Jenna Goldsmith, Private Sales, Chrome Hearts


“I wanted to be super blond, but I didn’t want to bleach the whole thing so I just got highlights six or seven different times and that did the trick. Kaz from Warren-Tricomi [Los Angeles] did a lot of it. I totally over-condition it. I put Moroccan Oil Lite in it three or four times a day—I keep it in my car! I try to only wash my hair twice a week so it doesn’t dry out. I’ll use whatever shampoo is around but I’m extremely loyal to my conditioner—I only use Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Conditioner. I really believe I’ve been able to grow it this long because that conditioner is so hydrating. After the shower I just let my hair air-dry because when your hair is this long everything else just seems to take too much time.

For makeup, I use Lancôme Maquicomplet concealer in Correcteur underneath my eyes—it’s similar to the YSL Touche Éclat but offers little more coverage. I don’t use foundation because I have a few freckles and I don’t like to cover them I think perfect skin can sometimes be boring. I’m not loyal to a specific mascara. I usually just go into the drugstore and pick up whatever one looks good. Right now I’m using Maybelline Lash Stiletto which I really like because it almost makes your lashes look shiny. I’m a blush fanatic—I need a lot of blush all the time, and I like to mix them together so it’s not one flat color. Lately I’ve been using Benefit Benetint on my lips and cheeks as a base, and then I put Guerlain Terracotta powder over it. Even though it’s a bronzer it doesn’t give you that dirty look…it’s nice and warm. I wear Nivea cherry tinted lip balm during the day, and at night I wear Chanel Passion lipstick. If I want a deeper color and want the color to last, I use Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Gothic underneath the lip balm or lipstick.”

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  • Lou

    She has great hair, I love the colour and the length of it. I really like the T-shirt too in the photos, has a nice edge to it.


  • Beatriz

    Guerlain Terracotta was the first bronzer I ever bought... after which I've tried everything under the sun (no pun intended) but often wonder if I would go back to it!

  • Ella

    I love how simple her daily makeup routine is. Concealor, bronzer, cheek rouge, and mascara. All of your posts are gravitating me towards trying a daily darker lip! I'm a beginner, so as of right now, I'm using Laura Mercier's lip color in Peony. On my redish tinted lips, it looks deep.
    I would love to see a post on Laura Mercier! The makeup line is incredibly chic and natural- which I love.
    Keep up the great posts!
    xoxo, Ella

    • chic noir

      Ella, try some of the Chanel lip colors , they are beautiful without being too pigmented.

  • Marcela

    I like the post, would love to get a better picture of the hair though.

  • chic noir

    I’m a blush fanatic—I need a lot of blush all the time, and I like to mix them together so it’s not one flat color

    I've become a blush fanatic too. Up until a few months ago, I never really wore blush. I didn't think it was something that looked natural on me because I'm blk(bobbi brown 6.5 stick foundation). Now I know it's anything but. I good blush brings your face alive. My two favorites are Nars Taj Mahal and MAC rasin both are stunning on and make me look like I'm well rested.

  • jsc

    These are the profiles I love. Jenna simply uses a handfull of products in the way that works best for her. Bravo!

  • Alyssa

    Her routine reminds me so much of my own! I wear blush all the time.. I have yellow-toned light skin, so if I don't wear blush I look seriously sallow. Plus it's such an easy way to perk up my face (and pretend I have cheekbones). I love the casual cut of her hair.. all the layers look fantastic. I may go for this once my hair gets a teensy bit longer!!!
    Thanks for the amazing post, again :)

  • beauty, naturally

    I did the same with my hair on foils, ad the past six months weaned myself off them with a gloss - I think my hairdresser uses a L'oreal products, so I am still blonde, but don't have the gorow out lines. And yes, how did oen ever live without Moraccan oil?

  • Kim S

    Her hair looks really damaged, like she needs a trim and some deep conditioner.

    • Beatriz

      Just curious... Does she have extensions?

      • Emily

        Hi Beatriz--nope, that hair is all hers! XE

  • Jenna

    I'm sort of eh about Moroccan oil...but I found this great shampoo and conditioner at, of all places, Sally Beauty Supply. The line is called One 'n Only. Wonderful smell, leaves your hair beautiful and soft.

  • elizabeth

    well, her hair looks great, so she's doing it right :)

  • anna

    What colour is her hair naturally? I love being blonde but as a natural brunette my hair doesn't like to grow that way :( jealous of her beautiful locks!

  • Lisa C

    Living proof that your attitude makes the look! This hair would be a train wreck on most people, but on Jenna is the coolest thing ever. I don't look anything like Jenna, but my greatest hope is that I'm rockin' what I got!