Eniko // GILDED


Eniko Mihalik is rarely without nail polish, which, for a model, is unusual. While most girls strip everything away on their off days—makeup, hairspray, and, yes, lacquer—Eniko plans trips to Saks to add another Tom Ford eye shadow palette to her collection, and paints her nails. Miss Mihalik loves a beauty product.

It came as no surprise, then, that she had something to show me during a recent visit. “They’re from Sally Hansen,” she said, holding ten perfectly manicured fingers up to her face. “Salon Effects. It’s these strips, and they come in all different colors and patterns…” Her nails are sheathed in gold glitter—“Glitz Blitz”. I scratched my original plan for her makeup and reached for NARS’ Paramaribo shadow, a twisted, lime-tinged bronze/brass duo, smudging brown, not black, pencil liner from Clinique (Quickliner for Eyes Intense) into the lashline for subtle dimension. I used my current favorite blush, Tom Pecheux’s recently reformulated Lauder dandy in Rebel Rose, high on her cheekbones, and—for lips—layered Bobbi Brown’s new Desert Plum and Party Alice straight from the tube.

Guess what made it into her bag?

Photos and makeup by ITG.

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  • http://twitter.com/Mirror_Reality Phil

    Anyone else getting a serious Daria Werbowy feeling? Stunning model!


    • Anonymous

      A cross between Daria and Constance! She's lovely.

  • MONI
  • http://whatthehaute.com/ Hannah

    With this look, I think you nailed it! (wakka wakka!)

    Would be curious to know if y'all thought similarly of my blog http://www.whatthehaute.com.

  • http://materialfixations.blogspot.com/ Material Fixations

    Is it just me or is her hair color the perfect shade of caramel gold? Sort of like her nails...!
    Material Fixations

  • A Reader

    But where are the photos of her NAILS?? Did I miss them?

  • Alex

    Well, I don't know about her, but I will be having a good look at the new Lauder blushes. :-) Btw, what did you apply it with? I want whatever brush you used - it's just the right amount of product!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Alex-- I used Tom Ford's blush brush. Heaven. xE

  • http://www.ma-vie-privee.blogspot.com/ ClaraAnne

    She has such a Perfect face! Love that pretty ring on her thumb too.

    • Charissa

      totally agree on the thumb ring - where's it from? it looks lovely :)

      • Anonymous

        Hi Charissa & Claraanne-- Eniko says the ring was her sister's and she took it; not sure where it's from. Sorry we don't have more info! xE

  • teresa mereu
  • Sylvia

    OMG! Being so pretty should be forbidden!


  • http://kitchenafternoon.blogspot.com/ Kitchenafternoon

    Shiny hair was the first thing I saw as the photo loaded then she gets even prettier! Such eyes - she would be lovely maquaillage or not!

  • Christina

    Finally a model who enjoys makeup outside of a beauty contract. She looks gorgeous and you did a great job on her makeup.

  • http://glossandmagic.blogspot.com/ Gauri

    That shade of gold is so pretty...I'm so so tempted now to pick up something similar. Thanks for the look...

    Lovely pics..

  • Jessica

    I love everything about this. She is gorgeous and you did a fantastic job highlighting her beauty! What did she take home? I'm going to guess the eyeshadow since it looks so amazing with her coloring.

  • http://beautyatragingsea.blogspot.de/ Freya
  • http://www.honeynsilk.com/ Stephanie Liu

    The lipstick is beautiful! I will make my way to try those colors on soon. I love Sally Hansen nail strips, especially the glitter ones since they're so easy to take off later.

    xo Stephanie

  • Anonymous

    I've actually used those Sally Hansen nail strips (kind of like stickers for your nails) during the last two New York fashion weeks to avoid having to deal with chipped polish during the shows. Both times, I loved the way they looked - and lasted - on my nails. But both times, I hated the aftereffects. They're easy enough to take off with an acetone polish remover, but my nails were left absolutely wrecked - dry, cracked, split - and took weeks to recover. Seriously, they looked so bad my husband jokingly called me "Bubs" (as in Bubbles, the grubby-fingered crackhead from "The Wire"). Not exactly the Salon Effect I had in mind.

    If anyone else has advice for using them without the dry/cracked/brittle nail hangover, I'd love to hear it. They're a really convenient product - easy to apply and they do look great while on. But afterward? Not so much (for me, anyway).


    • Charissa

      thanks for sharing this - i was just wondering about whether there are any after effects!

    • ThisIsMyFace

      I bought them, but haven't used them yet. Reading Eniko's endorsement, I thought I'd try tomorrow. Reading your hell, I think I'll give them a pass, once and for all. Thanks for the feedback!

      • Jenelle

        I don't think the after effects like that are the norm since I've been using the Sally Hansen salon effects for about a year and I have never had an issue taking them off or having my nails be brittle afterwards and I have tons of friends who use it on a regular basis and it has never weakened their nails either.

  • Laura

    This is my favorite look you've done! Absolutely stunning. I'll be stopping by Nars ASAP....

  • Tlrussell
  • http://mylucitedreams.com/ Taylor

    Very beautiful. I live that lip color.

  • http://escapasm.wordpress.com/ Colette

    she's perfect.

  • Kate {Something Fabulous}

    Wow, she is just beautiful! I love her eye shadow.

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni

    amazing girl!!!!! love that face!!!

  • Charissa

    hey did you use anything besides the eyeshadow to highlight the inner corners of her eyes? whatever you used really makes her look like she's glowing - angelic!

  • Anonymous

    aaaaagh those cheekbones. want.

  • kit

    can you do a topshelf with eniko? she seems fun and girly!!

    • Anonymous

      Hi Kit-- working on it. xE

  • http://woodstockwardrobe.com/ Dana

    So beautiful! Love this look...like a simpler version of '70s disco!


  • Literarywitch

    Pecheux's collaboration with Estee Lauder (resulting in the Pure Color line of lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeshadows, and cheek colors) is utterly transforming the company's cosmetics line into something that girls who typically prefer avant-garde / fashion-forward makeup like MAC or Nars will love. The colors are so pure and beautiful, and the formulas elegant and innovative: not grandma's makeup.

    The latest all-star product is the Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelee -- a bronzer/blush that applies with the creaminess of a fluid and the delicacy of a micro-powder. You swipe it on with a dry powder blush on top of foundation or tinted moisturizer, and it gives you a glowing pop that looks like you've been at the beach all day. So beautiful, you should try it.

    The initial release in shade Modern Mercury sold out everywhere. The new shade, Shimmering Sands, is gorgeous.

  • Liz

    Hi! Just wondering what brushes you used to apply the eyeshadow? It looks gorgeous!

  • http://www.picassohairfeathers.com/ Kate – PicassoHairFeathers

    Love this look. Her makeup is natural yet the lips really 'pop'.

  • Debora Nogueira

    Hi Emily! Wow, great job! The whole thing looks absolutely stunning! I was just wondering, did you use anything at all on her skin? It looks beyond amazing! So natural, with a silky glow.. I bet she already has gorgeous bare skin, but if you used any face/skin products on her and could please share, I'll be sure to get them immediately, because whathever they might be, they're sure workin! ;) xo

  • Lydelle

    Fantastic work. Great photography as well. I've recently been thinking about how models may smell...perfumes are the unseen accessory so I'm just curious about that. She looks like she'd work well with a Cartier perfume.