Gucci Westman, Makeup Artist


“My beauty routine is based more around skincare. I like to alternate a lot with various scrubs and serums and creams, so I use different ones throughout the week. I love this company Éminence—love it. Joanna Vargas, the facialist, uses it and I just really liked it. It’s all raw, it’s all organic, and you don’t need tons of it because it doesn’t last very long. They also have this little sample size things that I love to travel with. It’s really cute, so sometimes if I’m going on a trip I’ll bring, say, these four masks… So then I’ll sort of vary. If I’m going away for three days, I’ll bring, for example, Naseberry Treatment Care Cream, Pink Grapefruit Vitality Masque, Sour Cherry Masque, Strawberry Rhubarb Masque. With these small sizes, it’s really fun to just try different things, and it makes it easy. Everything has to be easy for me. It has to be set up in a way that I get it and I see it. I just love, in the shower, to do a scrub on my body. Then I do this Lactic Acid Éminence Gentle Scrub on my face. And after that, I throw on this thing—it’s my favorite—the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque. I’ll do that when I’m washing my hair and leaving the conditioner on, if I have to shave my legs or something—you know, I just try to time everything. And then I can come out and do my body cream, the Diptyque Crème Riche pour le Corps—it’s really nice and thick. And then I love the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Body Moisturizer. I definitely rock La Mer too.

I try a lot of things that people send me. I love this brand, Själ. They have a really nice scrub that I like, and I love their Kashmir Saphir Perfecting Mask and Pearl Enzyme Exfoliating Mask. And David [Neville, Westman's husband], actually, that’s the cream he uses. He keeps it simple. He likes La Mer lip balm. I love products, for sure. You were telling me about somebody who has too much stuff— I’m definitely probably that person. I have a lot of stuff, but people send me things to try. What else do I do? I put Mag 2 [Magnesium supplement] on my face too. I pop these suckers, and I rub them on my face. Well, apparently, it’s all the rage. It’s supposed to be great for minimizing your pores, and things like that. I think I got them in St. Barts. I like to try one routine for a week, and then I alternate, and then I try to see what works better. I’m really sensitive to smell and touch. I always—not always, but maybe a few times a week—I try to give David a facial massage, and I use different oils.

So my makeup routine is not… it’s very few things. I don’t know; I can’t be bothered. I don’t really wear makeup—I feel really stupid. Imagine if I showed up to work with makeup? People would be, like, 'hi....' To be honest, in the winter, I wear black eyeliner smudged. I’m so pale, so I feel like it gives me a little contrast, a little something. It kind of just smudges itself. I’m into these kinds of things, these primers. Sometimes I take the effort to do Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer in 001 and 002 on myself. I use Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup in Ivory just around my eyes a tiny bit. I like Revlon Multi-Use Palette for a little contour, and a little Highlighting Stick in Golden [available in May]. I put it anywhere: cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow. Creams are definitely messier, no matter what. You have to know that it’s going to be a little smudgy, and blah blah blah. No matter what kind of makeup I do on myself, it’s always a little bit smudgy because I don’t wear, really, powder or concealer. I think it’s cooler because it looks more authentic, and more worn and real. That’s what girls do; that’s what they look like. I don’t want to look like I’m made-up. I want to look like it’s part of me, and it’s just there, but not too much effort put into it. I don’t think foundation should be even a necessity—it should only be if you need it and where you need it. I do occasionally wear Just Bitten in Midnight, but David says I look really weird. I’m not allowed to wear anything on my lips for him—he doesn’t like any lipsticky-looking things. It freaks him out. Oh and I have this I totally wear—that puppy—Les Soins BIO Plante System Hydrating Tinted Moisturizer Fluid with Hibiscus. I got that in St. Barts. It’s really nice—it feels like liquid on—and it gives a healthy glow but it doesn’t look shimmery on the skin.

I have so much grey hair, since I was twenty-six. Tim Nolan at Tommy Guns does the color. I just do my roots, and then when I don’t have time, now I have this Roux stick—it’s like a brown mascara. I have super thick wavy hair. It sounds really high-maintenance, but I started to go to this place, Blow. It’s just so easy, and I can get a manicure at the same time, and it takes, like, twenty minutes to do everything. And done. Then I don’t have to worry about it. Once and a while it’s nice to just have it feel clean. I like the Moroccan Oil line a lot: shampoo, conditioner, mask. I like Serge Normant’s mask, and Tammy Fender scalp cleanser. Garren [the hairstylist] told me I should get Botox. He said, ‘You should do it before it’s too late.’ He’s like, ‘This wrinkle is getting deep, honey.’ And I was like, ‘Thanks, Gare.’ I’ve tried it, but I’m scared. I’m just sensitive to things that I imagine are not good for you. I’ve done Thermage with frequency. It’s just basically reproducing collagen—I’m into stuff like that. I’m into enhancing what you have more, sort of, on a scientific level, as opposed to injecting, injecting, injecting, ‘cause God knows where that’s going to go.

I’m always trying to fit in my exercise with my kids and my work. Physique 57 and Soul Cycle are my favorites. I did the Bari Studio today, I did Physique yesterday. I like feeling strong. It’s what we are supposed to be doing—it feels like we’re supposed to energize ourselves, so I feel so much more aware and alert when I incorporate that. I was running three years ago, and then it kind of went into Core Fusion, and then I stopped running and started doing all this other stuff. It’s hard to wake up earlier, if you have to work and go to a class before something, but it’s worth it. The whole day is better and I’m just so happy. 7 AM start, so I leave at 6:30, but it’s worth it! After I feel like my day is a million times better. And I don’t think it’s just a phase anymore.”

—as told to ITG

Gucci is also the Global Artistic Director of Revlon.

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  • erin

    as a professional makeup artist, i've idolized gucci for years! what a treat to see what's in her bathroom cabinet! i do however wish that we could see what her REAL fave makeup products were instead of an assortment from the company she's sponsored by. thanks for another insightful post!

    • Leinti_nti

      I agree re: your last comment.

    • Claudia

      I agree- it seems like we're not getting the full scoop. Everything in this post is so luxe (the creams! the tub! the supplements!) and then she just uses Revlon? C'mon.

    • Citrine

      Ditto. It's kind of obvious that beside the worn out mascara tube, everything else looks untouched. (Anyway, I do love Revlon a lot more since she becomes the artistic director though...)

  • Hannah Byrd

    Nice interview! I love that despite her level of success she remains authentic to herself and her personal style. I always love seeing the beautiful work she does backstage at fashion week.

  • Byul

    meh too bad she resorted to just plugging for revlon and didn't actually share any insight on makeup...

    • Capitalist Pancake

      You know, these makeup artists that get hired now for big companies, they actually have a huge say in product development. It's entirely possible she's 'plugging' because the products are ones she helped create, and so are ones she actually likes to use. I can't imagine it would be different with someone like Pat McGrath, as she has helped develop products for so many different makeup brands (Cover Girl/Max Factor/D&G). Aside from the the notorious 'shiny stick' (Madina) anyway!

  • Meghan

    Oh my lord that bathroom. Drool.

  • JF

    Thanks for this sneak peek into her gorgeous apartment (I only wish we got to see more, but I guess that's for a different type of blog!). So many things in this interview resonated with me: the Dr. Hauschka skincare (skincare> makeup, in my book); the exercise classes - and the getting up at the crack of dawn to partake in them; the thick, wavy hair (I, too, use the Moroccan Oil mask and love it); and the men in our lives not liking lipstick (my fiance is annoyingly vocal about his disdain for lipstick).

    P.S. Don't do the botox, Gucci! Garren is only good for one thing and one thing only: hair advice. :-)

  • S

    Next up... Pat McGrath?! Please? Please!

  • NeenaJ

    Her disdain of makeup seems strange to me, given her profession.

  • Hanna

    Great one! The pictures are so pretty and the wallpaper is adorable. Very lovely to see that obvious she is a revlon fan. "Just bitten" is really nice maybe I should "Midnight" a try!

  • Anonymous

    She is absolutely adorable. Those photographs with her son are beyond sweet. She also has a bathroom to die for - I looove good bathrooms! This brand Éminence is intriguing, I'll have to try! Those masks read like a dessert menu and I kind of love that!

  • Diana Delgado

    Ohhh! I love this top shelf! I recently started following her on twitter and I thought to myself how cool would it be if she were featured here and ta da!! Great! Now, does anyone know where to get those Mag 2 liquid capsules? Any tips? Thanks!!

  • LD

    I don't understand peoples obsession with La is literally LOADED with mineral oil/petrolatum and other additives and simply "coats" the skin (might feel nice but nothing beyond that!). I am an aesthetician and cosmetic chemist and it is quite literally one of the biggest rip-offs going in the industry. But I guess as long as certain celebs flock to it, it will be sought out by everyday women chasing youth (and paying way to much in the process)

  • Diamndprincess05

    That bathroom is as big as my bedroom. I live for the day that I will be able to have a bathroom that big. I admire her approach to beauty. It's more of a preventative method than a corrective method You can tell by the simple and classic makeup she keeps on hand. I think that's a great approach--one that I'm trying to adhere to right now. I just recently turned 26 and realized that it's time to get more consistent with my preventative nightly regimen. At this point I'm thankful that I've always been serious about sun protection. Hopefully I'll look this good or better.

    I really enjoyed the picture in this article. And I'll be looking into these organic brands.

  • Anonymous

    stunning! Maine Coons are the most incredible cats.

  • Trishelle

    god, im 26 right now and ive had gray and white hairs for years now too. Color every 6 weeks!

  • Jolie Jouel

    Love this interview! She sounds so hearing about her skin care routine.

  • Kath

    Want to know more about the magnesium caplets, pretty please! Where to get them, where in the process they should be applied...

  • Sarah

    Great article! I love Gucci's beauty tips on the Revlon All Access iPhone app.

  • Antoinette

    I haven't even read the article. But I was so elated that you featured Gucci Westman! Thank you so much for having her on here. I love her!

  • Procrastinator

    I love a makeup artist who doesn't wear much makeup. A girl after my own heart!

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Great - as many ideas as products! And a kitty checking out the tub!

  • deb

    what is the name of that a revlon lipstick that really looks like the clinique chubby stick? I cant find it on the revlon's site...

    • Amanda

      It is a new balm stain for Summer!

  • The Clean Beauty Blog

    LOVE Eminence Organics, such a great brand - all their masks & scrubs are amazing...

    And, as a side note - that cat! That wallpaper! That bathroom! *sigh*

    • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

      You just said basically everything I was going to:) Cat, wallpaper, bathroom - I'll take all three please!

  • Sasha

    Bathroom and kitten of my dreams, sigh...

  • Alexandra

    Gorgeous bathroom and lovely products ! I wanted to know are the lip products between the concealer and the grow luscious mascara new ? What are they called ? Are they similar to the clinique and the tarte ones ? I've never seen them before ! Thanks in advance for "a" response ^^

  • Manateepat
  • A Reader

    Love, love, love the bathroom. I'm taking everything she said with a grain of salt, though, because of all the Revlon talk. What a shame.

    • Another Reader

      But why? Would it be different if the brand were MAC or Chanel? She helps create these products so it is no surprise she likes to use them!

      • A Reader

        Hi there, Another Reader! :)

        Your point is well-taken. That said, her comments feel inauthentic to me. Here is a woman who clearly likes the best (you have only to look at the bathroom to see that) and has unfettered access to the best of everything that the makeup world has to offer. I am not ready to believe that she uses so much Revlon. But since she works for them, how could she possibly say otherwise?

        This, of course, is the problem when someone who is well-known in his or her field becomes a spokesperson for a brand. While it may be a very sound decision in terms of personal finances, career advancement, etcetera, I do think they lose some of their credibility with the general public. (Not that my opinion of Ms. Westman matters one iota to anyone but me, mind you. I'm well aware of that. )

  • Beautyincrisis Ili

    She's amazing! I adore her sense of style and beauty!!

  • Kristen Stewart

    I love her bathroom! It's so darling but cool!

  • Diana

    I don't like Creme de la Mer either. I actually didn't feel it was that hydrating. I like their Fluid SPF pretty well but I've ended up being much more of a fan of Embryolisse, which is a lot cheaper.

    • Jenny

      I don't like La Mer either...and trust me, after buying a pot I wanted to love it. I break out literally every time I use it. And I still keep it in the bathroom and try it once in awhile in hopes that it will work- but nothing. Not surprisingly, the cheap drug store brand Cerave is all that works for me.

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    So curious that a makeup artist is not that into makeup compared to skincare!

    • Scheer

      That's pretty common. I read everything about her. She's said that she doesn't want to take the emphasis away from her client in the seat. Gucci's more of an artsy person. Her esthetic is much more natural than, say, Troy Jensen or Scott Barnes or Kevyn Aucoin. They truly transform. Whereas, Gucci brings out your natural beauty, imperfections and all.

  • JL V

    Nice :). Speaking of make up artists: Lisa Eldridges top shelf would attract so much site visitors, wouldn't it? But she's in the UK of course. Maybe when you're taking a trip there? :)

    • Danielle

      Agree, Lisa Eldridge would be great fun as a top shelf.

    • Luxlarock

      Yes!! Eldridge would be epic!!

  • Kristjan

    I looove the Top Shelf, and seeing what people really use! But this kinda feels like it's just a promo for Revlon...sorry-a little disappointing.

  • Lisa Sparrow

    I find all the comments very interesting about this feeling insincere or promotional because she mentions using Revlon products. Isn’t it possible that she actually does stand by the products she represents and genuinely believes in them? Why would she work for a company whose products she didn’t actually use/believe in?? Is it simply because it is a drug store brand vs. high end department store line? The several comments about La Mer not living up to the hype seem to illustrate the fact quite nicely that paying more for products doesn’t necessarily make them better.

    • Claudia

      I see your point, but it seems odd that she _only_ mentions Revlon. Even if she does "believe" in that product, it's suspicious that there are no other products that she believes in too. She may not wear a lot of makeup, but I find it unlikely that she exclusively wears her own brand when it's clear that she enjoys an assortment of high-end skin care products. It's a matter of consistency.

      In other words, it's just hard to believe that there are no other products she uses on herself, especially as a leading makeup artist who must have tons of experience with different brands (that she uses on clients, I'm sure). After reading that she works for Revlon, it unfortunately helps explain why she "exclusively" uses their products, but it also throws her credibility into question. We have to doubt her honesty.

  • Miss Edgeley

    I can't believe this. I was just telling Tim about this blog on Friday and then Saturday he is mentioned by Gucci Westman! Tim is my favorite hairdresser EVER. I live in his home town, Melbourne and have to wait for once yearly haircuts when he visits. So if you live in New York, or are passing through, go visit Tim, he's the best.

  • Anonymous

    It does seem to be typical, but it never fails to surprise me - that a makeup artist would feel 'stupid' wearing makeup. Shouldn't they be the ones championing it?

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Not really - maybe it's the joy of making up others. You don't necessarily see yourself as having the same great 'canvas' to work with as you do with other people.

  • Jill

    I love the kitty on the side of the tub. And Gucci is great, I always like to hear what she has to say. I am much more interested in Revlon products knowing she is behind some of them.

  • sushiroll

    From her twitter, it's her personal makeup collection, not her professional

  • Capitalist Pancake

    Funny - I used Eminence when it was going by the name Ilcsi. The sour cherry gel mask was especially great - it was a peel off formula with salicylic acid which did wonders on blemished and irritated skin, but I recently purchased it again rebranded as Eminence, and it was totally different - no peel off action, and it made me break out completely. Really unfortunate, as it's made me shy of buying any more of the brand.

  • Capitalist Pancake

    Great point. I use loads of high end products but the concealer I've used exclusively since it came out - and keep using thanks to a giant hoarded stash since its discontinuation is Revlon colorstay - the one originally released in the 90s. Drugstore doesn't necessarily mean inferior. Bourjois blush and L'oreal lipstick I find hold their own against more expensive brands.

  • Maria


  • Lindsay K

    Excellent interview. I love how organized her products are and that bathroom is gorgeous. Gucci's thoughts on enhancing who you are are so beautiful. I like that she included health and fitness in too. Physique 57 and Bari Studio are two of my favorite workouts in NYC.

  • Andrea M

    Amazing blog and post!
    Love to read it. And the pics are cute too. <3
    You shared so much with us, your readers, I can relate to some of the things you said. :)

    I'm a new follower tru bloglovin, feel free to follow me back.
    Thanks and have a beautiful week!
    Andrea **

  • Sara John

    your post will help us to Get personal Beauty And Style

  • anya

    I love a makeup artist who doesn't wear much makeup. A girl after my own heart! visit for Makeup artist Columbia MO

  • Emily

    But it would make a lot more sense to me if she had a little of everything, because most make-up artists tend to find the best of many different brands, it seems odd that this brand she is being paid to promote is the only one she really uses, and not anything else. I use mostly drugstore products, and I find it strange that she exclusively uses Revlon.

  • Shgaota110

    how can i get you to do my makeup?

  • Ann

    A really amazing and talented makeup artist that i just discover! Love her tutorials on youtube, can't wait to see more of her makeup :)


  • Lesa

    It pace to keep make up accessories clean always to avoid any allergic reactions.


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