Dolce & Gabbana Make Up: Milan

Prior to September twenty-fifth, my experience of Dolce & Gabbana’s predictably fabulous makeup line was limited to drive-bys at the Saks counter. You all know about my summer fling with the perfect orange-y red lipstick, Venere. Then the invitation arrived from the mothership: would you like to be our guest in Milan, to document the fashion show and backstage? Here’s the answer.

I flew, I saw, I drowned in makeup. I’d already begun a dalliance with Secret Eyes mascara, so that gilded tube came with me from New York, and then I spent a whirlwind weekend with a pretty stellar new red lipstick—Passion Duo in Infatuation (apply, blot, reapply was my motto).

On the big day, Pat McGrath whisked me backstage to meet the designers and see the look. A photo collage of Sophia Loren on the Italian Riviera hung over the artists’ stations like a shrine to fresh, Mediterranean vivaciousness. Domenico and Stefano spoke about “the charm and beauty of Southern Italy; the food, the smells and the sense of occasion,” and they weren’t kidding: models wore earrings made from Farfalle pasta and pranced down the runway in nipped waist 1950’s silhouettes as “Mambo Italiano” played on repeat. Skin literally glowed (I’m beginning to think that a foundation brush is a girl’s best friend) and eyes twinkled under a pencil-and-shadow-lined upper lid.

But enough writing—check out the video. Ciao!

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  • beauty, naturally

    Emily I like how you do your makeup!

  • Sebbie

    That video was so fun and cool! I love the lipcolor in your picture. LOVE.

  • Leah

    Do you think the red shade is univerisal? I'm always on the hunt for a good red lipstick.

    • Emily

      Hi Leah! I think Infatuation is a pretty universally flattering shade, but I also really like to mix and layer lipsticks...Pat mixed two different pinks for the runway, for example. xE

  • PhotoGirl

    Wow! Such a fun video. You live a charmed life.

  • Marcela

    I really like the post, it is great especially on a friday.
    Congratulations on tour first vídeo, hope that this is only the first of many more to come.

  • jaja

    I love the music! Would you share the name of the song? Great vid xxx

  • Fiona

    How fun, all of it!

    Emily, you're such a babe :)

  • mlle p

    Wow, my dream life, going to Dolce and Gabbana in Milan for a few bits, then off to a runway show! Great video.

  • mj

    great video. you look so pretty in Dolce!

  • Annie

    I think I would pass out if I ever met Pat McGrath! She's my favorite makeup artist.

    • Laura

      I agree, she's in her own league



    • Kaitlin

      lol I agree. She's such an amazing and inspiring woman.

  • anita

    I want those Reds! You look amazing!!

  • Kaitlin

    Lovely video Emily!

  • kate


    amazing! the dolce make up was beautiful - polished but effortless looking and so fresh.

    and yours was pretty, too. orange lips suit you

  • Linda

    Hey Emily,

    Did you use the Koh Gen Do foundation in this video or Dolce foundation? If the Dolce, was it the cream or powder foundation? You look fantastic in the clip!

  • PhotoGirl

    I would like to see Pat McGrath's Top Shelf.

  • Laura


  • Denise

    I'm with PhotoGirl, I would kill to see Pat McGrath's Top Shelf. Can you imagine?! Thank you so much Emily for posting about Passion Duo a few weeks on Twitter, I went start to Saks and purchased it for myself. It's such a beautiful color. xx

  • noelle

    Look how Pat has painted one nail; that's what every woman does hm? testing out a color!

  • Lou

    I love the video! What a great insight and the make up looks lovely.

    Great song to play in the back ground.


  • Mimi Shih

    Emily - your blog is my absolutely favorite and I love the new video. It was so well done. I wish there was a way to see all the makeup and colors that Pat used on the models. The dewy skin of the models was amazing and I wish there was more on how to replicate that. Also what was the lip color that you were using in the video? Congrats on the amazing video!

  • Lola

    Fresh skin with those gorgeous sophisticated eyes - this is everything that I love about Italy and Dolce & Gabbana! Emily, the video is beautifully filmed, you really do run the best beauty blog out there x

  • Donna

    Was that a D&G top in the opening? I would love to know who designed it.

  • donna

    Nevermind, I see know that it is the D&G dress you wore throughout.

  • Alexis

    Utterly fantastic! That was a beauty fantasy for me - I have been a Dolce & Gabbana fan for many years. I always loved their idea of Italian beauty. I was in awe of the lights of the runway show.

    I hope you feature more of these videos - they are awesome and so much fun to watch at work. I'm just hoping my bosses will be away again the next time you feature another one.

  • fabi wigg

    Adorei o video, essa marca Dolce & Gabbana nunca tinha ouvido falar,adorei o pouco que vi, bjinnn!Brasil!

  • Lily

    Emily- what blush/contour are u wearing in the opening clip?
    Loved this vid! Thx

  • BlueManBliz

    Love it!