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“I’ve been living in New York since I was five; when we moved here we lived on the Upper West Side. I definitely think there is a difference in New Yorkers in terms of beauty. I mean, I definitely think even the way you dress shows whether you live downtown or uptown. I think beauty is difficult—you’re either a makeup makeup person, or you’re not. There are plenty of people who live uptown who are not into being too made up, but definitely there is a much more manicured sensibility. There’s a lot more hair-blown-out and that kind of thing…but then again there are plenty of my friends who live downtown who get their hair blown out. I think you either like getting your hair blown out, or you don’t. I hate it. I feel like I’m thirteen again, going to a bad Bar Mitzvah.

I’m always drawn to cute packaging, and fun, good products. I think being around certain friends who are more into beauty gets me excited about it, and I learn about different products, so I get more into taking care of myself. Before, I just didn’t have time, or it wasn’t a focus. But now all my friends are into it—beauty products and things, so I am more and more into beauty. It’s fun!

I met some of the people from Sephora at my first I Heart Ronson JC Penny launch in LA. They ended up doing the beauty for my main collection show for the last couple of seasons, and then we just started talking about a beauty line together. I was fully involved in the process, every step of the way. I decided on which products I wanted in the line by bringing in all my favorite things—the things I actually used, and my favorite packaging, and we went from there. They’re all really wearable colors, and I think it’s based kind of on my philosophy with designing clothing—it’s all about layering, and day-to-night. You can wear it soft during the day and then pump it up for nighttime. It’s about being on the go.

I really like the lip glosses—there’s six colors altogether. My favorite color is probably the Annabelle, and the Tessa because it’s sheer, and the Sophia is good. I haven’t done any lipsticks yet. I just think lip gloss is easier; lipstick you’re not always going to wear. It’s kind of more of a statement. Lip gloss is a touch of color without being too much. It’s just a nice base; every girl I think likes lip gloss. Well, not every girl I suppose. I don’t necessarily wear eye shadow every day—I might use it at nighttime to do more, but if anything during the day I wear a little Clé de Peau concealer and then this Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill mascara, which is really good. It’s got a big brush and you just put it on once or twice and you’re done. And it really does go on thick, but it doesn’t get too clumpy.

For skincare, I wash my face with Yves Rocher foaming cleanser, or Cetaphil. I use Clé de Peau eye treatment for under my eyes, and I use this before I go to bed, for your lashes: MD Lash. Another good eye thing is Euoko R-31 Eye contour brightening gel; it goes under concealer to stop it from getting flakey. The guy at Barneys told me about it. [Laughs] Especially in the winter, I love moisturizer, and Embryolisse is great. I’ve been using Rodin oil for a while, and 3Lab Hydra Day SPF 20. It’s kind of light so you don’t feel like it’s clogging your pores. I just went to Barneys with my sister and said I needed some kind of moisturizer with sunblock—I asked across the board, which was the best, and they said this was the one. This is another good thing I use, Lancer Repair AM PM Nourishment—he is an amazing dermatologist in LA—my friends go to him, but I just get the products. And By Terry Baume de Rose I feel like is the new Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream.

For my hair, I highlight it with Sophie Georgiou at [Sharon Dorram Color at] Sally Hershberger on 71st. And when I’m in L.A. I see Tracey Cunningham. It's been this color for a pretty long time; I was probably in my late teens. The texture is natural, but I put a bit of my beach spray in it—A Perfect Mess, which is named after my mom, Anne. There’s a moisturizer in it that protects it from the sun—a lot of products like this make your hair a little dry and brittle. I use Herbal Essences Color Me Happy to wash my hair; I don’t know why, I just love the conditioner. I try not to wash it every day…it depends. My friend just told me about dry shampoo but I’ve never really used it. I’m scared that if I use it, it’ll make me look like I have dandruff! [Laughs]”

—as told to ITG

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  • Marcela Cristovao

    Intersting post. I like the products that she uses and it is true you can tell great deal about a woman and where she comes from from the way she looks (beaut care wise).

  • Serdane

    Nice advices about taking care about oneself.

  • Stills

    Love her lip glosses!

  • The many lives of line

    She's soo, soo pretty! I'm defintely gonna take up some of her routines;)


  • Donnarino

    The lower half of her face reminds me of Britney Spears in this pic? Anyone else see it?

    • Renee | Beauty Fool

      Now that you mention it, I totally see it! She looks a bit like Britney overall, actually. The eyes as well...

  • Charlotte Delon

    the top shelf is always such a great read! thanks for posting. I love her simple routine and outlook on beauty.
    does anyone know where candle in the picture is from?

  • Chloe

    I loved this!

  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Lovely photos as always - and I need an spf cream that I can stand, so now I'm going to look into the 3Lab one, thanks!

    The Blossom Shed

  • anita rivas

    I love it, she's real!

  • Mac_523

    I expected her to be pretty low-key in terms of the beauty products she uses. I am interested to try her line!

  • Little Red Book

    She looks fabulous and uses great products that maintain her natural look.

  • Clemence

    I've heard many wonderful things about the Cle de Peau concealer. To those who have used this product, can you please divulge your opinions on this mysterious product? Is it has magical and people claim?

    • Capitalist Pancake

      I really like it, but I only use mine under the eye on the days when my usual touche eclat isn't enough (less than 5 hrs sleep). I find it's best blended with fingers to warm it up so it blends seamlessly. I wouldn't rec it for oily skin, but on dry, it's fantastic (I have oily skin but dry under the eyes so that's the only place it works for me - but I wouldn't use any other actual concealer under my eyes - as opposed to highlighting fluid like TE).

      • Clemence

        Thank you very much, Capitalist Pancake and Beatriz! I'm going to look for it the next time I go to Barneys.

  • Renee | Beauty Fool

    Her lip glosses look great! I never knew she had a beauty line. Loving the photos as usual, they are stunning.

  • Liz

    I love Charlotte's makeup line at Sephora! I haven't tried anything out yet but I will have to. I love her clean, natural look and I also really want to try the Rodin oil, it seems like everyone recommends it.

  • annie

    good one. Where were these photos taken, in her apartment? I love eyeing up the little details of anyone's home..

  • erin

    kinda need that rodin oil. all the natural beauties use it!

  • Alexis

    I like Charlotte - I'd have to say she's my favorite Ronson. I own one of her shadow palettes and I even reviewed it. I think she balances that cool NYC and LA girl look very well - effortless and can go to a beach party during the day straight to a cocktail party at night without missing a beat.

    I'm still trying to nail this look, myself!

  • daniel

    I like the strippy top. looks good against your face.

  • Guest

    great read! she is probably the lesser known of the Ronson clan but the prettiest


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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
Lash Allure MD
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By Terry Baume De Rose
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