My Makeup 02.29.12

I love trying out makeup, don’t get me wrong, but trial and error takes time. My relationship with cosmetics is a clean split between play time—a weekend night getting dolled up with friends—and no time. As in, needing to save face at 9 AM while pulling on a go-to outfit, maniacally brushing my teeth and running out the front door in under ten minutes. That is not the moment to see how burgundy glitter looks on your eyelids. During crunch time, you really come to realize who your heroes are—product-wise, that is. I thought I'd shout-out my current roster of all-stars, and show them in action on a typical morning before heading off to Paris for Fashion Week.

For me, five-minute makeup means several things: using your fingers in addition to brushes (faster, easier blending), layering (contour PLUS blush PLUS highlighter…but I swear, all three happen super fast), a mussed-up eye (smudging eyeliner with a moist Q-Tip), and a touch of moisture somewhere (lip gloss is easiest) to keep the look fresh and not too “done." But what is "too done", anyway? In my opinion, it's not about numbers—it's about technique. 10+ products isn't that many, right? ...RIGHT?!

The lineup:

Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 Primer

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (two shades are better than one!)

Guerlain bronzer applied with Beauty is Life fan brush

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate palette & brush

Burberry Sheer Luminous Fluid

Lancôme Le Crayon Khôl liner in black

By Terry mascara in black

Anastasia tinted brow gel in brown

Tarte "The Bright Side" Double-Ended Eye Brightener (inner & outer corners...genius)

Benefit Benetint

Tom Ford Sahara Pink lip gloss

T Alexander Wang top, Derek Lam fur vest, Rag & Bone skinny jeans, Repossi ring, Alexander Wang shoes.

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  • erin

    great vid, emily! your product choices are many that i've not used myself (even as a professional makeup artist!) xo

  • Jessica

    Loved the video Emily! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  • Kimmy

    Where did you get your makeup organizer from? I must have one!

  • Sarah

    i love this! keep the videos coming, s'il vous plait.

  • Bonnie,Clyde and Marni

    love the video!!! well done!!

  • Lily

    I love this!! Very real!!
    I prefer clear mascara on my brows but brown looks perfect on you, I'm gonna try it too.

  • Lena

    Brilliant! Love this--thank you so much for sharing it. What is the gorgeous song?

  • Lena

    oh found the song! Spacek: 123Magic. Lovely.

  • amateur couture

    Emily. Thanks for making this video to share with us! It's fun to see what products you enjoy. Question regarding the bronzer, do you use the "blond" or the darker "brunette" one? I have dark hair but pale skin....also, what product do you use near your eyes for smudging. Thanks doll.


    • Anonymous

      I use the 'Blonde' shade but not for any particular reason (clearly)... the product I rubbed the cotton swab in to smudge the eyeliner is Embryolisse cream, but anything greasy/creamy will work...but just a TINY bit! xE

  • Farrah

    OMG this is AMAZING! And I haven't even watched the video...I just know it will be amazing.

    Truth be told - I wasn't all that excited about the FW posts. And not because of your writing/photos, I just couldn't get excited about most of the collections. I think I prefer to see REAL people on this site, and you are no exception! Always enjoy your insider tips and personal experiences

  • The Procrastinator

    That fur vest looks amazing. Where did you get your clear drawers from?

  • tra

    you still keep your under-shave? :)

    • Anonymous


  • Anna

    beautiful post! and also the perfect makeup :-)

  • mlle p

    wow, i feel like a total amateur here! love your plexi makeup drawers.

  • frances

    Great video thank you for sharing!!

  • Messamet serdane

    Lovely video ! Nice advices !!

  • Emily Ann

    Thank you, Emily! Good lineup!

  • Julie

    Thanks for the video Emily, it's so great!
    I have a question: how do you clean your face (morning and night)? Because I clean it with bioderma crealine, and then I moisturise but if I try to wear foundation I can see my pores and the foundation can actually be seen on my face, and I don't like that. I want a perfect hydrated skin like yours!

    • Anonymous

      Julie: moisturizing is KEY. I apply a ton of moisturizer after I wash my face and/or on dry, clean skin, before foundation. A little trick I learned the other day from makeup artist James Kaliardos is to apply your moisturizer with a foundation brush, then apply your foundation with the same (pre-moisturized) brush. That's a bit high maintenance for me, so I just use my fingers usually. A dusting of powder over the T-Zone is enough to neutralize any shiny areas afterward. xE

      • Farrah

        WAIT! What about those amazing acrylic organizers? Come on don't leave us hanging!

        PS - one of these a month would be fabulous. It's so fun to watch you (or the other girls you feature) do your make-up, hair ,etc.

      • Nina

        What a fantastic postand video! Is there any particular moisturizer you prefer?

  • Sarah

    I love it. More videos!

    Which two shades of the Koh Gen Do foundation do you blend together?

  • Ismay Ozga

    I really loved this video- I'd love to see more like this

  • Liz

    Great Video! What type of container are you using for your make up storage? It is very attractive/functional

  • Sandra

    Omg! More videos pllzzz!!

  • Samira

    I love your blog!! great post!!!!

  • Scheer

    I love Into the Gloss. Heaven. And I like the idea of showing us your regime through video. Idea for a future topic: Makeup storage. The bane of my life. Honestly. I'm afraid someone will show up to my house to film "Makeup Hoarders."

  • sashi

    mad skills, Emily! A routine you KNOW will work is so essential to sanity.

  • blue roses

    playing around with make up can be tough, especially if you do not have samples of something, because it can be so expensive! buying new lip colors can get pricey, and you only know from wearing it if you really love the hue and the texture, if it is durable.

    thanks for the suggestions!

  • Anonymous

    Daaaamn girl! I envy your expertise! Very cool video, and lovely look!

  • A Reader

    Great post! Could you please tell us more about the lucite (?) containers you use for makeup storage? Thank you

  • yvette

    fantastic video - would love to see more.

  • anita m

    I admire you going in front of the camera barefaced, I will never do that : )
    I wake-up looking really horrible. I also admire the fact that you use liquid blush. I'm very basic myself, great video!

  • jenn
  • Ellamo2001

    okay. you need to do more of these. GREAT!

  • Ana

    tell us now where you got that plexi product storage!

  • pa

    Brilliant video. Really good idea to show your "basic" routine through moving image. Keep 'em coming.

  • Yana

    Awesome! I love your dressing/makeup table. It shows a little bit on the video but I would really love to see a few pics of it, it's lovely and I love how it's surrounded with tons of light, perfection!

  • James
  • Christine

    that was the Oribe Apres Beach Wave & Shine Spray. It's great!

    • Cecilia

      Ok, sounds interesting, thank you for replying!

  • Kelsey

    This is definitely one of the best posts you've done! Everything is simple but still put-together without being overdone. Love it! I have a question though, I have pretty oily skin and end up looking too shiny/greasy by the afternoon.This results in me constantly having to re-powder my face,which after so many layers of powder can end up looking cakey. What products would you recommend or tips you have to keep the oil at bay during my workday? Thanks:)

  • Holly

    I loved this video. I've never seen anyone apply makeup in that way before. I'm definitely going to have to try the technique you use to highlight my cheekbones.

  • Kim Thomas

    LOVED this video Emily! Im glad to know that the amount of products I use for day to day (10) isn't crazy lol. Takes only 5 minutes so why not, you know? Anyway, you've given me some ideas for new products to try, and a new way to try my eyeliner. I hope you do more videos like this; they're super fun and unique!

    Also - MUST find your lucite containers for all of my beauty supplies!

  • Cindy

    Love your blog, Emily! Do you have recommendations for compact powder/foundation for touch ups and on the go?

    • Renaphuah

      Hi Cindy, I have used many powder foundation in the past. I find Shu Uemura Face Architect powder works well, doesnt look flat and dry as it illuminates without any trace of shimmer. Other than that, Korres Wild Rose Powder and Shisedo ones are good. Hope this helps! x

  • Renaphuah

    Thanks for the video Emily, how do you find the Lancome liner, does it last long?

  • dana

    AMAZING video! Loved the music...where did you get your makeup organizer? I've been looking for one just like it!

  • Kimberley Grey

    Love this! Thanks for the glimpse into your morning routine. xx

  • Belinda

    Great video! Thanks Emily :)

    What is the brown cream you use to define your cheekbones?

    • Megan Gostkowski

      That's the "shade" in the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate.

  • Daphne | Dee & Duke

    Kudos for showing the before and after look, even though you look lovely au naturel! I think the amount of products we use in our daily makeup routine doesn't matter, it's the end result that counts. You don't look like you gave it much thought, and that's what's beautiful. Just rolled out of bed, smudged black liner around the eyes and applied lipgloss. Good job :)

  • Hannah

    great video--but your skin is so so pretty without everything! Do these foundations seem sheer in person?

  • Raphaelle

    Thanks a bunch for this video, so useful AND so pleasant to watch!
    I think I'm gonna buy this eye highlighter.

  • Phil

    Now that was fast. You're completely made up in the time that I take to brush my teeth alone & fix the hair.

  • Annelies

    I loved this video!

  • lipnstick

    Haha love it you say that 10 products aren't that much!!!!
    I do kind of the same things in the morning,,,but don't do any lipgloss or such!

    Great post :-)

  • Anonymous

    I love this! Your eyeliner technique is the freaking bomb.. need to try this immediately. Also, NEED the tom ford shade and illuminate, and they don't sell tom ford in Canada yet. WHY?!

  • Sofia Valanci

    you make it seem so easy! loved the simplicity, looks elegant... kisses

  • StephT

    I have that liner. I love it, but it smears around and disappears during the day. Any tips on keeping it in place? Do you have a good eye primer?

  • Kate

    Amazing!!! You are truly fabulous lady! the Beauty Is Life fan brush looks fantastic, I'd love to know what other brushes you are must haves...

  • Marie Reeb

    i'm discovering your blog... I just love this video :-)

  • Astor818

    Do you set your foundation with powder?

  • Sandra Sallin

    Love the video and posting of the products. So many products to try so much money to spend. What was the liquid you used to highlight your cheekbones?

    I believe you featured your makeup holder in an earlier blog and mentioned that you purchased it at The Container Store. They should rename it the "Into the Gloss" makeup holder.

  • Simone

    Amazing video. Love it!

  • Donnarino

    What product from Oribe did you spray in your hair toward the end?

  • Madison

    OooooOO! I must try some of these products. You have great skin.


  • Rola

    I really like to try the fan brush. I love the Burberry foundation, but never thought to get a darker shade for contouring. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cherryred

    Beautiful shoes!!!!

  • Tia

    Hi! I can not watch your video, ther isn't any play button. How can I wacth it? Thanks, your blog is an addiction

  • Guest

    Dear Emily, I'd love to know about your hair-routine, as we haven't really heard about it - how often do you wash and with what, and how and with what do you style etc etc.
    Also I'd love to know about Emanuelle Alt's makeup, and also the topshelf of the creator of McBride Beauty, Wini, who at 48 looks divine for her age.

  • Mrs Singh

    Emily, amazing video! Thank you for sharing. Your skin is glorious. I love how you ended up looking so fresh! And - I am wearing Alexander Wang shoes too! :P

  • Babebaloo

    stunning! hope to see more videos from you!

  • Ana

    i think you should do videos with the models you have over for your make-up sessions!

  • Bonnydoon

    Delightful video! It's quite wonderful to watch other women put make-up on, especially women with style. ITG is a guilty pleasure for this budget-minded professor. :)

  • katharina Köpke

    Hi Emily!
    I love this video and have watched it numerous times since you posted it. Would you allow me to post it on my little blog?

  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Gorgeous video! Hope you do more of these, they may have just usurped Top Shelf as my favorites!

    (though now I have even MORE products on my dying to try list. It's getting far too long....)

  • cherise binary

    Glam, gorgeous, looks fresh & is minimal & fussy free....Bonus. Just how i like it!


    Love your blog!!

  • Erika block

    this was beautifully shot, and informative, thank you!

  • Luisa

    love love love love love

  • Maria

    the black eyeliner looks a little too severe for you.. that said, what gorgeous skin.

  • jane

    Emily you are so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your morning routine, it was nice to see some of your tried and true products in action. I'd love to see more videos in the future!

  • chickyork

    Really beautifull video!


  • EGB

    Oh my goodness if I looked like that without any makeup I wouldn't bother! Lovely video.

  • Akarvelsson

    What is that awesome brush you are using with bronzer in the first few frames ?

    • Katie

      Beauty of Life Fan Brush

  • Jess_drm


    I love the video, but i have a question:

    - Do you apply Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation all over your face???
    - How and where do you apply Luminous Fluid Sheer Burberry???

  • Celine

    I love this video- the products are important to a regimen, but it's also the technique.

    I have always been terribe at smudging eyeliner. You do it very messy, yet it looks ultra chic.
    Any tips on applying khol eyeliner?

    I would appreciate it!

  • emily

    hi emily - i use the exact same lancome liner but it ends up in the crease of my eyelids in two seconds - wondering if you have the same issue or if you use an eye primer? Thanks!!

  • Trishelle

    Love your choices. Thanks for sharing!

  • Danniel Nicole

    This video was awesome! I really appreciate all the different techniques you used to apply your make-up, there were some in there that I would have never thought to do. Definitely will experiment with this :)

  • cara

    lovely! i'm wondering where that set of drawers you have your makeup in is from? it looks like a brilliant way to keep everything together and organized.

    Thanks Emily!


  • BlogTaMere

    very interesting portrait in ELLE french edition
    I will become a fan for sure...

  • Kiki

    I love the idea of the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate but it's way out of my price range. Any recommendations for something similar that won't break the bank?