The Look: Anais In Chanel


Anais Mali (Ford) wearing Illusion D'Ombré gel eye shadow in Épatant, Illusoire, and Émerveille, Rouge Coco lipstick in Plumetis, and Peridot nail lacquer, by Chanel. Photos by ITG. MAKEUP BY ANAIS.

Yes, that's right. Anais did her own makeup. Here's why:

Because Anais loves beauty. Maybe it's because she's French, maybe it's because she's beautiful. She couldn't put her finger on it, but when I met her a while back and we got to talking about ITG and would she like to be in a The Makeup feature, she said, "Sure...but, can I do it myself?" Furthermore, Ms. Mali had a brand request: Chanel. Right. Let's put it on the books.

When she arrived for our session, it could have been my best friend Rochelle coming over: Oooh what's this, ahhh what's that?? Cotton swabs flew and caps tumbled as she dolled up in the powder room ("better light.") New products can be intimidating, but she blended and layered with the self-assurance of a girl who has been mastering her own makeup since high school. “It's weird, but I like it, I love's amazing!" she called out, voicing her verdict on the pots of pillowy mousse shadow. Émerville, a pale pink, went over the entire lid, with deep purple Illusoire multi-tasking as a liner and in the crease. Platinum Épatant highlighted the inner corners of the eyes. A coat of Inimitable mascara and a swipe of sheer rose lipstick completed the look, then we moved to nails and chatted about her routine.

"I don't always wear makeup, but I love putting it on when I'm going out at night," she said. "I'm pretty quick—thirty, forty minutes. But every day, first I put some toner on my face like the Chamomile one from Clarins, then I apply La Mer cream. If I want to do a little simple make up, I use Stila Perfect and Correct foundation, then as blush, Stila's Convertible Color in Lilium which is a light pink. For my eyebrows I just bought an Anastasia pencil, and I like Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils in dark purple. At the end of the day I use Sensai's Silky Purifying cleanser to take off the makeup, and I finish with Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, and La Mer."

Nails dry, we went to my mini studio. Snap snap snap and she was out the door—and ready for the night.


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  • Fiona

    God, that skin! She looks incredible, love the look!

  • NeenaJ

    This woman GLOWS!

  • Amber

    Love her nails, I am a freak for gold. I find that many gold nail varnishes look too glittery but the Chanel one seems like it gives the illusion of foil on your fingers (like minx but minx is 10x more expensive). Wish there was a cheaper alternative that didnt look! lol.

    • Fiona

      Amber - Butter London do some really, really great foils! They are mesmerisingly shiny.

  • massieb

    i'd love to seen erin wasson's top shelf!

    • Claire

      Yes please!

    • chic noir

      Yea that would be intresting. I don't think Erin wears much makeup but she's such a cool chick.

  • elena

    Lovely girl - beautiful skin and eyes. The topnot to the side - looks like a perfect 'man repeller' hairdo :)

  • Alyssa

    i love that she is so enthusiastic about makeup! awesome. also @amber, sephora makes a surprisingly good bronze nail polish that, if applied evenly, seriously looks like a foil. i can't remember the name of the color but i'm sure you can find it online!

  • David

    Love her poses! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  • Jessica

    She is gorgeous and seems like so much fun!

  • Dara

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned her sweater. I'm in love!!! Does anyone have any idea what brand?

  • Janelle Andrea

    She is incredibly gorgeous! I love that her skin is just glowing.

  • Marcela

    Her makeup looks great, love the post
    She is beautiful and the pictures look great. I like the fact that you give a list of what she used on this look and her beauty routine.
    I especially like because she has dark skin, so do I and lately I have been looking for great concealed tips.
    Can anyone give me any? I want to hide my dark circles and still manage to have a natural look.

    • chic noir


      Try Bobbi Brown's concealer corrector. That stuff hides anything without looking unatural and it doens't feel heavy.

  • Arianna Alexis

    Love Chanel! Best beauty products!!! Her eye shadow looks divine!

    Ta-taa for now,

  • Lou

    So pretty, she is a natural beauty. Great photos.


  • mimi

    she looks beautiful! but 30-40 mins for makeup application is QUICK?!

    • Lisa C

      That's what I said!

  • Michol

    What blush color is she wearing here? Help!! (PS She is goregeous)

  • Ashley

    She is definitely gorgeous and from what you wrote, her personality is very down to earth.


  • Hanne

    She is gorgeous! Love her glowing skin and the color of her lips! I'm exactly like her, I looove make-up but I try not to use much during the day, rather at night if I'm going out.


  • PhotoGirl

    She is absolutely gorgeous.
    As for her doing her own makeup, brava! I'm not surprised, though. So many people don't know the first thing about makeup when it comes to women of color. I learned that the hard way when I had to make a brief, work-related television appearance. When the makeup artist finished with me, I looked ridiculous! Fortunately, I had enough time to take it all off and re-do it myself. ( I swear to you, I would have gone on bare-faced if I'd had to.) She was offended, to be sure, but at least I didn't look like a fool on TV.

  • Alexis

    I own that Chanel mousse shadow in Emerville and it's amazing - goes on more like a light peach on my lids but I wear it almost daily.

    Great post and I love that she did her own makeup - she looks fantastic.

  • Rochy

    I love Anais and the special shout out xx

  • Lisa C

    Pretty lady!

  • chic noir

    So ladies, I finally went to the Chanel counter. I've brought lip color from Chanel in the past but wasn't sure if I could find anything else to fit me. Well I tried the new foundation that covers across the spectrum of skin colors. I give it 4.5 stars(out of 5). It matched by skin exactly and it didn't get that oily look that many foundations get after a few hours of wear and it felt good against my skin. I also tried it on without a primer.

    I got to say that Illusoire is the most beautiful eyeshadow when applied all over the lid. I'm a medium brown colored blk woman for th record( 6.0-6.5 in Bobbi Brown stick foundation). The color was so beautiful on that I was ready to throw away every other eyeshadow I own. People(men and women) walking past were stopping to take a look and complementing the makeup artist and I on how nice my face looked.

    Also try Paris(blue red) and Rivolli(plum red) lipsticks. I love Paris, it maybe the red that I will finally wear in public.

  • chic noir

    I forgot to add that I love Anais since I saw her Vogue Black interview with Bethann Hardison. She going to do big things now. Anna certified her with the editorial in August Vogue. The October W editorial with Jac was another winner.

  • phyllis

    Great tips - and she is stunning. Her face almost doesn't look real, she is so beautiful!

  • jackie

    WHAT is on her skin? Would love the deets on the foundation, etc!!

  • Nicole

    I LOVE that she did her own makeup! She's so beautiful and her skin looks perfect.

  • Mel’

    Wow what a beautiful girl ! And such a great post I like the fact that you put all the products she uses.


    She is very pretty, j'aime bien l'humeur qui émane de la photo

  • B Ball

    She's so gorgeous. I love it when this site has brown skinned ladies.