Katie Gallagher, Designer


“I’ve been doing my makeup like this since high school. Just either lines or dots—it’s kind of different every day. Everybody asks what they mean, but they don’t mean anything. I think it started when I was fourteen and I found my older sister’s white L’Oreal liquid liner, and I just started doing different things on my face. I guess back then I didn’t want to be blond and pretty, I wanted to be something different. I just really didn’t like being blond and seen in that kind of way. Now I use black liner, but I started with white. And I’ve been dying my hair white since high school; I started just doing the tips and my bangs completely white. I’m naturally pretty light blonde so it was just a little change. And then I decided to do my whole head sometime in college. I used to do it myself but now Cesar from Dop Dop does it and he’s really good, he gets it the blue-grey. So I guess I was kind of that girl who took beauty risks. I lived in the middle of nowhere, and I was a cross-country runner and an art kid at the same time, so it was a little bit of a contrast. I did both, I knew everybody! [Laughs]

I have two tattoos, and they’re more recent. I have a Jack-o'-lantern, and I have this candy corn—it was my twenty-first birthday gift from my boyfriend, Nikolay. He has one too. I was going to get a black cat but I couldn’t draw it the way I wanted, so we got candy corn. [Laughs] Halloween is my favorite holiday. My friend was here visiting for my show and she got me this candy corn-flavored hand sanitizer and lip gloss from Bath & Body Works. Then we went out to visit her in LA and she had this Philosophy body wash and lip gloss that smells like candy corn, so I need to get that.

I don’t use a lot of specific products, and I have a lot of cheap junk. I think it works the same way. I don’t really have a favorite eyeliner…right now I am using this MAC liquid one. I like Boi-ing concealer by Benefit and usually just use a black eye pencil to line my eye. I use Maybelline mascara. I like Bobbi Brown powder; the shade's called 01 white. I don’t really wear foundation, I just use concealer around my eyes and then the powder. In college I never used to take off my makeup, but now I know it’s better for my skin to at least take off my mascara, so I use water and baby wipes. Sometimes wipes from Chinese shops, although you never really know what you’re getting. But it usually comes off with water. Cesar tells me to go every six weeks to touch up my hair, but I haven’t been in eight weeks because the show got a little hectic. If I go on time it’s just a root touch up, which is better than doing the whole thing. I really rarely wash it. I have probably washed it twice in six weeks. I never wash my hair. But I use baby powder and Cesar gave me some Kérastase serum that I put on the ends just to stop it getting dry. And I use a dry shampoo called Pssssst!—it’s the cheapest one from the drugstore.”

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  • jk

    love her.

  • Denise

    FINALLY, someone who appreciates and experiments with make up. We definitely need more!

  • http://Calu.typepad.com Marcela

    I like the fact that she does what she feels like.
    Nice post

  • http://www.everyroadarunway.com Beth

    I love this lady. She's not afraid to be different. Anyone who can rock white hair and black eye makeup is A+ in my book.

  • http://Costachic.co.uk Marta

    It is kinda refreshing to see a person who is no makeup/cosmetic snob. She looks lovely and I love her style but the fact that she only washes her hair once a month and doesn't take off her makeup is slightly scary. Cosmetic wipes are the worst thing you can do to yourself but I guess if she feels happy with it, that's her choice.
    Great post!

    • Victoria

      For the first time I didn't enjoy reading your post. Whatever works for her.. but washing your hair once a month + the baby powder treatment is not really something I even enjoy reading about, I'm sorry but it's a little disgusting... I'm sure when she does her monthly hair wash that water comes out black. You can tell her hair is not healthy and very dry probably because she doesn't wash it... She's really pretty and with those lines on her face she certainly gets what she wants, to be different.

      • http://champagnerising.com heatheradair

        Actually -- her hair is likely dry from the coloring, not from the lack of washing. My little beauty "soapbox" (sorry, no pun intended) is that our hair isn't meant to be washed with the detergents and soaps and sulfates we've been talked into using every day. It leaches our scalps of the natural oils it needs to be healthy.

        I stopped washing my hair years ago (like her, I do it only when ABSOLUTELY necessary) and my hair was immediately much happier, more manageable, and my scalp was less irritated........

        Different hair types take to washing differently -- my porous, wavy hair and dry skin hate frequent shampoo and prefers to be conditioned, gently rinsed every now and then, (and, yep!) dry-shampooed on occasion for a refresher.....

  • mlle p

    Wish my hair could get that light without major $$$ at the salon - I would do it in a second!

    • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

      Try a quality lace front wig, it's cheaper over time and better for the health of your hair. It's how Beyonce does blonde :)

  • Capitalist Pancake

    Wish I could be so minimal and look that awesome! What a great look.

  • NeenaJ

    I'd love to have a drink with this girl. She nails the punk/pretty thing that is so elusive because it's usually manifested. Her attitude comes from within. Awesome post!

  • http://afevereddictation.blogspot.com/ Julie Fischer

    I like her faintly cyborg aesthetic. Inspiring read!

  • Lisa C

    I dig on people who do their own thing, even if I wouldn't do any of it myself. (Makes me want to run and wash my hair and face a little extra!) Reading this blog is a little bit like anthropology, exploring other worlds :)

  • http://www.chicnoirhouse.blogspot.com chic noir

    Rinsing the hair is pretty good to if your looking to not wash your hair often. I would also recomend sulfate free shampoos that are marked to African-Ameican women. There use to be a very good one from Cream of Nature but they changed the formulation. There is a Soy Shampoo from blended beauty that is very popular among blk women who don't str8 their hair. The thing with shampoo is you want one that gets your hair clean without striping it completly of it's natural oils that help to protect your hair and give it natural shine.


    I guess back then I didn’t want to be blond and pretty

    OH boy, I remember the last time someone mentioned their looks. Let the drama begin.

    And for the record and I agree, Katie is very pretty.

    I got a card from Macy's asking me to come in to the Bobbi Brown counter to check out this new Bobbi Brown face powder. Bobbi Brown is one of my favorite brands. I'll check it out and report here how much I liked it.

    don’t use a lot of specific products, and I have a lot of cheap junk.

    me too, I'm all over the place. I'm from Wet & Wild to Chanel. Whatever works and looks good, I say bring it on. Wait a minute, I'm kind of weak about pretty packing, I' keep some old perfum bottles that are very pretty.

    I'm curious about Iman foundation, Burbury and the Tom Ford's makeup line.

  • Kim S

    Yuck..wash your hair. Does she wash the rest of herself? Or is that just once a month too?

  • Elizabeth

    She's pretty and I love that she's not too concerned with beauty and all but this blog is about beauty right?

  • mimi

    how come the last woman who claimed she washed her hair every 6 weeks or so got praised, but katie is getting the 'ew, yuck' comments.
    is it not actually BETTER for her hair to not wash it so frequently?
    personally, i wash my hair often but i applaud her for her laidback attitude! i wish i could look so great without doing much!

    • Elizabeth

      Exactly! I shampoo my hair once a week (& rinse with water the rest of the time), & my hair looks so much better than it did when I washed it every day.

    • kate

      who was that?!?!

      • Elizabeth

        Shirley Cook.

  • Noel Lee

    She's pretty, a little punk rock, and effortless - and an amazing designer to boot! Love her!!!

  • http://thekeypieces.blogspot.com/ Lou

    I love reading about people who love taking risks, as I am not so brave.

    The Jack-o’-lantern hand, candy corn-flavored hand sanitizer is so cute!!



  • http://eelinsa.blogspot.com elin

    Your really cool, I like you! Nice how you do the eyelining thing

  • Devon

    i NEVER wash my hair either. I dye my hair bleach blonde as well, and any blonde with super processed hair knows that it doesnt need to be washed because it NEVER gets greasy-ever. I only wash my hair when it gets too knotty underneath from scarves etc. So why doesnt everyone skip the judgement, people do things differently and there is no right or wrong way. and FYI when I wash my hair the water is not black. honestly what do you put your hair in that would warrant black water....

  • Stephanie

    Ugh. She's amazing. Love her. Such an inspiration as a designer and to everyone who is hating on her "rare hair washing"; whatever... you're just jealous.

  • PhotoGirl

    OK, why not? Not for me personally, but that doesn't mean that I can't appreciate where she's coming from. Her body, her choice.

  • http://www.fashionriots.com Joana

    I'm in love with your website. Your take on fashion is so refreshing and I'm captivated by each piece (post?) every single time.

  • Kate

    Pretty girl, and I'm not going to jump all over her for not washing her hair, because if I were a bleach blond I would probably avoid shampoo like the plague too. I definitely would not call her look effortless though. It seems to me she puts a lot thought and effort into the way she looks. Plus saying that you go out of your way to be different because you don't want to be perceived as a 'pretty blond' is basically just giving yourself a backdoor compliment.

    • Fiona

      I think she just meant avoiding an overly-girly, pretty-pretty aesthetic - which is pretty understandable, right? Sometimes we wanna look more Alexander Wang than Oscar de la Renta.

  • http://www.ellebeautiful.blogspot.com Elle

    Firstly, mad props for the original daily eyeliner! Secondly, to all the people who think not washing your hair is gross - it's called "no poo" and tons of people do it. I use shampoo, but c'mon, her hair looks great! You only thought her hair was gross after you read she doesn't wash it.

  • Kat

    Killer color!

  • kate

    I totally agree with the whole "no poo" ideology ...AND just because you dont wash your hair everyday doesnt mean that we dont bathe for fucks sake...every half way decent hair dresser Ive ever been to has told me that they also do not wash their hair everyday, they bathe of course, but they all say the same thing; that its actually good for your hair and your scalp to not wash it every day, hence all the dry shampoos on the market as of late...its so annoying that people are judging her because of that.

  • anna

    I dont wash my hair often either i just have it being wet.i use Batiste Dry Shampoo most of the time and my hair doesnt look greasy.its actually healthier now than when i was washing it every second day

  • Rose

    Girl crush!

  • sails

    big fan, she's great.. I saw her on the street in the east village this past weekend (really excited and in the car otherwise i would say hi) and she is stunning.

  • Sasha

    OMG BITCHES GET OVER THE WHOLE NO HAIR WASHING THING ALREADY PLEASE! If you wash your hair everyday it probably looks like straw, is very unhealthy, dry, and you probably find yourself using TONS of products to restore the life back into your hair! Seriously who cares! Just because you don't wash your hair often doesn't mean you arn't clean! and for those of you who are wondering how it is humanly possible to shower and not wash your hair, its called a SHOWER CAP!

  • marylou currier

    Exactly -- a SHOWER CAP. Not so surprised about the 'ewwww' reaction to Katie G's once-a-month shampoo. People compliment me about my shoulder-length hair all the time. When I tell them I wash it once a week at absolute most, their eyes usually bug out!

  • http://fashionbuzz.us Jessica

    Wow this is just a marvellous piece of work! excellent written article and well managed :) Shes Great!

  • Yaressy

    I love her, i love th fact that experiments with make up!