Aurélie Bidermann, Jewelry Designer


“I’m French, from Paris. I have a guru, a skincare person—her name is Joëlle Ciocco. I’ve known Joëlle since I was fifteen years old, even before she was where she is right now. I always follow her rules, and she is very difficult. Sometimes I’m kind of like, ‘Okay, I’m not following anymore, I do my own stuff.’ So I buy other cream, and then I always go back to Joëlle’s stuff. To me, the most important thing is having a good cream. I’m not a girl putting a lot of makeup, I like to be kind of natural—so if I put some blush on my cheek, it’s just a touch. Sometimes when I’m running out from my daily cream, and I don’t have time to go to Joëlle to buy a new one, I go to the pharmacy because I love the pharmacy. I can stay forever in a drugstore—I can buy everything, it’s terrible when I go there. It’s a little addicting—pharmacies and drugstores. I have the same thing with Duane Reade in New York, or Zitomer, you know like, all of them—I’m obsessed with lip balm. There are so many of them, like from Carmex, and all the ones with a little color.

My beauty routine, ah, you’re going to be crazy. Are you ready to hear all of it? I’m using Joëlle’s Lotion Aromatique with my cotton, and I also put on Oxyclear Eclat Nuit-Jour. Then I put on the Intensive Eye Care, or Lineless Eye Cream by Dr. Brandt—I’m getting older, and the eyes are important. I think it’s my time—I need to, now. [Laughs] Being honest with you, I have it by Joëlle, but I think it’s not moisturizing enough and the Dr. Brandt is more comfortable. I like Joëlle’s products because she doesn’t use any conservatives—how you call that—parabens—and she really respects the PH of your skin. But in case I want change and need more, I go to my pharmacy counter, and I go crazy and say I want to try a new cream. I always find something, which is a problem. [Laughs] The Biotherm Aquasource gel is really nice, and Clinique Moisture Surge. I wear Bonpoint’s baby perfume—I put the one without alcohol on my body and the one with alcohol on my clothes. Sometimes I like to change it with Acqua di Parma, because I love very fresh, fresh perfume.

This is my ultimate, amazing stuff. When I’m putting eyelash, because at night I’m putting eyelash—mascara—this is the only thing that takes it off: La Roche-Posay Respectissime. You don’t have to do three times—once, it’s over. NARS The Multiple, that’s my love. South Beach for when I’m tan, and the pink one when I’m like, super white. What I love to use, is Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat. To me, this is the one I’m using all the time—if I have to choose one thing, it will be this one. Then at night, if I go out, I’m using By Terry Ombré Blackstar in Black Pearl on my eyes; I put it on with my finger. It’s smoky, but it’s light…if it’s not very smoky, I just use more. It’s just sparkling gray. And my mascara is Hypnôse Doll Lashes by Lancôme. Clear Eyes is a savior to me, because I’m allergic to everything. Also I have another thing I love—this is a new trick: I put this light pink underneath, that makes my eyes more wide. It’s Yves Saint Laurent in #12. If you put the white one, it looks fake. If you put this one, it looks completely natural. My goddaughter showed me this trick, she’s very into makeup.

I go to Christoph Robin to get highlights. Over the summer I did this stuff, the keratin treatment…I think it’s super when you first get it, and at the end it’s kind of a mess. The Carita Fluide de Beauté is for my hair. This could be for your face, for your body, but I use it for my hair, and when I don’t have time to wash. And I’m using René Furterer Dry Shampoo—this is one of the French tricks, the dry shampoo. Here, when you don’t have time to wash, and you want to add one extra day, we all do that. I prefer this one to the Klorane one. And this is amazing, that you can’t find anywhere instead of New York: Agadir Argan Oil Moisturizing Conditioner. This is the best. John Frieda in the meatpacking district, he sells those, but you can’t even know because you have to ask him if they have Agadir, and they say no at first, and then you have to insist. You know what is so amazing about it? It’s sulfate-free, because me, I have naturally very curly hair, and this makes it more relaxed, and smells good. When I’m running out of those products—I’m never running out, I’m freaking out, and I buy another one.”

—as told to ITG

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  • Lili Barbery-Coulon

    OMG she keeps her NARS make up in their cardboard boxes. She's worst than me. Pure Hysteria. I love it. xoxo

    • claire

      wow!! I thought I was the only it took me months to through it the way Mrs. Barbery-Coulon I really loved your interview as well!

  • isa

    Great article!

    The cute cosmetics bag is from Felix Rey NY - I believe. Maybe you could tag that.
    - Isabell

  • lauren

    The French women always have the best advice. I miss living Paris. I'm going back in two weeks and heading straight to the pharmacy.

  • Scheer

    Joelle's products aren't widely available in the US are they? I think...just NYC? I am sooo curious. Great interview, as usual. I heart ITG.

  • Christine

    i love when french women are featured on ITG. their routine always seems so minimalistic and simple, it makes me wanna throw away all the useless products i buy on impulse!! in any case it definitely encourages me to clean up more often and to only keep the products i really need and like.


    Jöelle Ciocco truely is a skin-go-to indeed. Am so getting the French vibe on pure face and dry-shampooed locks. Thank you for this insight. Which camera are you using? Flash involved? Is Aurélie Topshelf in Paris?Merci for the answers. Sunnylicious Greets from Vienna Marie-Thérèse

  • monkeyshines

    brilliant post!


  • Nina Rosenthal

    Another swoon-worthy Top Shelf! These French women are so chic, so cool....I would love to know which Nars Multiple ("the pink one") Aurelie uses when she is not tan. A facial with Joelle Ciocco is on my bucket list...

    • Moïra G

      Then good luck to get an appointment with her, because Joëlle Ciocco only cares for the happy few in Paris.
      As a French woman, I'm sincerely fed up with all that hype around that woman. I seriously think the only reason her products work is because she teaches to women how to properly care about their skin.
      Lot of us think we do, when in fact we don't know how to do.
      I try to care the best I can, but still have lot to learn before I can say I know my skin.

      • Cari

        any thing that she advises specifically? i also think the fact that women seeing her have $$$ and so they are more likely to have great products and be able to do other procedures for the skin (lasers, dermabrasion, etc)

  • SummerPine

    An incredible cliche but french women do have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' !Love to know more about their beauty regimes and go to products through your blog. Such a treat :)
    thank you!

  • Cari

    I was thinking the exact opposite! ITG shows us that French women only SEEM naturally and effortlessly beautiful. In reality they have so many products, routines, etc. I think every French woman on her has mentioned having a facialist, colorists, etc. Most of the American women I know do not see facialists (at least not as a regular thing) and hair coloring is only the blondes and those that are older.

    With that said - what a routine she has! So many products. Some of the products seem amazing - like the Joelle ones, But then a lot of them have some other scary ingredients. The Carita Fluide de Beauté has multiple parabens! (I wonder if she knows that...)

    • Gigi

      That's probably because all of the women being interviewed are wealthy enough to get facials all the time.

    • Yessie Campos

      I agree with you Cari- It takes a lot to look that effortless. I live in LA and don't too many women who see a facialist religiously, esp in this recession. I'd still love to have a shopping spree in a Paris pharmacy.

  • Iuliana_tanasa22

    hmmm... they do sell the whole Agadir line on amazon...

  • emc

    I thought I was the only one that kept the makeup boxes!

  • Serdane-elie

    Simplicity is so refreshing sometimes, yep !

  • guest.

    i'm pretty sure the agadir argan oil line isn't as elusive as she made it out to be. i'm from california and they're stocked in all the CVS stores.

    • Elizabeth

      You're right--it's pretty widely available.

    • JennM

      Agreed, the Agadir Argan Oil is sold in a lot of mid-level salons here in NJ. I actually have a bottle that I used to replace my Moroccan Oil a few months ago. With that said, very interested in trying out the Dr. Brandt eye cream. Has anyone tried it yet?

      • Cari

        tried it an broke out in tiny rashes under my eye! the texture is very nice, but it is full of parabens!


        • Carly

          Is the Agadir Argan oil better than Morrocan oil do you think?

    • Thebeautyphilosopher

      Maybe hard to get in France? I've seen it in some hair product stores in Australia too.

  • Tania

    Another great top shelf! Always look forward to these!
    BTW, voted for you on bloglovin' today!
    Good luck! xx

  • kiki

    Aurelie is the most chic ever- her jewelry is my favorite! I love how clean her regimen is and I love the Felix Rey "je suic belle" cosmetic case- so fun!

  • 4jsc

    What does Aurelie do with the pink pencil that makes her eyes wider?

  • Thebeautyphilosopher

    I've loved pharmacies ever since I was a little girl and I am Australian! There is something extra captivating about a French pharmacy though ... all those lotions and potions. I love how most of the French women featured in ITG are quite faithful to French brands - both the bigger and little ones.

  • McKenna

    The Agadir Argan oil line ... or at least a few of its products ... is sold at CVS pharmacies (at least in California where I live in addition to NY ... I'd assume its in CVSs' across the country). It's not hard to find (and can be found online too).

    • Beatriz

      True: I recently came across Agadir products online and was tempted but my hair does not agree with any products that features the word "moisture."

  • Stephanie

    I LOVE Agadir hair serum. I've never even tried Moroccan Oil simply because I love the Agadir so much. My hair stylist sells it in her salon. It smells ridiculously good...I don't even know how to describe it. It's a little pricey, but it lasts forever.

  • Guest

    I was so sad when the article ended so soon! Ha. Love this, I could cry.

  • guest

    LOVE this post! emily, can you find out which pink multiple she uses?

  • Amrivas

    I can't say my skin is perfect, although it is very healthy at the moment - try the Babor Fluids - the 3D, New Skin and Oxygen - they will help lift, firm, smooth and give the skin a dose of collagen.
    I don't think a person can get everything their skin needs from one brand.......although the bottles are pretty.

  • Little Red Book

    I have to say that I'm quite fond of her makeup bag.

  • Beacab

    Women like to manage her beauty always, but need to use cosmetic items carefully. In this article which products described are good and branded, but I suggest before using you have to consult with reputed beauty parlor or pharmacist.

  • Guest

    Love this post!!! And LOVE Aurelie Bidermann's so beautiful, cool and chic jewelry!!!!!!

  • Beautyincrisis Ili

    Ahhh...french women!I love them..always unique,simple and stylish in their own way!

  • Dominika

    oh, Dr Brandt's Lineless eyecream! finally! hands down the best product for the eye area!

  • TiffanySquared

    I love cosmetic packaging, I always keep it!!
    Aurelie is gorgeous.

  • marine fleury

    Beautiful interview! I love all these products!She is really a beautiful woman!

  • FashionTerritory

    Wow. These photos are absolutely brilliant and your trip seems to be incredible. I am very jealous and I hope you keep these marvelous photos coming!


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