Hôtel Thoumieux


For some people, when it comes to hotels, a great bed is priority number one. For me, it’s all about the bathroom.

I was in Paris over the past few days for a little work and play and stayed at Thierry Costes’ lovely boutique hotel, Thoumieux (pronounced “Two-Mew”). The jewelbox, Art-Deco-meets-Old-Hollywood vibe had already seduced me even before I turned the key to chambre no.9 and laid eyes on the bathroom: marble everywhere, waterfall shower, literal yards of counter space, and...what? Is this happening? Giant bottles of Aesop products. Yeah, forget those tiny single serving hotel offerings—Thoumieux has it covered. Not that I didn’t bring my own…

In fact, there are typically a disproportionate number of beauty products to clothes or shoes in my trusty TravelPro carry-on. We’re talking three freezer bags of hair, makeup and skincare goodies. Trips are often my favorite time to try out different formulas and play with new colors…basically, play dress up. Here’s what I kept reaching for on this jaunt:

1. Tracie Martyn Amla Purifying Cleanser: brightening, clarifying foaming cleanser. Exfoliates with enzymes, so it’s smooth (not a scrub). Gentle enough for my sensitive skin and works great with my Clarisonic Mia.

2. Tom Ford Black Orchid and Lancôme L’Absolue Rouge #132 lipsticks: One’s a slightly Goth aubergine; the other, a classic red. Layer together and what have you got? The perfectly edgy, wintery pout.

3. By Terry Mascara Terrybly in #3 Terryblu: Recently prescribed to me by the founder herself—I reached for black, naturally, and she said ‘Mais non! Blue.’ Very glad that she did. It’s subtle and brings out the longed-for hazel in my brown eyes.

4. Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base: I’ve been using it since putting it on Julia, and I’m obsessed. It’s a highlighting fluid and has the best consistency—not too shimmery, thick, or artificial looking. I dab it on my cheekbones, nose, chin, Cupid’s Bow and inner corners of the eyes.

5. Diptyque Eau Mage: My go-to scent lately. A strong, bold blend of ambroxin, green mandarin, cashmeran and cumin created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin under the 34 Blvd Saint Germain umbrella. Perfect for winter.

Oh, and back to that hotel room—the bed wasn’t bad either.

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  • Jackie

    trips are def the perfect time to try out new looks! what a lovely hotel.


  • http://thesparkle.net/ erin

    stunning! i also love a great bathroom. i see some of my fave products in your post :)


  • Reiley

    What is that pink lip gloss in the picture? And the other beauty products not mentioned in the post?
    This was great, Emily! Once again :)
    xoxo Reiley

  • Mac_523

    Any girl's dream. And I agree- something about traveling gives me try-new-makeup urges.


  • Anonymous

    Full sized Aesop products in the bathroom? I'm impressed!

    Love the idea of layering lipsticks - need to do this more often myself.

  • Helena

    ooh! I am in Paris this weekend and was considering holing up in Thoumieux. tell me, can you take these marvellous ginormous bouteilles of Aesop away?

  • Mrsnics

    I couldn't agree more that a beautiful bathroom in a hotel is such a treat. I still remember the bathroom at the gorgeous Santa Maria in San Sebastian--it comforts me just thinking of it. And counter space--YES! So often when traveling one is precariously perching one's makeup bag on the side of the sink and packing and unpacking the toiletries because there is nowhere to put them. I gotta say though, i am always way to chicken to try out new stuff when traveling. I feel like it's enough just to contend with the different water quality and air quality to throw in new grooming items. I fear the wrecked skin and crazy hair when traveling-- i need to hang on to my tried and trues!

  • http://www.theblossomshed.blogspot.com The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Gorgeous bathroom! I never go out and sightsee when I stay in beautiful hotels, I'm too happy in the bath!

    The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

  • Stills

    It's so pretty!


  • http://cjvzheartsyou.blogspot.com/ Chloe

    I love this post, and the review on the products, but all I can concentrate on is how gorgeous your bathroom is!

  • http://thesparkle.net/ erin

    i adore a great bathroom, too. love seeing some of my fave beauty products in your post!


  • http://twitter.com/Citygirlinred anita rivas

    Thank you for the jpgs of the product, I was straining my eyes with the first picture until I saw the 3rd one.


  • Melissa

    Love this post! Please tell us what that pink gloss is!!

  • kaïa

    beautiful post - love this new narrative angle you've been recently exploring. definitely picking up a few bottles of Aesop soon!

  • Clemence

    Just the fact that you had to 'turn the key' to enter your room confirms the magical qualities of Hotel Thoumieux! It sounds like a calming juxtaposition of old-hollywood and modern minimalistic architecture. I'm especially impressed by the Aesop bottles; I could spot the brown-apothecary packaging from a mile away! Also, the Mia is the perfect size for travel. You seem to have a very parred-down-yet-sophisticated list of essentials which you bring along for travel, Emily. Many thanks for this beautiful post!

  • Anonymous

    I totally check out the hotel bathrooms before I even check the bed, because it is a place where you are most vulnerable, so it has to give me a right "vibe". I hate bathrooms that don't give enough counter space or terrible lighting.....


  • Janet

    I honestly, LOVE your blog, I wanna buy everything you use 8-)

  • http://thecleanbeautyblog.tumblr.com The Clean Beauty Blog

    *sigh* Looks beautiful!

  • Sarah

    That marble is gorgeous! Please let us know which other beauty products (pictured on the counter) you brought along!

  • http://themanylivesofline.blogspot.com/ The many lives of line




  • Gina

    When I saw "Tom Ford Black Orchid" my mind also went immediately to that very same Lisa Eldridge post. ITG and Lisa's are the only two blogs that I read religiously. Now I want to go stay at Thoumieux and get my hair done at David Mallett's beautiful salon. Thanks for the lovely dreams ITG!

  • Sofia

    By Terry's mascara is simply the best!

  • k.

    always love to hear about what makeup/skincare/hair you are using as you have the opportunity to try so many things. that and the topshelf is just my favorite. these are such a welcome break when working on my finals!

  • The Constant Traveller

    Stubled upon Aesop at the iconic Park Hyatt Tokyo four years ago and have loves it since!!


  • http://www.meonthings.com/ annie

    I always say, you know a hotel's caliber by its toiletries. Truth yall

  • carson.r

    I could not agree more. Beautiful hotel bathrooms are always such a treat.

  • daphnebrunelle

    Great hotel bathroom! The devil really is in the details... Primping in such beautiful surroundings is pure luxury. Great pics!