Love Affair: Barneys New York

Emily Weiss

Ah, Valentine’s Day. You creep up on us and take over the whole first half of the month. I don’t so much love the day as much as I do all the stuff that goes with it—flowers (I like mine from Miho Kosuda), fancy chocolates (Jean-Paul Hévin, please), notes (homemade gets me every time), and, as my dad might say, “smell goods”. But we all know there’s more to V-Day beauty-related treats than perfume alone, so I teamed up with Barneys and spent a morning scouring their counters for new and noteworthy goodies. Some are more in keeping with the theme than others (a gorgeous red candle from Frédéric Malle); some I just couldn’t resist taking home because they are awesome (Sunday Riley’s dreamy mousse-like primer). Perhaps my favorite item from the lot—and it’s so February 14th—is By Terry’s Masque Nutri-Rose. I’ve been getting reacquainted with By Terry since meeting the founder, Terry de Gunzburg, in December. She’s French, she’s wise, she invented Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Éclat. So…yeah. She also told me to use blue mascara to bring out the sparkle in my brown eyes, and I kid you not, that tube of Terrybleu is my new best friend. Her Baume de Rose was something I splurged on years ago—think of it like really, really decadent Aquaphor meets Eight Hour Cream, for your lips, cuticles, wherever. And if you’re a rose kind of gal, you’ll die and go to heaven over the scent. The nourishing mask is one of those leave-on-for-as-long-as-you-want types (though the bottle says 5-10 minutes) and I like to use a thick layer as an overnight moisture treatment…or, as I’ll likely be doing on a certain upcoming evening, putting it on and lounging around while eating handmade truffles, admiring my bouquet of peonies and reading love letters at home, because, really, who is getting a reservation anywhere this late in the game.

Click here to view my full picks. Piped pajama top by Olatz, leather pants by The Row, 'Farah' shoes by Tabitha Simmons.

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  • Serdane-elie

    Oh that is so nice for being perfect for this day ! Hope my bf will like it ...

  • Fan girl

    Gorgeous post! Where are your leather pants from?

  • Kathryn Cullen

    Looooove the touch eclat! And that is such a cute picture- you can never go wrong with a white button down and black jeans :)

    XX Kathryn

  • Cari

    YOUR SHIRT! Where is it from?!

    And Barneys love affair is a year round affair for me. Just got some new Koh Gen Doh in the PK line (thanks for suggesting!)

  • Lena

    Amazin shoot and picks! Can you please tell us about your makeup for the shoot? It's gorgeous.

  • Rachel Phipps

    I feel this way about Selfridges in London - I could live there!

  • Scheer

    I just love Barneys New York. It's like being in another world. Another plus: I worked with the store's EVP in Boston many years ago. A lifetime ago, it seems.

  • Rachel

    Emily, as an aspiring writer and beauty blogger, I am so inspired by all of your posts. there are no words for how much your stories and articles continue to motivate and enlighten me. truly nothing excites me more than awaking to something new from you! I intern at a blog where I write many beauty articles and I GUSHED about you and ITG in a post I did yesterday on micellar water, which I learned about here and which changed my life. I adore your work and I hope you never stop doing what you're doing. xxxxx

  • ysl226


  • anne

    I love your ring in the photos. Can you tell us who makes it? Thank you!!

  • PvdH

    Living in London now Barneys is something that I definitely miss (and so many of the american cosmetics).

    Also can you believe there is no Cle du Peau here?! (Concealer alert!)

    I like the idea of blue mascara, will give it a shot thanks!


  • ANfash

    Omg, look at all those lovely make up on the back!

  • The Clean Beauty Blog

    I love the NARS Velvet Gloss Pencils - Happy Days is another gorgeous colour! Beautiful post as always x

  • Casey Adams
  • Crisanta German

    Emily, Who is your PJ Blouse by? I'm totally obsessed, been googling it all day to try to find it. Totally gorg! Love your leather pants too!

    • Cari

      Me too! It is gorgeous with the contrast piping

  • Honey & Silk | Stephanie

    Beautifully extravagant post! I'm dying to get the By Terry products now, I'm a sucker for rose. So wonderful you get to play with all of Barney's cosmetics!!

    xo Stephanie
    honey & silk blog
    follow on twitter

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Love the blouse. My birthday is Valentine's Day, going out that night is for amateurs.

  • Anonymous

    Guys I updated the post with the clothing and accessories credits! Get shopping xE

  • Material fixations

    I find thqt rose scents sort of get on my nerves efter a while, but hey, maybe this one isn't too flowery. Love this post though.

  • Heather

    that's funny, my mom calls all my beauty products "smell goods" too.

  • jenn

    what's better then playing at barneys? nada

  • dana antoria tenant

    beautiful! is your blouse rachel roy? great post as always!

  • Erin Smith

    You are wearing a fabulous ring in some of these pictures...what/who is it?

  • Rola

    Fab picks. I am especially excited about the Sunday Riley products. Thanks.

  • Susy

    I have to compliment you on your blog. I never read a page in a magazine about beauty and I maybe read two-three other blogs. But you got me hooked. Your blog is really unique, I'm such a fan, it is beautiful, the layout, the pictures and your joyful writing. I wish you all the best in the industry, constant hard workers will get their reward and your career definitely haven't peaked. Loved your look in this post, will you do a post about the makeup you are wearing?

  • Tlrussell

    Agreed I vie touché aclat! Just did a post about it on my blog

  • Jolie Jouel

    Great pics! I just popped over to the site and you made every item seem lust worth.
    Visit my jewelry blog!

  • Lipnstick

    dytique candles,,nothing like it.

  • Amy

    I love stopping by Barneys on my way home from the office. Sometimes, a girl just needs some inspiration, right?

    This is a wonderful post, by the way. Valentine's Day often feels too forced, and for my boyfriend and I, we're waiting until the end of the the week to celebrate (when there's reservations EVERYWHERE in Los Angeles). Meanwhile, maybe I can stop by and get some new makeup before date night ...