] and London. I’m a student in London, studying photography at Sotheby’s, and here I’m looking for an internship. I’d like to work for a gallery.

I like beauty that’s very cinematographic; I like it all being very static. I feel very strongly about Marlene Dietrich. If there was someone I look up to in terms of beauty aesthetics, it would have to be her. For example, right now I’m really into arched eyebrows. I’m quite an obsessive person, and this is my latest obsession. Before it used to be colored contact lenses. I like having options. I’m not a very loyal customer; I’m not very disciplined in that way. As a child, I used to always draw my upper lip a lot bigger than my lower lip, sort of like Sophia Loren. So I always had things like that, sort of like you want to emulate someone or something about someone, and then you always try to make that married with who you are. They’re aspirational characters, I guess.

For makeup, it’s just the MAC Face and Body—that’s what I put as a primer—in a shade lighter than my skin, and then I put on the Studio Fix NC15 foundation. My eyeliner is MAC Cruella, which is purple. I used to wear it when my hair was red, and I think it’s quite nice. At first I thought it would be quite off-putting, but it works. I like the MAC Brow Set in clear for my eyelashes because it keeps them very static. I don’t wear mascara; I find it hard. I like the eyelashes to be very defined so you can see them one by one, and I think it’s hard to find a mascara that gives them that effect. I like a matte face, matte lipstick; I like it so the face looks very one-dimensional, which is the opposite of what everyone wants. I like it looking very rigid. My lipstick is Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD514 and RD305, or Kanebo Sensai 01 and 09. I like them quite reddish brown. I used to like the Lancôme liquid eyeliner because I thought the brush was really good and very thick. I’d do a cat eye with a very thick liquid liner. But that’s it, pretty much.

I read about Egyptian Magic on the internet, and then I couldn’t find anywhere to buy it, and they had it at this shop called Astier de Villatte. I really like that shop. I got my cutlery there, I got all my ceramics there, and they had it there, and I thought this was a coincidence. But somehow things always happen that way. If you’re looking for something, it will turn up one way or another… and that’s how I discovered it. I use it on my face. I have very dry skin and it works very well. But mostly my creams come from Bioderma because I think they have really good products. I have two creams from them: Crealine Riche and Sébium AKN. And I think Avène Cicalfate is good when the skin is irritated. I like mists also, like Caudalie, the Beauty Elixir—that’s really nice; I think it adds a sort of freshness to the face during the day. And I like it because it’s slightly scented, but not too much. I have a sort of fascination with fragrance. I like wearing perfume, but I feel quite funny about it as well. I like perfumes by Caron. They have this really nice one called Tabac Blond that smells of tobacco. And Creed has a really nice one called Royal English Leather. I love that because it sort of reminds me of car interiors—the smell of leather—like when I was a kid and I was driving around in my dad’s car. I really like the idea of that. Pino Sylvestre shower gel has a great scent; you know Old Spice? It’s something similar, but Italian.

When I was looking for a hairdresser in Paris, my friend recommended [David Mallett] to me. Initially I had copper hair when I went, and I wanted Givenchy red. My grandma would tell me things she would do when she was young, during the war, with the lipstick they’d wear, and how there was only one shade of hair color available because all the other ones were sold out, and they’d all have the same color where she lived in Northern Italy. I really like that, the idea of having a population of all the women with the same colored hair, sort of reddish. I like using Splend’or Lacca Italian hairspray if you want to look very rigid and severe; I like using it when you have your hair up. And if you have your hair up and then spray Bumble and bumble powder all over it, it looks quite nice. I like everything being not natural—there’s no reason. My friends were like, ‘Let’s go out this evening and we’ll have a wig night,’ but I’d rather just get my hair done at David Mallett and not have to wear a wig.”

—as told to ITG

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  • Pim

    First! My first time ever! LOL. I like the fact that she is very simple and I'm loving the red tiles too.

  • jlm

    FANTASTIC post, E! TGIITGF: thank god its intothegloss friday.

  • Phil

    That hair is just done! Not a huge skincare experimenter but she loves her makeup ideas. I love how vintage the grooming tools look :)
    It all reminds me very much of an old aunt I have, same kind of styling & interior.

  • NeenaJ

    She has an intriguing point of view. To be so young, her ideas are pinpointed and strong. Very interesting.

  • Eaulliman

    Different! She's really cool!

  • Lauren

    Her thoughts about beauty are very similar to mine. I am quite obsessive about particular actresses that I feel are "timeless" and attempt to emulate them. It's always a constant struggle to find some way to mesh it with myself. I'm also super into the matte look. Everything has to be very monochrome. They don't make very good matte lipsticks anymore. Not in the same range anyways. Super tempted to try to the Tabac Blond!

    Thanks for showing a wide range of ladies. It's really interesting.

  • Alexis

    Awesome. Unconventional and a creative beauty. Thanks for always offering another view.

  • Suzanne

    I wish I could see the perfume bottles better! And if anyone wants to try Tabac Blond, they should look for the vintage since Caron reformulations are allegedly poor.

    • Christina

      Yes I have to agree - Caron has now butchered most of their classic fragrances, including Tabac Blond. Very sad.

  • Christina

    A fascinating woman and I adore her theatrical perspective.

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Loved this post! Thank you for sharing.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Stbells

    How old is she?? I can't seem to work it out..

  • Little Red Book
  • Celebrities

    nice decoration. managed things are always looks good.

  • Laura

    I love your blog, Emily. Watching the interview I thought she would own all these French niche brands...instead she's using Mac, avene and bioderma... Awesome surprise!

  • sashi

    The desire for some to deviate from the usual and the desire for others to follow is what drives fashion and beauty. Actually, if you consider it, that is what drives much of life.
    She is the cool girl in school you'd watch and be inspired by.

  • soleil

    jupe emily weiss le 5 novembre dans une fille, un style à NEW YORK; JE VOUDRAIS CETTE JUPE EN CUIR GRIS

  • Emma Burdett

    I can really relate to her obsessive nature towards style, and I love that she unabashedly follows her inspiration.

  • sarah babille

    Et.... Elmex pour les dents ;))) swiss products, no ?

  • angry birds space

    Very nice....Like !

  • Woody

    Interesting woman, not necessarily found in Vogue. Great post!

  • makeup artist world

    I like the eyelashes to be very defined so you can see them one by one, and I think it’s hard to find a mascara that gives them that effect.

  • Wish-fashion

    i need this thing.i wanna become a beautiful girl

  • Celsound

    Such gorgeous beveled tiles...

    It's like her bathroom walls are covered with rubies!


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