Versace for H&M


Tom Pecheux: We’re doing very strong eyes—very kind of square. I’m using a basic black eye shadow from MAC, with very metallic silver on the eyelid, and on top of the metallic we will add lip gloss for shine. What is interesting is the contrast between the matte black shadow and the very metallic color. I mix loose silver powder with Homeoplasmine on the back of my hand first, but any grease will do—just a little bit, to fix it to the eyelid. This is a very strong look for photos but it’s very professional—the Estée Lauder Cyber Eyes shadows are the perfect answer for this look because it’s a compact, it’s easy. And I’m doing a black eye pencil on the inside of the eye, with lots of mascara. It’s very Versace. Skin is polished…you know, when you think of Versace, you think of glam, luxury, full on. No weakness.

Orlando Pita: The hair is very long, with a middle part, and we’re leaving it kind of jagged at the ends—not sharply cut. And then we’re tying black leather bandanas on everyone’s heads. There are a lot of extensions—we got here an hour and a half before the girls did to start prepping them. Hair this straight is just about a really good iron—I have the T3 one—and the really key thing is to guide the iron with a comb, so that you’re combing through each section of hair with the iron right behind it. That way there are no little flyaways, and the ends stay smooth.

Deborah Lippmann: The nails are slightly longer, with a soft edge—not quite almond shape, not quite rounded, but somewhere in between, and we’re using Dark Side of the Moon polish. So they’re very feminine but also kind of rocker chick with that dark aubergine color. We’re doing matchy-matchy nails and toes, which I love lately.

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  • mlle p

    Not into Versace at all, but I love this look with the models' own clothes shown here!

  • Marcela

    This is a really well done strong eye makeup.
    Really nice!

  • PhotoGirl

    Love this look.

  • k.

    this is lovely. would love to see a topshelf with alexa chung and/or leigh lezark

  • Helena

    the hair is so beautiful, I wish they'd left the bandanas out!

  • Beatriz

    Incredible look! I would love if Tom Pecheux, the makeup god, would teach me how to use metallic greys... I got quite a few but always make a mess when I try to apply! :-(

  • chic noir

    This look is cute. For everyday life it just needs to be toned down a bit. Could you get us the rundown on the Versace Spring 2012 show as well as the LV Springs 2012 show. Both shows had such drop dead gorgeous makeup. Givenchy's makeup was another show stopper.

  • jane

    hi ! I just saw you in La mode la mode la mode ! (french tv show)

  • Nadia

    Always love centre-part hair,fits anyone any age any face shape
    Thanks for the post!y

  • Ivana

    This is such a strong look - so daring (and definitely not for me! )
    Will you be doing backstage for Victoria's Secret too? Need to learn the make-up secrets going on there!

  • Toni

    I love this look!

  • Isabel

    The 80´s renewed, first picture reminds me a bit Guns´n´roses:) Uber Long straight hair is so Rock n Roll.

  • Katherine Pare

    I love your blog.

  • Lou

    What a great look, perfect for a night out with the girls.


  • elizabeth

    love the idea of a strong eye with a long and lean hair. Love the outcome :)