Marina Muñoz, Stylist


“I’m from Buenos Aires in Argentina. I would say I’m very ‘tomboy’. I used to be a model from when I was fifteen until I was eighteen or nineteen—my hair was straightened, my eyebrows were all waxed, and I had bangs—I looked very different. And then I stopped modelling, so I stopped straightening my hair and doing all that goofy stuff. Let my eyebrows grow out. I began assisting [fashion stylists], so I became very relaxed—I just put my hair in a braid and get to work. But then at night I put on mascara, and I always curl my eyelashes—with the Shu Uemura curler. I kind of adore this clear Maybelline Great Lash mascara for my eyebrows, then I use the dark brown for my lashes. I don’t use black, I use dark brown—for me, it’s more subtle. I have really long lashes so when I curl them they look really long anyway. So I do that, and I use Ruby Woo from MAC—everyone uses that. But I put NARS Dragon Girl underneath. I don’t wear it when I’m working, but afterwards I will put it on when all the photo assistants are packing up, so I feel pretty. [Laughs] I like it because it doesn’t kiss off—everyone I have ever heard talk about it says, ‘You can eat a burger!’ It works for me.

This is my latest purchase from Sephora—I rediscovered my lipstick from when I was like fourteen: Clinique Black Honey. It’s good; it’s just a little color. I use Caudalie Beauty Elixir a lot. I always have it in my prop kit. This I really love—Tarte Cheek Stain in Blushing Bride. Sometimes I put it on the lips too. I do the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, maybe once a week if I can remember. I was assisting Kate Young for a while and she told me I should get the Ren mask and also the Caudalie—she knows everything about beauty. I think that’s the best thing about working, you hear so many tips, from all the professionals, you pick up all the tricks of the trade. I studied makeup for maybe ten months in Buenos Aires, and in the end I wound up assisting someone at Elle Argentina, so I never did a proper makeup gig. But when I am on shoots, or my friends go to weddings I will help out. It's interesting when you’re working on somebody, you can maybe make the eyes a little smaller, or highlight the nose or whatever. I always thought—I draw well, I paint well, maybe I would make a good makeup artist. But in the end, I enjoy knowing it, but I think styling is a lot better for me.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is really good for hands, or on dry skin. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion works really well for me too. Aquaphor is good in the winter—you know when it is really cold and your lips crack? It’s good if you have a dry patch of skin. My mother swears by Eucerin and Cetaphil—I use it to wash my face and take off makeup. I use Roberts’ toner sometimes; it’s really cool. I got it from a store called Brook Farm in Williamsburg—it’s just rose water. I heard rose takes away the redness. I have Rosacea—it’s when the capillaries of your skin are too close to the surface, so you look like you are blushing all the time. You’re not really supposed to drink red wine or coffee, but I do. My mother has it too. I use Metrogel for it, which is what every dermatologist says to use. Another thing I love—my boyfriend’s mother is Chinese, and she uses vanilla and sunflower oil; she concocts this special mixture herself, that I use on my skin. It’s her secret ingredients and it’s all written in Chinese. It’s amazing! [Laughs] She’s very crafty. I love how it smells—it’s very subtle. I use it more in the wintertime. She is seventy-two and she looks like she is forty. I use Eucalyptus too—I put it in the fire it smells beautiful.

I use the Chloé fragrance; it’s a good summer one. I also really like a few from Hermès, I just used the little samples but I ran out. I get a lot of samples when I’m going to Sephora…when I’m buying Caudalie. This is my foundation—YSL Teint Radiance. I use very little foundation; just enough to cover the red. But if I’m going outside and I’m going to be getting red anyway, then I usually forego the foundation. I was told to get this one—when I’m on jobs I take notes of what people tell me. I was supposed to try Clé de Peau, the concealer in 030. I just worked with [makeup artist] Alice Lane, and she’s always like, ‘You need to do this!’ but in a very sweet way. She is awesome.

I use the Neti Pot in the winter, because I do get sinus pains, but I don’t put salt in it—I just use hot water. It works because the hot water goes inside your nose and flushes out your sinus cavities. I know for me it helps; my friend uses it every day and she swears she doesn’t get sick because of it. She is very adamant about the Neti Pot. So I used mine when I got a bad sinus infection, and it worked. My boyfriend, Sebastian [Kim, the photographer], is freaked out by it. Seb is so big on buying products—he is very particular. He has a thing with his hair, he gets his hair cut by his Russian barber—it’s been sixteen years. He is very particular, but it’s adorable. Every morning he will get up and put his gunk in his hair and combs it. It’s very elegant in a way. He is very clean and minimal, and I’m kind of goofy and all over the place, which is good. I have a straightener and I do it every now and then but honestly I’m so tired of doing it. I mean it has a little wave going on, but I just braid it. He uses the Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom; I use the Grooming Aid formula 133 as a conditioner and then as a styling agent to control the frizz, and because the ends are dry. I put little ribbons in my hair; I have a bunch of little ribbons I collect.

Another guy on a job said the reason my hair is so crazy is because I braid it and then I put it into a bun, so I’ve been trying not to put it in a bun. If it's feeling very dry I’ll stick Pantene Pro-V on it but otherwise I’ll use the Kiehl’s or Bumble and bumble. Sometimes I put olive oil in it, just a little bit, when I go to the beach because it gives a nice little oily glow to it. I get a trim every three or four months—I throw haircutting parties with my friend Chuck, who is Dennis Devoy’s assistant; he also cuts hair at Arrojo in SoHo. He comes over and we do pizzas or easy food to pick at. We choose a house and everyone comes over, boys and girls, for a few hours. We give him a lot of wine [laughs] and he does these funny, quick haircuts for forty dollars, but it’s great.”

—as told to ITG

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  • Scheer

    I love a European/non-American esthetic. Their thoughts on beauty are so natural-yet not so minimal. I'm curious about the Novella Colonia next to her bottle of Chloe (which I love, as well; it's taken my whole life to love a light rose). Thank you so much for these wonderful interviews. I love ITG. :>

  • Serdane-elie
  • Kathryn

    I love her natural approach!

    XX Kathryn

  • Yulia

    I have cuperose skin (which is also associated with rosacea) and I was puzzled that Miss Munoz uses Ren's peeling. It's quite harsh, especially if you have thin/sensitive skin. I really do love REN (their shampoos! creams!) but I know for sure their peelings are not for sensitive skin. In fact I am still in search for that perfect (enzyme) peeling for rosacea/cuperose prone skin..maybe someone have any good tips? Currently I'm using the infamous PevoniaBotanica's RS2 peeling but I really want to try sth else.

    • Candice

      Yulia, perhaps you could try Jan Marini Skin Zyme Mask. I cannot stress how gentle it is on the skin with amazing results!

      • Yulia

        Candice, thank you very much! I'll look into that mask

    • Lola

      Yulia, I have very fair, sensitive skin with a slight tendency towards rosacea and I use The Sacred Truth by Lush. It's got a fresh papaya base and on me it has a fantastic smoothing and brightening effect. I know it's not technically designed to be used on more sensitive skins - most enzyme peels aren't, but because it's 100% natural I've found that this one is ok for me (it tingles a bit on the most sensitive parts of my face while I'm using it and I'm occasionally a little flushed for an hour after rinsing but I didn't react to it in the way I have with other enzyme masks). On the plus side, it's totally fresh, natural and preservative free which I love, but it does mean it has to be refrigerated, has a relatively short shelf life and if you don't live near a Lush store can be a bit of a pain to get hold of. If you don't get on with The Sacred Truth, their Blueberry face mask, Catastrophe Cosmetic has a similar brightening effect on me and contains both blueberries and rose which are fantastic ingredients for rosacea and cuperose skin.

      As disclosure, I currently work for Lush but I've been using both these masks for years before I did and recommend them as a customer.

    • Dominika

      Sampar's Equalizing Foam Peel with essential oils maybe? Paraben-free, gentle, smells fantastic and makes the skin really bright, soft and fresh, I truly love this one.

    • Hunter

      Yulia, I have sensitive very red rosacea skin and I love the REN Glycolactic Peel! I know it says it's not for sensitive skin but I swear it's amazing. It actually takes down my redness, not to mention the other benefits of the peel. I know it sounds crazy, but I work for Sephora so I've tried it all and that one works great for my sensitive red skin :) Also Dr. Weil for Origins products work SO well for redness. There is a great mask, as well as other products, no peel though.

    • pretty things

      you should use Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel (day) and Treatment Oil (night) his products heal rosacea and exzema.

    • Meerabel

      Hi Yulia, have you tried Mario Badescu's Enzyme Cleansing Gel? It's natural, non-foaming and gentle enough for daily use, less aggressive than a peel but great for keeping skin smooth and clear. Clarisonic is also great, speak to a practitioner first but I believe they're suitable even for very sensitive skin. Hope you find something that works! xo

  • Cathy

    Is the rose water available in Canada?

  • Ila

    the sunflower oil and vanilla sounds really cool :)

  • mimi

    lucas' paw paw ointment is one of those "life changing" beauty products. ive been using it for 9 years now, its amazing. proud its local for me too :)

    i love her whole approach too. beautiful :)

  • James

    Now that is one fine looking lady from ITG so far.......

  • Thebeautyphilosopher

    I love how she describes herself as a tomboy yet happily speaks in great detail about all these products she uses - and those pictures of carefully stored products do not look 'tomboy' to me at all! But that is why I love it - I guess in many traditionally 'western' cultures a tomboy is one thing and a girly girl is another and never the twain shall meet. We tend to compartmentalise types in a very black and white way.

  • Kitchen afternoon

    Natural beauty really is the only programme, particularly as one ages - thank heavens for facials!

  • oh my dior

    love this article!!

  • RR

    As a physician, I have one comment on the neti pot. It is highly recommended to use saline rather than pure water - the concentration should be around physiologic levels of saline. Pure water can be irritating the sinus cavities. In addition, always use boiled or distilled water (sterile). There have been recent reports of (rare) cases of amoebic infection from people using contaminated tap water in their neti pots.

    Does anybody in the United States know a reliable place to order Lucas Pawpaw online?

    This was one of my favorite Top Shelf columns due to the systematic way she outlined her regimen. I hope her stylist doesn't get in trouble for throwing cutting parties away from the office!

  • Marcela Cristovao

    Love the post. I like that fact that she is pretty relaxed about her beauty routine. It suits her, she is obviously doing a great job.

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    Was thinking about buying Ruby Woo for a while, but this interview seals the deal.

  • 4jsc

    I really, really want to know about this vanilla and sunflower oil!!

    Oh to have hair cutting parties and get tips from people in the biz-I have career envy....

  • Silvia in venice

    so interesting, nice post, thank you!

  • Aluciagutierrez

    such a natural beauty & im such a sucker for the Chloe perfume too!!

    If you want to check out the best NYE party hairstyles seen on models, go to:

  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Loved this interview - I too am interested in which SMN perfume that is - I wear Fieno and Melograno, but always want to try more - their packaging is so beautiful! In response to Yulia - have you ever tried Yonka's gommages? They're incredibly gentle but really effective - I love the 305 and have to have at least 2 bottles on hand at all times!

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  • Prim & Polished

    She has a wild kind of beauty that turns her so genuine and special|

  • Anonymous

    YES! Thanks for featuring Marina, she is lovely and so nice (recently met her on the streets of Williamsburg). Love her casual yet refined beauty aesthetic.

  • Lou

    What an amazing post.... I love the first photo. So natural and I love the photos in the frames on the wall.

    Lou x

  • Kate

    I'm so curious about the Caudalie Mask that Kate Young suggested! Any ideas??

    • Lucy Palmer

      I think she was referring back to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir (which is fantastic!)

  • Chanaka De Silva

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