The Look: Arizona In Tom Ford


Well, well, well, what have we here. Tom Ford didn’t think that he could get away with rolling out the most beautiful lipsticks ever (way back in 2010) and then leave us hanging, did he? Thankfully not, and on November 1st, a full range of TF shadows, blushes, brushes, glosses, polishes, skincare, and more bowed at an unsurprisingly luxe counter on Bergdorf Goodman’s beauty floor.

For ITG, who better to model the collection than current Vogue Paris cover girl (a gorgeous beauty shot by Inez & Vinoodh, no less) Arizona Muse, showing off her new choppy, neo-pageboy haircut? Eyes got the royal treatment by smudging on matte and shimmery blues from the Cobalt Rush Eye Colour Quad using the short, stout Smokey Eye brush. Then upper, lower, and inner lids were lined with Noir Absolute for Eyes—a black gel in a pot—applied with the Eyeliner and Definer brush. Ford’s brushes are pretty spectacular, which leads me to the next product—perhaps my favorite in the line: the Shade and Illuminate palette. With his own contour/highlight routine in mind, Ford developed this two-in-one cream compact and brush to make shading the face easy. I like to call it “instant cheekbones”: a swipe of the brown beneath cheekbones and blended, followed by a sweep of the very sheer, shimmery white over cheekbones, under brows, down the nose, and on the cupid’s bow. Arizona’s lips are lacquered in Lost Cherry lip gloss—which is really more like high-shine, pure-pigment paint. Look fantastic; eat and drink carefully.

Oh, and the hair?

“The thing that kind of started me was that bob—and I felt like it was time for a change. I needed a haircut because it was growing out, so I was kind of hoping someone would cut it eventually. Then a couple of weeks ago, I was on set for Vogue Paris with Christiaan and he drew a picture of how it could look, and when he starts cutting, it’s kind of like Edward Scissorhands: it’s a whirl of hands and fingers and scissors and blades, and hair goes everywhere—it’s very exciting. And it just kept getting sorter and shorter. It looks boyish because it’s short, but I feel girly…it’s a little pixie-ish. But it can kind of look like anything. People have been putting wax or putty in it, and doing cool architectural things—for example, a few days ago I did a 1950’s-inspired story, and the hair was sort of a mix of Sandy, Rizzo, and Danny from Grease. It ended up looking really modern. But short hair grows really fast, it’s not a myth—I already feel like I need another haircut.”

Photos and makeup by ITG.

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  • Amelia

    love the 20's bob on Arizona. i didnt like how they changed the lipstick packaging from white to black though for tom ford- it was so mod!

  • Heloise

    I love her haircut ! I got mine cut about the same last week and I love it ! Beautiful lipstick too ! Thanks for the article, I always enjoy reading you !

  • kimmiepooh

    Gorgeous. All away around.

  • Kitchen Afternoon

    Great bone structure can pull off any haircut. Rural vacations are great for growing hair out!

  • mlle p

    Would love the whole Tom Ford collection but the prices just kill me.

  • stephanie

    Faaantastic job with the Tom Ford -- those eyes!

  • Joy

    she's not my favourite model of the moment without reason! her hair looks amazing.

  • Nada

    Yes I liked the white packaging better as well. The new packaging looks average. Great hair.

  • Maria

    Emily, whenever you do The Makeup, do you actually, personally do the makeup?

    • Emily

      Hi Maria--yes I do it myself! XE

  • Chelsea

    Very pretty, I especially love the eye look. I see quite a resemblance between Arizona and Karlie Kloss.

  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    Gorgeous lip color

  • Iggy

    Lovely and an unexpected direction!

    ps. Saskia de Brauw pls.

  • Julie

    Gorge! I love it. I disagree with you guys about the new TF packaging though! The white felt so granny to me. It reminded me of 1980s Estee Lauder lipsticks. I think the dark is more unique. And Emily, I am addicted to your site.

  • Beatriz

    Super haircut... she reminds me of a modern-day Julie Andrews now. BTW, Julie has, in my opinion, THE best skin in show business!

  • Lena

    she is awesome!!!!!!!

  • Jane with the noisy terrier

    Love her haircut! I have a version that Sam McKnight did on Carmen Kass before the Balmain S/S 11 show and this is very similiar, just not pushed behind the ears. I need these layers! Love the Tom Ford lipsticks - I gave my friend one for her birthday and she said it's too beautiful to use - she just wants to open it, look at it, and put it back in the box! Haven't seen the rest of the line yet - have a feeling I may slip Safari into my Christmas stocking...

  • Mioara Roncea

    I prefer Arizona's last hair cut but this makeup line from Tom look absolutely spectacular.
    Thank you.

    Mioara Roncea.

  • rena

    cant decide on which TF eyeshadows quad to get! x

  • Ashley

    Her eyes look amazing; sort of like an eclectic 80's feel. And I love the color of red on her lips.


  • chic noir

    Gosh Arizona looks so gorgeous in these photos. I've got to learn how to apply eye makeup this detailed.

  • Paola

    The eyes look amazing! Can you post a video on how to create this look?

  • Gary

    stylish!love the make up by Tom!!!

  • The Clean Beauty Blog

    Gorgeous look! Is there anything else on her base apart from the Shade & Illuminate? Her skin looks flawless!

  • Beatriz

    How can I even start? I visited the store to pick up a few key items. The pushy sakes assistant tricked me into "experiencing the line." at the end we feel guilty about getting an (amateurish) makeover and max out the BG card once again. Beauty blogs are great but I may need therapy!

  • Neeraj Navare

    I love Arizona Muse...she's got such wonderful features and looks so amazing.I couldn't believe she had a son when she said so on FTV. She has this amazing aura around her.