Angel Makeup, Revamped


If you felt like something was missing at the Victoria’s Secret runway show last night, that’s because it was. “Enough with the false lashes,” makeup artist Tom Pecheux declared. “We used to do a lot of fakeness: false lashes, fake tan, blah, blah, blah. This year we kill everything. No more fakeness. You know, these girls are amazing and unique—they don’t want to all look the same,” he told me. That individualistic, less-is-more approach suits Mr. Pecheux just fine; he’s legendary for perfecting the complexion and making skin radiate. “I thought we would work with the skin tone, a bit of bronzer, a bit of blush that we mix together…” he said, but I wanted the full rundown—the real how-to. And, bless you Tom, I got it. Herewith, his play-by-play recipe for the modern VS face—rhinestone accessories optional.

“You have to start with this—Rodin Olio Lusso. After you wash your face, apply only a few drops, and please your skin. Normally at a fashion show we are in a rush, but at Victoria’s Secret, we start at 10 AM—we have the time to massage the face, to love the face. You have to love your skin. The skin will give it back to you. And I think that is the most amazing product, because it is sensual, natural, it’s great. Then over that, DayWear moisturizer—Estée Lauder—is amazing. Then over that, Idealist. That smoothes the skin and is very helpful to not shine too much. It helps to control your oil. So from there you go to foundation.

So foundation. I’m not going to say one type; I’m going from Estée Lauder to Kett to Victoria’s Secret, depending on the skin tone. They are all pretty good, it really depends on your skin tone. That’s where you have to do your research. Then loose powder—I’m using Shiseido and Kett—and Victoria’s Secret Glitterati for the bronzer. And the way I use it is I mix things—I want to avoid the layer on layer. So I’m grabbing a bit of loose powder on my brush and I’m grabbing a bit of the bronzer and I first squeeze the mix together on the open lid of the bronzer compact. And like that, it will magnify. Because if you just do the loose powder, and after you put on the bronzer, it’s too heavy with two layers of powder. So by doing that, you just make one layer. It’s sort of like an airbrush. And I do that all over the face, and then I use this—the Victoria’s Secret blush in Starlet—and I’m grabbing also a little bit of bronzer and I squeeze the brush again and now you create that kind of bronzy/rosy cheek. Don’t be afraid. And after all that is done, just love your skin again! Touch it: it’s going to help to blend everything. The foundation, the powder, they become all one. I don’t like that word melting, but they kind of all melt together.

And after that, we use a little bit of highlighter—very little because I don’t want too much shimmer. I'm using Victoria’s Secret loose eye shadow actually, in Stardust. I put that on the top of the cheeks and a little bit on the eyelid. Since we’re using an eyeliner, make sure that your eyelid is very well powdered. So try to avoid, when you do all your skin treatment, try to avoid any cream and any oil there. You want to make sure your eyelid is very dry before you put your eyeliner. If not, you will sweat and the eyeliner will transfer. I’m doing a liquid eyeliner—I’m using professional paint—but there is a Victoria’s Secret one that is very nice and not complicated to use. And I do a lot of mascara. And on the lips, I do a lipstick called Whisper and on top of it, I do a lipgloss called Sublime. It’s a base lipstick with a peachy, kissable gloss.”

—as told to ITG

The Victoria's Secret show will air on Tuesday, November 29th at 10/9c, on CBS

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  • Maggie

    Great post! Love that you dug up this info:) I'm so bewildered by Victoria Secret models, they are like super human gorgeous - thanks Emily!

  • Sarah

    I ALWAYS try to recreate the makeup look from VS fashions shows - thank you for taking the guess work out of the process!

  • Joy

    Crazy awesome in depth backstage news.

  • Taryn

    The best post ever. This made my week! :D
    Xoxo T

  • The Clean Beauty Blog

    Beautiful - love the more natural look (although it would help if I looked like the Angels did naturally!). Rodin Olio Lusso is amazing. So expensive. But so amazing.

  • sashi

    Obviously they were inspired by recent Into The Gloss posts, featuring beautiful women who know that less makeup can be gorgeous!
    Look who's taking cues from Emily Weiss (wink.... with normal eyelashes bien sur)

  • Liza

    What a great post! I love that it takes you step by step on how to get the look, which is absolutely stunning by the way. The models look naturally radiant, not fake. This is what I (attempt) to look like every day with my makeup. Also, do you know if the Rodin Olio Lusso is ok for combo/oily acne prone skin? I've heard great things about it but I'm not sure if it would break me out.

  • Jenna

    I always thought the MUA always, always used VS cosmetics but Tom Pechaux uses a lot of EL (since he works for them). I love knowing the makeup they wear...very wearable, I think, sexy. It's what we all want to look like! Thank you, Emily!

  • Jessica

    I think I love Tom Pecheux. Thank you for getting this info, I might actually be encouraged enough by the step-by-step to actually try this next time I have to get all dolled up!

  • Laura

    Wow thanks for posting this, it's fantastic! Good on Tom Pecheux for ditching everything fake. The makeup looks all the better for it!

  • Megan

    Fantastic, love the approach to makeup. I think the fake tan and false lashes trend needs to die already, let's celebrate our own beauty.

  • christee

    I have the same question as Liza- is facial oil ok for oily/acne prone skin?

    (The oil cleansing method gave me the best skin ever-that is until I unexpectedly developed full-blown acne. I can't be 100% sure it was my cleansing method but now I'm left looking for a new cleanser. )

    • Capitalist Pancake

      You need to control test it for a good period of time, but I have oily/combi skin and although I don't oil cleanse, I use oils for facial moisturisers under night creams - I alternate between Pai rosehip oil, Green People anti ageing or rejuvenating facial oil (has jasmine, so nice cheaper alt to Olio Lusso), or Ren omega serum (which is just oils). You only need a drop or two to cover the face, but like TP says, you do want to massage it in. I wouldn't rec oils for day for oily skins though.

  • The Procrastinator

    The first time I've ever read a full step by step of the VS look! Thanks so much for getting this!

  • LuckyD

    I want to KISS Tom Pecheux.
    And I love Olio Lusso. Found it on ITG last year and can't live without it.

  • Capitalist Pancake

    I love Tom for getting rid of the false lashes. It's such a pageant queen-Kardashian look. A good masacara should be all you need.

  • Lou

    Great behind the scene photos! They look amazing!


  • Rike@GlitterforBreakfast

    Great Post. Espacially the great backstage pics :)

  • rachel

    I disagree, this is only ONE time a year! Where fantasy is much appreciated! I don't want to see the "girl next door" look down the VS runway! It used to be ALL about huge angel hair,glowing skin, and sexy makeup. Sorry but I miss the glamour. :(

  • The Blossom Shed Beauty Blog

    The makeup looks very glowy and natural - yet another reason for me to put Olio Lusso on my list of products to try....

  • Ella

    Hi Emily,
    I always see that professional paint being used by makeup artists during fashion week. I've seen Stella McCartney use it one year, as well. What brand is it? I seems much more natural than a shiny liquid formula.
    Sexiest post, thus far!
    xoxo, Ella

    • Lisa C

      I'm curious about this too! Is it some kind of stage makeup, like Kryolan?

  • Reiley

    For everyone above who was interested in an oil that clears skin... I have the answer!
    I had acne along my jawline- could NEVER get it to go away.
    I take 4 Fish Oil/Omega 3 supplements a day (it gets down into the follicle)-- this is key! It truly does work wonders.

    But, my oil recommendation in Source Vital Aromatic Emulsion Pure. After cleansing, I dampen a cotton pad and pour 5 droplets of this emulsion pure and swirl it all over problem areas. I swear by Source Vital. It truly does work- no, greasy oils necessary!


  • Annie

    They look beautiful, although I know what Rachel means, it's always fun to see this show because of the over the top-ness of it!

  • Permanent Make Up Eyebrows


    Thanks for updating, this Makeup guide is a good read and is very well detailed.

  • elizabeth

    how interesting, "you have to love the face", now there is a firts for me. It makes sense, though...

  • Emma

    Can you post some tips about how to replicate the hair look? I mean a real tutorial on how to do this at home with your curling iron?! I can never achieve these loose waves!

  • yv

    utterly gobsmacked at howgorgeous they are. your blog is awesome.


    here, here!

  • KikaysiKat

    Thank God!!! I hated it when they all looked the same with those super smokin smoldering eyes. Au Naturelle is perfect

  • kimmiepooh

    LOVED this! The angels always have a fresh, dewy look thats also polished. Definitely going to try to recreate this. I've used VS concealer and glosses before (very high quality); I'm going to check out their foundation as well. :)

    Love the tip about blending the loose powder/bronzer/blush together!

  • Aya

    This is so good.
    After hearing about Olio Lusso for a while, this tipped me over the edge and I got it. I LOVE it! It smells and feels amazing and is non-greasy enough that I wear it during day under a bit of bronzer or blush. It gives me a glow. I've used Keihl's Midnight Oil (which is "thinner" and not as luxurious or moisturizing) and Ren's Omega oil serum (which smells a bit fishy, is very hydrating but too oily to wear during the day). Olio Lusso is the perfect balance between the two. It is expensive, but I love it. I so enjoy the process of massaging it in--a few me-minutes everyday.

  • Mary R Lauer

    My daughter (age 15) and I (age 52) reproduced the VS look on ourselves while watching the show. We skipped Lauder moisturizers, which would have aggravated our allergies, or Olio which is too expensive. Believe it or not, Jergen's All-Purpose face cream for $5 with rose and mineral oils achieve the same effect when massaged gently into the skin. It forms the perfect makeup base if you leave it on. We got an airbrushed look, not an easy task considering our ages, using Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundations lightly applied over the face cream. We skipped the loose powder & went for the glitterati bronzer. We used VS blushes, highlighters and lipglosses from previous collections that fit the general description. Two coats of CG Lashblast, BB gel ink liner, a Shu Uemura eyelash curler and voila!

  • jas

    The Victoria Secret hair and makeup is just so gorgeous! Not to over the top but still quite polished. I'm so going to try and recreate the hair!