Alexander Wang Fall 2012


Diane Kendal (MAC): This season he [Alexander] took a quite serious approach, there are tweeds, a lot of lamination, shrink-wrapping—so he wanted the girls to look quite strong and bit warrior-like. This is a very sculpted makeup look, very androgynous—we’re doing sculpted eyebrows, filling them in very straight. Then we’re using new sculpting cream colors from MAC to contour the cheekbones, creases of the eyelids, and sides of the nose, and then a highlighter for the tops of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, and under the eyebrows. Just lip balm on the lips, and a dusting of powder all over, and basically that’s it.

Guido (Redken): The hair today is effortless, which is always very cool. We’re doing a very simple center part, a clean part, with the hair smoothed down and tucked behind the ears. We’re using Satinwear to blow-dry the hair straight, and then we’re wetting the ends to let those dry naturally. It’s very modern-looking, minimal hair—there’s no reference to any particular person or era. It’s very simple, but simple is what girls want to wear…it’s having the right texture and that clean center part that really gives it a look; you can have a great effect without a lot of processes or products.

Ed note: No, that is not Daria Werbowy in the pictures (though her cohorts Gisele and Carmen Kass walked in the show), it's Kati Nescher, the German newcomer who killed it in Europe last season and is taking New York Fashion Week by storm. Keep your eyes peeled for this one...she is a star in the making.

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  • {the sparkle}

    love love love seeing the backstage makeup process at these shows, thanks! x

  • Helena

    wonderful brows. any tips on what they were filled with? I'd like to get that flat, soft look with my very dark brows.

    • {the sparkle}

      i would guess with a loose powder and a slanted brush.

      • Helena

        yep! just hoping for the name of the powder.... I have similar colouring :)

  • Lipnstick

    I love the eyes and the lips,,,and most of all the eyebrows!
    It would never work on me,, but she looks so tough in this picture.
    Great cheeks....Nice.

  • ANfash
  • monkeyshines

    beautiful captures!


  • Messamet serdane

    The show was amazing and the make up was very suitable with the collection.

  • Iris_Verschoor

    Very pretty make up

  • Kinga

    she looks a bit polish, maybe that's why she reminds of Daria Werbowy

    • Gretchen

      Thought the same... but she is born in Russia.

  • marisa

    what brushes does he use for the brows? is there any brow gel/wax involved? brows are sort of my problem area

  • Kathryn Cullen

    Loooove her minimalist look :)

    XX Kathryn

  • Madison

    Her makeup looks fab! I love the natural-beauty look.

  • The Procrastinator

    Alexander Wang is my weakness. I love this look, it's like an all-cream version of what I wear every day.

  • Charu S

    Does anyone know what the name of those hair clips is? I would love a clip that doesn't dent my hair while I'm allowing it to air dry just like that one the stylist has used! Thanks!

  • Maria

    she doesn't look anything like daria

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    love the minmal-ness of it.

  • Mediamoiselle

    Wauw! The makeup looks great. It's a bit to androgynous to work for me, but with the Alexander Wang clothing line, I think it's a great match

  • Michelle Lee
  • Phil

    Great backstage pics. I always wondered how things go behind the scenes. Thanks!