Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012


Guido (Redken): The hair is very classic, in a kind of filmic way…very simple, all going back, like an actress. I’m using Redken Satinwear to blow dry it all back off the face, raking the fingers through the hair with some Full Frame mousse for a slightly wet look, then doing a low ponytail which we’re teasing and putting into a little knot that goes in these beautiful gold cages that Stefano designed. We’re adding a little Pure Force hairspray just to keep it all in check.

Pat McGrath: The makeup look is “modern eccentric”, I’d say. It’s a cross between Talitha Getty and Ann Bonfoey Taylor, who was a very wealthy woman who collected a lot of couture. So we’ve gone with this really different eyeliner, and this really red, metallic lip, with natural skin, and a bleached eyebrow. The liner’s going fairly straight across, almost in a half moon, and a red, red mouth that’s a few steps—liner, lipstick, top layer, and something else as well...it’s very eccentric and a bit decadent.

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  • http://afevereddictation.blogspot.com/ Julie Fischer

    Oh, those gold cage hair pieces! My hearts genuinely aflutter.

  • http://thekeypieces.blogspot.com Lou

    The hair piece is very different. I really like the colour on the lips.



  • Fiona

    Love that metallic red lip. Great little twist on a classic. But this season's wet/greasy hair trend drives me crazy - my scalp feels itchy just looking at it. That second photo actually made me shudder.

  • http://www.calu.typepad.com marcela

    I like the fact that even though they did this strong vibrant red on the lips, they chose to go with this kind of eye makeup. It is not as strong but at least is not that very clear, clean eye.
    Now the hair pieces, that is something else. I lot it.
    great post

  • http://dailydimmick.com Stephen Dimmick

    If there's one thing I learnt working on Pat McGrath's team is push the boundaries of everyday chic. And this is no exception.

  • NeenaJ

    I actually like the 5th pic best. To me, the half-done model looks like perfection. The careless hair, statement eyes, bare lips... they could have left it there and been incredible. The final makeup look seems uninspired to me and kind of forced.

    Tho, the hair cages are gorgeous.

  • http://kimchicsisters.blogspot.com Jackie

    as our tans are fading, this makeup look seems perfect for fall as well!


  • http://beautynaturalment.blogspot.com beauty, naturally

    Wow, eccentric is exciting! And that hairpiece -j'envie!

  • mlle p

    Love that hair clip, but not so much that color lipstick.

  • kate

    wait the really bleached out their brows?!?!? what does this mean for the shows after that are doing strong brows?

    And the grow out on a bleached brow must be funny looking for those with dark brows - a splotchy mess of blonde and brown hairs.

    Nonetheless the look is beautiful with the strong lips and thick shadow/liner

  • http://caryrandolph.com Cary

    Very chic. Would love to know what that "something else" is on the lips. Must be magic, if PMcG keeps it under wraps.

  • http://shopaholic-in-oxfords.blogspot.com/ Izzi89

    The hair pieces are stunning!!!

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  • Elena Singh

    I NEED that hair piece!!! Beautiful

  • http://www.theneonangels.com The Neon Angels

    Ooooh something about this look is really fresh! The hairpieces are worthy of a warrior princess, and the wet look hair paired with polished yet not overdone make-up is a bit unexpected. Love it.

  • Lisa Rogers

    Do you know if they'll be selling those cage barrettes anywhere? I am obsessed!