Roxane Mesquida, Actress


“I’m from a very small village in the South of France, on the border of Italy. What I do the most is drink green tea, every morning, and drink a lot of mineral water—not tap water—the best is Volvic. I don’t smoke; I don’t drink alcohol ever. I grew up with my mother saying if you want to stay beautiful for as long as possible don’t do any of that, and my mom is so beautiful—she is sixty-one and she looks like she is forty-five. I am into beauty, my mom is into beauty—she puts makeup on every day. Even if we were going to a grocery store, she would put makeup on. I can’t be in sneakers and have no makeup on, and go do something outside, it’s like if I was going naked! I feel more comfortable when I feel beautiful. The worst for me is when I have been on the plane…and my hair is all dirty and your makeup ruined, and I feel like shit, and I feel like I don’t look good enough to communicate with the world. Just like when friends call up and say they are coming over, I will get ready and put some makeup on. Putting on makeup is like having a shower for me. It’s a ritual. Every day. When I pack to catch a plane I always think, ‘do I have my passport, do I have my makeup?’ If I have those two things, I am fine. [Laughs]

So my routine—every day is pretty much exactly the same. I use a thermal water spray; every time I come to France, I get as much as I can and bring it all back. I use the pink [Bioderma] Créaline to wash my face. And the Bioderma spray is amazing. I also use Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I love the smell. I buy special cotton from the French pharmacies, because I get red skin really easily. My skin is so sensitive. I don’t rub my face too hard. At night I use Créaline with the cotton, and La Roche Posay Effaclar Micro-Exfoliant toner—I have to use it because I get so much makeup put on me working, it gets all the bacteria off me. I try to put as few products on my skin as possible, because I am obsessed with having as few skin problems as possible. But for every day I use the Yves Saint Laurent Anti-Cernes concealer because my skin is really transparent, you can see my veins. Right now, this is tan for me. [Laughs] I’m obsessed with suncream—I use either Bioderma or La Roche Posey, always. Because they sell it in pharmacies.

So I use the YSL concealer under my eyes, because if I don’t have good light, I think I look super blue. I will use that on any red spots too. I use the Clinique foundation, Perfectly Real in shade number one. I use black liquid eyeliner, and Diorshow mascara. Recently I tried the L’Oreal one and I love it—Telescopic—and I am very happy with it. I will put a little on the bottom too. I am also in love with blue nails at the moment. There is a very cool blue polish from OPI, Blue My Mind. And I use Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lively and Firey, I am obsessed—you can eat and drink and it doesn’t come off. My lips are usually dry, but they are never dry with this. I like matte lipstick, I don’t like shiny. I like Bourjois pink blush—I am against orange or brown; it looks too old. And you know for some reason, whenever I get my makeup done by a makeup artist, I am never happy. If you look at photos of me with my makeup done, I don’t look as good as when I do my own makeup. Maybe it’s because I know my face better than anyone. I feel like I always look tired, or too tan. More and more I have been trying to do it myself. I started so young, and doing movies I see them do my makeup every day. I worked with some amazing people, so I learned a lot. I remember I was really young and on the set of Fat Girl, and I was waiting with the makeup artist and we got along so well. She was the one who first told me about Créaline. The thing I hate is when makeup artists put on so much powder, every time you smile you look so old! [Laughs] I don’t use powder every day, or hardly ever. My mother teaches me that power makes you look old.”

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  • Marcela

    I love her post.
    I wonder how many people prefer to do their own makeup. I am like that about lots of things too, I have to do my own makeup, hair and paint my nails.
    I love her makeup. Her skin is flawless.

  • Ella Pretty Blog

    Love her in Gossip Girl - she is perfectly cast as a princess.

    Love her make-up and skincare philosophy - I'm going to look more in to La Roche Posay and Bioderma products (luckily they are both sold here in Canada). This interview has also inspired me to buy special cotton - I've seen the Shiseido ones here - I think they'd be more gentle on my eye area.

    Thanks for the interview!

    • Candace

      I highly recommend the Shiseido cotton pads!

  • jsc

    Wow, another French woman who doesn't "wash" her face. What does everyone think about the exclusive use of micellar water to cleanse? I'm tempted to try this regimen but wonder if I'm just adding chemicals to my skin. Conveniently, I'm going to the dermatologist today and will ask his opinion.

    • jk

      I've done it with evian spray and vichy calming and cleansing solution for a month and I had the most flawless skin ever.

      • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

        I think it's nice to do your morning cleanse with just a micellaire water, and then a cream cleanse at night - not as much water on your skin that way! Sort of a happy medium:)

        • Michelle

          I love the idea (and practice of) not washing your face with soap in the morning. My Canadian dermatologist (now here in Denver) told me to just splash with water -- much to my SHOCK-- but my skin's dryness improved like 90%. At night I use Cerave foaming cleanser (an LRP Toleriane Riche) and Tazorac (3x weekly). Anyway, just cool water can be lovely in the morning.

  • kitchen afternoon

    Wow, what a beauty, I love how she talks to you! Will now try to make green tea a habit.

  • Janel

    Thank you for featuring the "blue-skinned" among us! I can't express how valuable it is to have her concealer recommendation! Most cosmetics in America are yellow based and make my skin look like putty. Ick! I am not French, but learned long ago never to put soap or cleansers on my sensitive, transparent skin. It just doesn't work for me. I'll never be as virtuous as to completely shun smoking and alcohol, but giving up soap made a HUGE difference.

    This is the most valuable beauty site on the web, hands down.

  • elise

    Would it work to use a real makeup-removing wipe like Olay, and THEN use a cleansing water?
    I like the waters, but they don't remove all the makeup. I like their skin calming and hydrating benefits, and maybe they are like a toner after your cleanser?

    By the way she is gorgeous and I like her philosphies. Overall I love that women have such strong beliefs about their skin, it's very endearing.

    • The Procrastinator

      For me, if I do use Crealine only, I do it at least three times, or until the cotton pad comes out clean -- I really don't like make up wipes because they feel really rough all the time. Even a cotton pad with crealine or toner can hurt sometimes, so I apply my it like this ( and just dab it off with tissue or cotton.

      I love Roxane on Gossip Girl! She's so gorgeous, I'm really tempted to switch only to micellar cleansers.

    • Laura

      If you have sensitive skin like Roxane, I suggest you use the micellar water and then use a cleansing gel especially designed for sensitive skin. La Roche Posay, Avene, Bioderma etc make really good ones. That's what I do because I also feel l'eau micellaire isn't enough, especially if you use a lot of make-up.

  • Susan

    I wonder what thermal water from France she is referring to?

    • Themis

      Volvic is a drinking thermal water, like Evian, sold in supermarkets in France.

  • cat

    Is Bioderma available anywhere in NYC? Maybe a small pharmacy that might not be on Yelp.

    • Leili

      Yes! I found it at a very small place called Pasteur pharmacy on 63rd and Lexington!

      They have quite a few of the bioderma crealine products but none from the sebium line for oily skin which I like. They definitely absolutely jack up the price on the water, though. I got two of the 500 ml bottles in Paris a few months ago for 20 Euro (together)--this place sells it for $30 for a medium bottle I believe.

      They also have la Roche posay and quite a few other hard to find brands like shu uemura hair products and the like. It's one of those small cramped, products crammed into the shelves places but it's really just a treasure trove for us beauty junkies!

      Hope that helps!

      • Cat

        I can't wait to go! Thank you very much. :)

      • Capitalist Pancake

        Yep, go to any Monoprix in France and there's usually a double-package offer of x2 500ml bottles for less than 20 Euros. I stock up whenever I go. I've got very sensitive skin, and usually do a face wash in the bath with Liz Earle or Ren cream cleaser and a muslin cloth and hot water, but last thing at night I do a clean with Bioderma and I also do 'refresh' wipes with Bioderm on a cotton pad during the day if I am at home and not wearing makeup.

  • Jane S.

    I use the Bioderma Crealine to remove my eye makeup ( just put some on a cotton disc and hold it there for a few second, it all comes off) but then I wash with a gentle cleanser like Avene or Pure to get everything else off--I put it on my Clairisonic. I wouldn't just use the Crealine on its own.

    Her skin is so milky and absolutely poreless.

  • Sinead

    She's lovely! What an absolutely beautiful face.

    I wonder if the water she's referring to is Eau Thermale Avène?

  • Iggy

    Gorgeous! What eyeshadow and lipstick do we have going on here?

  • Joy

    She's gorgeous. Great Q&A.

  • Julie Fischer

    Her blue nails make such a striking contrast to her complexion! And I completely cosign her love of Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint - it's simple, rich color that stays put all day. Thank you for the interview!

  • Angelique

    A bit full of ourselves, non? Not a fan of the arrogance she so vehemently flaunts.

  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Love the eye makeup in this - so beautiful!

  • elise

    Ohh, great idea Blossom Shed. I can be a minimalist in the mornings when there's no makeup to remove. Not sure why I couldn't think of that on my own- hee hee

  • aimee

    oh my gosh! I just googled her...and she's 30 years old. She looks 19. I'm thinking I better load up on green tea & sunscreen because she is definitely doing something right.

    • Alix

      Whoa! I assumed she was a teenager!

  • Kerrie

    wow, she is beautiful, good tips too!

  • RR

    Definitely has youth in her favor...probably the first French actress I've read about who doesn't smoke. Blue nail polish she's wearing is terrific. Somehow, I didn't find this post as compelling as others did. I like European pharmacies a lot, but I just couldn't relate to her routine. Something about the contrast between lots of water/natural skincare and piling on lots of makeup.

  • Charlotte

    Wow, she's 30? I thought she was early 20's. Her skin is amazing, but then again I suppose being from the south of France, never smoking or drinking plus genetics has something to do with it. Oh to be so lucky.

  • R

    I like Roxane well enough, but she has to realize that drinking mineral water is an incredible luxury for some of us. Besides, hasn't it been proven scientifically that tap water is often cleaner than the so-called mineral bottled water sold in stores?

    Ultimately, I think keeping hydrated through potable water is key to maintaining your skin's health.

    • Fiona

      Drinking mineral water is pretty standard in Europe, and it's cheap. I don't think that in talking about her own routine she is pressuring anyone to exactly follow her? Lots of cosmetics are cheaper in the US than elsewhere, so you get to save money on that :)

    • Capitalist Pancake

      It's pretty normal practice to drink bottled water over there from what I see whenever I am there. They have a million different brands of mineral type water - Evian, Danone, Volvic, Vittel - those are just the big brands, and the store's own brands are super cheap.

    • Marlena

      R, it's not about how clean it is but the minerals it contains. In Europe, people rarely drink 'drinking water.' Mineral water is the equivalent of the Poland Spring in the States.

  • jLA

    I just want to see her mother :~j

    • combas

      je confirme elle est belle

  • Laura

    I like cleansing waters too. I use one from absolution day and night and my skin has never looked better. Her emphasis on hydration and antioxidants (green tee) is commendable. But to never drink alcohol because of one's skin...?! A relaxed attitude contributes to beauty.

    • TheBeautyPhilosopher

      I love them too. The Bioderma is great and I also love the Caudalie and Avene ones.

  • chic noir

    Loved this. She's not arogant, just confident.

    Leili, I will be making my way down to Pastuer Pharmacy, thanks.

  • jsc

    @Cat--not sure what part of town you're in but there are a couple of pharmacies on the ues that carry bioderma crealine. Carnegie Hill Pharmacy on 93rd & madison is one--they even have tiny travel size. Also mustela (same company but the baby line) has one too and it's more readily available and less expensive.

  • Chelsea

    Great interview, her beauty style sounds very similar to my own! Now I must go try that Tarte lipsurgence, and I'm so glad she mentioned her nail polish, because I fell in love with the color.

  • Gemma

    She looks really youthful and beautiful, and I love her on Gossip Girl!
    But everyone above that is saying she has such gorgeous skin...she said in the interview that she always wears makeup, so I'm not looking at her face assuming that is her bare skin. My skin looks flawless when covered in makeup too!
    On another note, I have been using the Evian Brumisateur mineral water spray as a toner and occasional morning cleanser, and I love what it is doing for my skin...much calmer and clearer.

  • Fiona

    I really love these photos - that winter light is gorgeous.

  • kriss

    for me, real beauty also is about cravings, flaws and experience. there are just so many restrictions in her routine. nonetheless, she looks great! but whenever i catch myself in a moment where i am too strict about sth., lets say food for example, i try to think that its NOW that i am living, like, what are you saving for? its great not to smoke and drink and all that, but a little fun won`t hurt (or make you ugly). everything in moderation i guess...

    • Avery

      I think she probably doesn't drink or smoke for other reasons. It does irk me a bit when people imply that to not do these things is to not "have fun." It's not a restriction, its a personal choice. One can live life to the fullest without alcohol...

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    Oh my gosh she is so French in her product choices! Thermal water, Bioderma, Caudalie, YSL, La Roche Posay the 'French pharmacy' woman isn't a myth lol. Gorgeous article.

  • valerie

    aww love your words!!!!!!!!hahah indeed, ysl concealer is amazing!<3


  • Dain

    Oh wow. I loved Mesquida in Fat Girl. Thank you for this interview, Emily!

  • Ashley

    Is it just me or does she sound like the most annoying person on the planet??

    • LuckyD

      Sorry, it's just you ;)

    • Sinead

      SHE sounds delightful. You? Not so much.

  • Nada

    Mirror, mirror on the wall...nonetheless great interview.

  • Ivy

    Wow! She has the perfect skin!! And love her being so honest about applying makeup everyday (even she is already very beautiful!)

  • Eileen

    I love how she said she feels the most comfortable when she looks beautiful. So true; I never leave the house until I have my makeup on. It's a morning ritual for me and I love it because it makes me feel confident.

  • Denisa

    Her skin is really good. I love that she keeps quite a low maintenance and a healthy beauty regimen, at least from what I know. But I enjoy most the comments, it is so interesting to read about others perceptions on each post. :)

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Have to say, I am downright puzzled by how some people seem to take some of these featured girls' comments so personally. It's not as if they are being asked to dole out advice to us, they are just being asked about their own regimes. I don't see the arrogance in a person being raised to avoid alcohol/sun/smoking religiously for the sake of their skin, it's just that she was raised to find it super important. Some people like soap, some people like cleansers, some people like water. Nothing to smush your lipstick in anger over!

  • S

    Haha bottled water is just tap water. Not going to deny that she looks stunning, but if you can't bear to leave your house without makeup once in awhile, that is just really sad...

  • S

    *But I guess her honesty is appreciated.

  • KT

    How does one use water as a cleanser? I've recently read about lots of French women doing it, but I don't understand how it works.

    I share similar views on skin care. I don't drink, smoke or spend excessive time in the sun, and I don't find it that difficult or restrictive.

  • yv

    she is really gorgeous

  • Mia

    I have been 'washing' my face with only a micellaire cleanser (Klorane's with cornflower water) for the past few night, started out of laziness and I have noticed my skin is looking phenomenal! I normally have redness due to sensitivity and being rosacea prone and, at the moment there is barely a hint of unevenness in tone! I plan on strictly using a cleansing water for a the next little while and see how it goes... these gorgeous french women might be on to something :) Absolutely love your blog!

  • ximena schuman

    I love this. My mother raised me with the same type of ideas and while a lot of my friends don't understand it, I too feel the most comfortable when I feel beautiful. It is part of being a woman for me; priding myself in my appearance and the rituals that come with that.

  • Denisa

    Hi Emily, I would love to see Liv Tyler here. Her skins is really amazing!