Margarita Abdoullaeva, Student

Margarita Abdoullaeva

It’s particularly difficult to look good outside in the winter, for the two seconds that we’re outside anyway. Everyone’s bundled in a hodgepodge of layers, and rushing—typical New Yorker “speed walking” dials up a notch to the point where it looks like we really really need to find a bathroom. There are far fewer stop-and-chats. But I couldn’t miss the girl in the white Mongolian lamb coat (and her equally cute boyfriend) waiting for a table outside Peel’s on the Bowery. And I learn that, of course, she’s French; a fashion student at Studio Berçot in Paris, spending a few months in New York to perfect her English… and shop for beauty products.

“I put on Janssen Cosmetics, it’s a German line, and there is a spa in Paris—you can only buy it in the spa. I use a cleansing gel, a lotion, and a cream. But my day cream is Christine Chin—I heard about it from Into The Gloss! When I came to New York I had a lot of spots, because of, I don’t know, the weather, and I went for a facial at Christine Chin and it was really good. I also put Camellia oil on my face, from a Japanese store near St. Mark’s Place in New York called Sunrise Mart. I read that it’s really good for acne and for when your skin is dry. If I put it on for one night, I see a difference—it regulates oil and the spots get smaller. I wear a little bit of powder foundation, Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals. I don’t wear mascara usually because I think it looks really intense—but when I do, I use Armani Eyes to Kill. My perfume is my boyfriend’s perfume, actually, Caroline Herrera for men. And my other perfume is men’s as well—Lalique Encre Noire pour Homme; it smells so good, it’s really has a very woodsy scent. But every time I wear it, people ask me about it.”

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  • Kathryn

    She sounds fabulous! I would love to try out that French line at the spa...

    XX Kathryn

  • Lena

    Great look and interview! Do you know which of the Christine Chin creams she uses?

    • Margarita

      It's a"calming moisture fluid" and a "herbal blemish gel" ...

      • Lena

        Thanks so much for replying Margarita!

  • Melanie

    Please, please, please get the name of the brand of Camelia Oil she uses - I am having that exact problem - Crealine and Embryolisse be damned, I cannot get my skin under control.

  • Joy Of Stranger Sensibilities

    I love how you just found her randomly on the street and asked for a simple interview. Haha I love it!

  • Emily

    she's lovely! x
    Moloko & Honey

  • Ila

    I wonder where you can buy Camellia oil? It sounds very interesting, but i'm from Australia and it's virtually impossible to find good products except for Aesop and pawpaw cream!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Lorien! I've just heard from Margarita-- the Camellia oil from Sunrise Mart is this one:

    "Otherwise you can find it on 77 Mott Street at Peoples Pharmacy."


    • Lorien Olsen

      Thanks for the reply. The ladies at Sunrise Mart didn't know of any other that the box I showed but I will go back in there. The box I showed is on Amazon though and it says it is good for hair and skin, it is 100% Camellia oil so perhaps it is still good to use.

  • Sadee Says

    Would love to try the products!

  • Chloe

    Love your blog! Hey i am a beginner photographer! Will you check out my blog and let me know if i am on my way pretty pretty please? ;)

  • yun