Kate Young, Stylist

Kate Young photographed by Emily Weiss

“I think that I try to be as organic as possible. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I found out about a lot of the stuff that is in cosmetics and it kind of grossed me out. A lot of fragrances and parabens and hormone disrupters—they’re not great for growing babies in utero. But then, I feel like with everything in my life it’s 95% good intentions and then that other 5%...I bleach my hair! You know what I mean? [Laughs] It’s like, I eat organic all the time but if I’m in Coney Island I eat hot dogs. So I don’t want to say I’m totally holistic.

I used to have a lot of acne and really wasn’t happy with my skin. But it got better after my second kid, I think because I started eating much more mindfully—eating much more organic food and local food. But I also think that maybe hormonally I’m older and somehow that balanced out my body. I used to use all of Pat Wexler’s products for problem skin and they were amazing, but now I don’t really need to. I switched to all this organic stuff and it works just the same. My routine isn’t complicated—I just use Weleda Wild Rose Cleansing Lotion and then Rodin Olio Lusso, that’s it. I talked to Rose-Marie Swift—the makeup artist—and she recommended Weleda because it’s really pure. I also use this mask, Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask, which is the greatest thing ever. I bought it at Whole Foods one day. I have all their masks now, but I’m obsessed with that one. I think it changed my skin too, honestly. If I have a zit, I put this on it, from the health food store: the Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick. It’s amazing! It stings and smells horrible, but if you pick your face and then put that on, it doesn’t turn into zits! I’ve also used Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil for a really long time because it smells so good. I put that on after I shower, while my skin is wet because otherwise it’s hard to rub in. I do it even in the summer. I use California Baby on my kids. It’s natural and it smells really good. They have a Calendula body cream that soothes rashes, scrapes, cuts—everything. There is Jurlique Baby, which is amazing! But after a while I was like, ‘it’s organic, I should get this, but $40 for baby wash? No.’ At first you’re so excited but then you go through one bottle a month and you’re like, ‘I need the $40 wash, my kid doesn’t.’ [Laughs]

My friend Jeanine Lobell told me about the Clarisonic. It’s like, $120. This is part of my 95% holistic and 5% big guns! [Laughs] I use it about once a day. You put the cleanser on it; I actually take it in the shower usually. It has a timer on it—first you do your forehead, then it beeps, then you do your nose and chin, then you do one cheek and then it beeps, and then you do the other cheek. Your skin is really smooth afterwards. You know little clogged pores? Gone! ‘Cause it rattles them out! [Laughs] Jeanine told me not to use it so much, use it every other day. I feel like it’s a little bit like Retin-A or something, without being chemical. It’s stimulating collagen and all that stuff that those creams do because of the abrasion.

When I was a teenager I wore tons and tons of makeup—you know, revolting contour and stuff in the late 1980s early 1990s—like, a sunset eye shadow. But then I didn’t really wear makeup until recently. I had my makeup done for a photo shoot about a year ago, Christian McCulloch did it, and I made him write down everything he used, and then I went and bought it. And now, if I want to look nice, I use all that makeup. I feel like I look a little weird if I don’t have black eyeliner on. So that is the one thing, before I knew how to do makeup, I would put black eyeliner on the inside and wear sunscreen. Then I added things from the Christian McCulloch list: MAC Face and Body foundation with that little pink sponge, the Beauty Blender; MAC Lilicent cream blush. He told me to use this brush [MAC Duo Fibre Face Brush] to put on the cream blush. This is the eyelash curler—or as my son calls it, ‘mommy scissors’—and mascara that Jeanine told me to use. It’s Kevyn Aucoin. It’s amazing. I used to think it was all about cheap mascara, but that’s better, because it doesn’t come off—like, when you get it wet, it doesn’t come off as a black stain, it comes off in tubes. I wear mascara everyday. Not if I’m not doing anything, but if I’m going to go to work and see people that I have to look professional in front of, I wear all this makeup.

I know how to do a smoky eye—again because a makeup artist taught me. Brigitte Reiss-Anderson taught me how to do it in the Palm Springs airport. When I go out at night, a smoky eye is really fast for me. All I need is eyeliner. I color really really hard on the inner upper lashline so that it actually does the outside too—sometimes I do a little bit on the lid—and I make it into a nice shape. And I take a Q-tip to the corners. Or I do a red lip, because that’s even faster. I use different red lipsticks. I have one from Chanel, Rouge Coco Gabrielle, that’s a good one. And I use that one from MAC that Madonna used, Ruby Woo. I like Schiap by NARS, that’s pink. And there’s a NARS crayon that I like, Red Square. It comes with its own sharpener.

Before I went platinum, it was kind of streaky ‘uptown’ blonde and dyed black underneath. Then eight or nine years ago, I cut off all my hair with a friend when I was traveling for a shoot—we decided I would look really cute with really short hair—[the hairstylist] Ward, who I was working with at the time, gave me a Mohawk-bob, basically. It was like a bob, but when you lifted it up, it was all shaved. Because I have so much hair, he was like, ‘it will look thin and stringy and awesome!’ And I was like, ‘Ok.’ It looked cool when he did it, and then the next day I looked like somebody’s mom with a short highlighted blond bob. The grow out wasn’t cute—growing out shave, even to get it to your chin, is like, six months. I took Viviscal. At the time, I was still working at Vogue a lot, and Carmen Kass’ hair was falling out because she dyed her hair like six times in one year, so she took Viviscal and told me about it and it made my hair grow faster. Anyway the cut felt so wrong, so I dyed it white, and I’ve never gone back. It changes everything too: having white hair makes my super pale skin look tan, which I kind of like. It kind of makes me look better in pictures too, definitely. It’s like having back-lighting all the time. [Laughs]

I’ve been going to Orlo salon for a long time; I think I was, like, their third client. I get single process color every six weeks. They just put bleach on the roots, and I sit there for two hours. It takes forever. There’s no toner, there’s no anything. It hurts my scalp, for two hours. [Laughs] But I sit there and gossip with George, Orlando [Pita’s] boyfriend; he runs the place. He’s awesome. And Joey cuts it when they make fun of me for having it too long. I like it to look raggedy on the bottom, and he makes it so it just looks raggedy but isn’t actually. My husband likes it when I have bangs, so I cut bangs once a year. Orlando cut them last year when I had the baby because he was like, ‘You need to get your husband to like you again now that you’re not pregnant. I’ll cut them.’ Yeah, they all know that my husband likes the bangs—I don’t like them, but when I have them, he like, loves me. [laughs] It’s true! Everybody at Orlando’s salon knows about it, and all my friends! I always cut them after I have a baby because I feel like, this doesn’t look so hot [gestures toward body] so I better make this look hot [gestures toward face] for him. [Laughs]”

—as told to ITG

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  • Helena

    hilarious! I love her sense of humour, what a dude.

  • Helena

    ps nice to hear that Weleda is a clean brand..........I've been meaning to try it for a while, now I will!

  • Farah

    So good! Pregnant with my second and love hearing from another mommy. Making my Whole Foods list! So fun!

  • Liz

    She's great, and you would never guess that she had problematic skin when she was younger. She just glows and looks beautiful and healthy. Great profile!

  • Jenny

    This was the one I wanted to see. Love her.

  • http://www.jaimejohnsonphotography.com Jaime

    What Jar (perfume)does she wear? It's in the third photo from the top.

  • Aya

    First paragraph and I already love her:

    I feel like with everything in my life it’s 95% good intentions and then that other 5%…I bleach my hair! You know what I mean? [Laughs] It’s like, I eat organic all the time but if I’m in Coney Island I eat hot dogs. So I don’t want to say I’m totally holistic.

    I'm mostly very mindful too--but I don't want to make it a religion!

  • http://www.twitter.com/songandwhy Angela

    Interesting "the Top Shelf" interview, as always, and great info about Orlo salon! I particularly liked the lede shot of Kate in the kitchen--really nice composition, Emily!

  • sashi

    I like her view also. As for organics/natural products, yes I feel they should be used but in a relaxed way - not " manic/obsessive/I will perish if something else touches me" because that actually removes from the quality of life and calmness which a natural lifestyle should be giving you. What you use on your skin etc. is like what you eat, hein? So it's great to eat healthy but sure does make you happy to tear through some chips or Oreos, doesn't it?!!

  • http://afevereddictation.blogspot.com/ Julie Fischer

    "Because I have so much hair, he was like, ‘it will look thin and stringy and awesome!’ And I was like, ‘Ok.’ "

    I guffawed.

  • Alyssa

    Love her! Her hair is fantastic. I've been dying to try that REN mask and have been trying to hold out since I am mega broke.. this just made it so much worse!!!

  • A

    All these great reviews about the clarisonic, I really want one now. Unfortunately, they are ridiculously expensive here in Europe, so much cheaper in the US. I guess I will have to wait until December because then I'm going to New York. I was wondering is it really necessary to change the brushes every 3 months?

    Great blog, Emily, I love, love, love it!

    • http://www.disneyrollergirl.net Disneyrollergirl

      Oh are they cheaper in the States? I didn't know that. I want one too. And oh god, change the brushes? How much are they??? It's bad enough coughing up for the toothbrush?

  • mlle p

    Dang, I am jonesing for the white hair! I fear the $$$ at the salon though.

  • http://sarahmorabito.blogspot.com/ Sarah

    I didn't know it was possible but I adore her even more! I love that you captured her sense of humor, sweetness and honesty. She's one cool girl.

  • Fiona

    Argh. A lot of misinformation about skincare, here. To wit:

    - Yes, Dr Hauschka and Weleda are natural - and full of natural alcohol and natural photosensitising citric oils and natural irritating plant extracts, ie ingredients that are proven to cause free radical damage and collagen depletion.
    - 'Organic' in skincare is meaningless - lemon oil will cause damage to your skin, whether it was grown with pesticides or without.
    - Organic farming practices are unquestionably beneficial to the planet, but please don't confuse what is good for topsoil and groundwater with what is good for your skin. They truly are different.
    - ALL ingredients in skincare are 'chemicals', whether they are naturally-derived or synthetic. Water is a chemical.
    - A Clarisonic will clean your skin really well, but it cannot have any impact on collagen production, unlike retinoids.
    - Parabens are far less likely to have an estrogenic effect on the body than soy, coffee, licorice, etc - ie parabens are not evil, I don't know why that myth persists.

    OK. Rant over. My beef is not at Kate, who seems totally cool. I love her quick make-up routine, and her hair is gorgeous. Her story about getting her bangs for her husband is really cute.

    • Nina

      Good points, although parabens can be problematic for people with sensitive skin or skin that breaks out or clogs easily. It can be very beneficial to your skin to avoid parabens, or make sure they are way down on the ingredient list if you are always trying to get your skin to clear up.

      • http://www.rougebird.com Yulia

        I agree with your point about avoiding parabens if you have problematic skin. But it's the same story with oils - they can make your skin go crazy, they often clog pores etc.
        I've found that avoiding silicones gives me the best results. Skin and hair wise.

    • nada

      @ fiona: that all sounds it's straight like from paula's choice website! i'm not saying that you are wrong, but the jury is still out on parabens for example, so many people rather avoid it as well as other chemicals. it's a personal choice and i don't think there's a right or wrong. to say kate's misinformed is unfair.

      • Wendell

        Fiona, great comments; thorough without being "preachy" ; ) Basically anything made of matter is a chemical, whether it's a lavender flower in a field or synthetic lavender oil created in a lab so it's worth your time and effort to research the ingredients in your personal care products - natural and synthetic- and learn pros/cons so you can make the best choice for your skin's long term health.

        Lola, your comments also rocked!

        As for me, I use plain jojoba oil, shea butter, retinol at night and look for recyclable and minimal packaging and short ingredient lists. Most natural/organic oils and synthetic preservatives make me itch and aggravate my rosacea, so I stick to unscented products as much as humanly possible. That said, Welede's almond cleanser and Calendua Baby Shampoo/Body wash are excellent products for me.

        Kate seems cool, love her approach to life and beauty and love love love the hair.

    • Jenna

      Ditto. Everyone is so crazy about parabens but the amounts are so miniscule in products-not the big and scary beast everyone makes them out to be. Also, I've read more than a few times that women, especially, need to be aware of how some organic herbs and the like will affect your hormones. I am an esthetician and didn't study natural oils and herbs but I keep reading about things like Evening Primrose and how it affects hormones and levels. You might know what I mean-I don't think I'm articulating clearly. Ugh! It isn't easy being a girl.

      • Isabel

        I have been researching about lavender, for instance, and it is regarded as estrogenic and to avoided by women who suffered from breast cancer or have close family who did.

    • Vreckell

      Hi Fiona, I was wondering how lemon oil damages your skin? I just purchased an acure organically cleanser that lists it as a final ingredient and my Internet searches as to why it is damaging were fruitless.... Thanks for your insight!

  • http://virtuallystunning.blogspot.com David

    I've been dying to try a MAC foundation.... Looks good! :D

    Have a Good Day!



    • Isabel

      The Matchmaker one is quite good:)

  • noelle

    go Fiona! Also I want to point out that people can be MORE likely allergic/sensitive to "natural" products, since a manmade chemical can be fine tuned. Natural ingredients in fragrance for example are nice, but the perfumers must use so many different things to acheive the desired smell. With synthetic fragrance molecules, there is just one substance - therefore, less possibility of allergies! Science is cool huh?

  • Rach

    I just wanted to say Fiona absolutely and totally speaks the truth. Big ups, Fiona.

  • Erika

    Whenever I see a new top shelf, my heart does a little dance. Love this!

  • LuckyD

    This is SUCH a satisfying Top Shelf, thank you!!

  • Lola

    Fiona and Noelle, while I agree with you that there is a LOT of confusion between what constitutes a 'natural' ingredient and a 'chemical' one and that people can undoubtedly be allergic to natural ingredients, there are other considerations that people take into account when choosing their skincare and cosmetics.
    *Organic may not make a difference to the product on your skin but it has a huge effect on the planet - with millions spent on beauty products every year and the 'natural' end of the industry growing daily, every pesticide that is *not* used makes a difference.
    *Because chemical products can be controlled and fine-tuned, individually they may be less likely to cause allergies. but when multiple products are used and multiple ingredients build up in the body different and unpredictable effects can occur. Very very few cosmetics users are trained chemists and are not able to add up the effects of their entire beauty regimen.
    *The paraben/breast cancer scare has generally now been disproved and indeed parabens are naturally synthesised by natural products from blueberries to mangos to cucumbers. That being said, with so many products containing natural ingredients that will *self preserve* that product, I'd sooner choose a product that is either self preserved or unpreserved with a super short shelf life if that option is available to me.
    *Fiona, you are completely right, when a perfume contains one single blended synthetic substance there are fewer things for people to be allergic to, however having one single perfume ingredient in the QI means that, should someone be allergic to a perfume they have no way of knowing what particular component they are allergic to, nor do they have any way of knowing from a label if they are going to react if they have a previously known allergy. Also, with a single synthetic fragrance the perfume will develop identically on each wearers skin, with a multi-layered natural fragrance each wearers skin, their personal pheromone blend will finish the fragrance and make it unique. Our sense of smell and our reaction to the personal smell of others is so completely primal - we've used our noses to judge suitable mates since the dawn of time, how sad to lose that for the sake of possible allergens!

    I'm not saying I disagree with either of you, I work for a major natural beauty brand and I get as frustrated as you by people flinging words like 'organic' around, but there *are* benefits for some people to using natural, organic ingredients, just as there are benefits for some to using controlled and synthesised ingredients, but what is most important is that we keep the discussion open and that we encourage everyone to buy and use beauty products in a mindful and educated way.

    • Fiona

      This was really well put, especially your last point about choosing products in a mindful way. That's really what I wanted to address. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Lola!

      • Lola

        no, thank you! it's really nice to be able to have a discussion about natural vs synthetic that is civilised and educated on both sides.

  • Ana

    Reading the replies to your top shelf posts is quickly becoming to be the next best thing about your blog... after reading the top shelf posts in question, that is!

  • RR

    More Top Shelf, please! Totally agree about the REN glycolactic mask...I hope REN keeps its production quantities small and doesn't sell out to big companies like Kiehl's did, like Stila did, like everybody does. REN packaging has sometimes been problematic for me (darn those air pumps). Otherwise, the products themselves are terrific and smell great and last a long time.

    • aya

      I use the glycolactic mask weekly and love it. The next day I wake up looking fresh, bright, glowing and I wonder what happened. Then I remember that I did the mask the night before. I have not had any sensitivity or reaction from this mask.

  • nada

    fabulous post! I love her use and emphasis on natural skincare. I always find it funny though to see la roche posay sunscreen and mac/chanel cosmetics ... why does natural stop at makeup?

  • http://thecleanbeautyblog.tumblr.com The Clean Beauty Blog

    Yay! Wonderful post, and gorgeous girl! I LOVE Weleda - their body washes smell incredible!

  • BonQuiQui

    I have to say I tried this REN Glycolactic skin renewal mask and it made my skin worse. It actually took me a while to figure out that that's what was making me break out again. So I guess this is my one example of a bad reaction to a 'natural' product. However people can react differently to a product regardless, natural or synthetic. A lot of 'synthetic' soaps and lotions still make my skin itchy.

    Anyways I love that Kate's make-up is like five things that look really used, unlike one of those women that have cargo loads of make-up but then deny they wear any of it.

    • Capitalist Pancake

      I'd say that particular mask by Ren is heavy duty for even normal skins, and more sensitive skins will probably find it pretty hard core. Elemis papaya enzyme peel is a much gentler version. I use both, but the Ren maybe only once a month tops. Ren also does a F10 enzymatic exfoliating mask which is much gentler than the glycolatic one, but same fruit type peel. Adding to the general conversation, you can be allergic or sensitive to absolutely anything under the sun, doesn't matter if it is 'natural' or 'synthetic'. I myself can't use Dr Bronner's castile soaps, they pretty much take off a layer of skin on me. But then a lot of the general drugstore brand creams just make my skin red, so it's a matter of what personally works for the individual.

  • Jo

    Emily, what Chanel product is featured in the second photo?

    Thanks! :D

  • noelle

    Lola, thanks for the reply. It's good to share our combined knowledge and learn from each other! You're very knowledgeable but express it gracefully:)

    • Lola

      thanks Fiona!

    • Lola

      God, sorry, I mean Noelle! I am on a world of strong painkillers this week

  • Ana

    Oh and Emily, I think it's time for a post on your fall make-up and beauty regimen! You know we are obsessed... You do such a good job with your website, all in all. I find it so innovating and smart. Thank you!

  • PhotoGirl

    Well said, Fiona. I have had a number of "natural" products wreak havoc on my sensitive skin. Lesson learned. I do love the Clarisonic, though. I tried a number of the imitators and finally broke down and bought the real thing. What a difference! For me, it was money well spent.

  • nolita

    This was great. I very much adhere to a 95% good intentions, 5% other ratio in my own cosmetics choices. I recently swapped lots of my old products with high-end, cleaner ones like RMS beauty and Tata Harper and couldn't be happier, though I'll never be 100% "clean." Some chemical-y things, like mascara, are just better than their natural counterparts.

    Anyway, I wanted to link to a great (very informative, non-preachy blog) about natural cosmetics: http://www.nomoredirtylooks.com
    No matter which side of the debate you fall on, the blog-- and book that inspired it-- are a must-read!

    Love, love, love topshelf & keep 'em coming!

    • R

      @nolita -

      What a great blog - bookmarked for sure! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • http://beautyandthestreet.net Amber

    I love mommy stories ! So cute !

  • http://www.calu.typepad.com marcela

    I love her story. Love this post

  • Mary

    I'd love to know where she bought a $120 Clarisonic pro because those are never listed at that price. A mia runs for $119.

  • Angela

    I was also curious regarding the makeup this beautiful and funny woman uses. I try to be mindful when buying skincare/cosmetic products, so it seems to me that Mac and Chanel, while very high quality, wouldn't make it on my "natural" or "least offensive" short-list. That said, I love La Roche Posay products, and even though their sunscreens contain parabens and avobenzone, they do sell on the point that their sunscreen is photostable, and I cannot live without their SPF 60 Melt-In Sunscreen.

  • http://thekeypieces.blogspot.com/ Lou

    What a great insight. I am trying to use natural products on my skin and this is really interesting.



  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    I'm really loving all of the platnum blonde(non Playboy bunny) hair I've been seeing lately. It's very fresh and chic.

  • Melanie

    Wow. The comments today were as helpful to me as the article. Thank you everyone, for the educated and respectful conversation - I benefitted from it.

    As for me, my priority for makeup and things has been whether or not they are tested on animals. Sadly, I've found many companies state they do not test on animals, but hide the fact that the chemicals that make up their product were tested on animals. Well, shocker. I guessed they weren't smearing the red lipstick on the bunny. After seeing the photos and reading the stories about chemically burned rabbits, and cancerous tumors on other animals, I just don't feel beautiful after using a product that caused that trauma... :-(

  • Mary

    I'm just a student that came across this blog accidentally, and I'm very impressed. Something that I really appreciate is how several of the interviews feature more natural products.

  • https://thebeautyphilosopher.com TheBeautyPhilosopher

    She sounds great. I like how she values pure products but is not a martyr about it. I also love her little displays - especially the silver box and tray. And I also love how you can see the smudge marks and fingerprints on her products - I doubt many of us compulsively clean our beauty stashes to keep them looking as new!

  • Laura

    What a great approach to skin/bodycare and what a beautiful and edited way to display products. But I'm with Angela and nada. I try to be natural in my beauty regimen and for me it extends to cosmetics. I found it hard in the past but think there're now great performing and chic options available. I particularly love kjaer weis, rms and ilia.

  • Jenna

    Sadness: MAC no longer sells Lilicent. :(

  • elena

    I had to return Clarisonic, after using it for 3 weeks, I just kept getting more and more breakouts and it's not like I had terrible skin and I do use scrub almost every day. I think somehow it was picking up infection in one spot and spreading it to other places. The Sephora girl kept asking me to give it another week, that many people had this issue that finally would go away. I dont know, after 3 weeks of trying and getting worse and worse skin, I gave up - just too expensive for such a result. Just watch out how your skin might react.

    • Hannah

      @ Elena
      I am not expert, so don't take my word for this, but I do believe if you have acne you should not be using a scrub as it only make it worse. Try using an exfoliating serum (if you are into more natural products I think Jurlique do a fruit enzyme one) that you use at nighttime instead - do a little research at a beauty counter to find one that suits you. Using a 'scrub' will micro-scratch the skin causing it to over-stimulate and produce more oil - i.e. cause more breakouts. You don't want to be causing more inflammation etc.
      Hth - may not suit you but might be worth while looking into

  • http://www.theblossomshed.blogspot.com The Blossom Shed

    Love these features, I'm nosy and always peek at everyone's makeup bags and vanities - nice to have someone do it for me!

  • http://www.ambiencechaser.com Ambience Chaser

    She doesn't look old enough to have been wearing makeup in the late 80s/early 90s, so she must be doing something right.

  • http://www.mylifeinbeauty.com anita

    I'm excited over the Viviscal - thank you for the beauty tip! and love the pictures!

  • Lisa C

    Kate rocks!

    I so relate to buying the fancy baby products and then having a come-to-Jesus moment where you realize it's insanely expensive...there's something about being pregnant and nesting that makes you want to drop $100 on Mustela or Kiehl's! Then your mother buys you some Johnson & Johnson in a pinch, and you realize that there's a happy medium...California Baby or Method.

    Question: What is the obsession with the Beauty Blender sponge? Someone please explain!

  • http://twoforfashion.otto.de/ Kathrin

    Kate Young is a true inspiration.
    She just has the greatest style!

    xoxo Kathrin

  • Jo

    I'm sorry, but I'm royally sick and tired of people complaining about how "all natural products I've tried made me break out", and everything else along those lines you could possibly imagine. Has it ever occured to you to even RESEARCH the ingredients in these products? Just because it's natural/organic doesn't mean it can't still cause problems for some people, while still being amazing to others. Becaue guess what: Natural and organic ingredients are actually backed by real science too! Yeah, I know right? Shocking. That means that if you understand how the ingredients work, you can also figure out whether its's going to work for YOU. It's like this:
    - Maybe the organic cleanser you're using uses saponified oils in it, which would make it's pH very alkaline, which could in turn make some people break out since it can disrupt the acid mantle of your skin. Doesn't necessarily happen to everyone though. Hey, some people wash their face with Dr. Bronner's (=castille soap = saponified oils) and are fine with it!
    - Maybe the organic facial oil you're using contains e.g. olive oil or safflower oil, which both contain very high amounts of oleic acid, also known as omega-9. This is a great fatty acid for our bodies, but when applied directly to the face it can, again not for everyone, cause acne. If you encounter this problem you can simply switch to an oil like e.g. grapeseed oil, which is instead very high in linoleic acid (omega-6), which in turn has been proved to REDUCE acne.
    - Maybe your diet is bad, or your hormones are just screwed up. And please, don't try telling me that a cleanser like Cetaphil would clear up your skin miraculously when nothing else did. If you've ever bothered to read the INCI on it, and also actually understood it, you know what I mean.

    You see, it all comes down to science - and it's is damn frustrating that people can't see that and realise that perhaps going natural and organic will also require you to be more active and alert as to what your skin reacts to and how. And when I tell people about my own experience into going organic I sure as hell don't advise anyone to simply pour fresh lemon juice on their skin or something, because yes, that could certainly be damaging! I put my faith in several manmade body products myself, but I feel safe in doing so because I know that the people behind the brands that I'm supporting make and sell their goods because they truly want to HELP people (and the planet) instead of just making ridiculous sums of money on selling the beauty and skincare equivalents to junk food to people who are simply so uninterested, or so clueless, about how the system works that they just go along with it.

    Oh, and I'm not even going to address everything else that's great about organic products (preserving and caring about EARTH itself seems pretty obvious to me), or the fact that everyone arguing against green products always feel the need to point out that "water is also a chemical, bla bla". No shit. But everyone still KNOWS what we mean when we say that we want products without chemicals, right? You know we don't mean "without water". Don't insult our intelligence. It's just stupid to nitpick.

    This can be considered as an angry rant it anyone feels that to be appropriate, because I certainly was at least slightly angered when I wrote this. But I do hope that at least one or two people might take this to heart just the same.

  • erica

    rose marie swift also has her own line--i've been using her raw coconut cream oil as a cleanser, moisturizer, and deodorant for over 2 years. i used to have bad acne, too, and after my second baby it's cleared up on its own. i guess it was hormonal, too. now i really want to try that REN mask!

  • http://profiles.google.com/malhotraanjali Anjali Malhotra

    Wow, she should cut her bangs and make herself happy. She's pregnant - I think that should be enough for her husband.


NARS Lipstick
REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask
Desert Essence
Desert Essence Blemish Touch Stick with Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil
Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil
California Baby
California Baby Calendula Cream
Clarisonic Aria
MAC Face & Body Foundation
Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender
MAC 188 Small Duo Fibre Face Brush
Kevyn Aucoin Beauty
Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Volume Mascara
Viviscal Hair Repair