Schick Quattro TrimStyle

Schick Quattro TrimStyle

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Ladies shave—some more than others—and most, since their early teens. But how much attention do you pay to your razor? And, what does your razor do for you? Does it merely get the job done, leaving your gams stubble-free for twelve glorious hours?

My razor does much more. I remember seeing the TV commercial for Schick Quattro TrimStyle a year or so ago: sexy hotel music playing while a model walks by untamed topiaries that magically shrink into neat, geometric shapes before her eyes—squares, triangles, and was that a circle? My savvy media-trained brain (thanks, Communications minor at NYU) detected a reference to the bikini area. Indeed, the TrimStyle is one part good ‘ol refillable razor and one part AA-battery powered, waterproof nether-region groomer. Girl talk: I’m always grateful for bikini waxers who do a little trimming at the end, but some don’t, and this little shower buddy is a godsend for that reason. There are even three adjustable levels so you can control the length….all without an appointment. Or having to master your barbering skills using a too-big scissor, on bits you can barely see.

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  • Emily

    I need this in my life! Or shower! Thanks for the review :)

  • Chelsea

    This is THE best razor I have ever had. I will never use anything else ever again. :)

  • Alyssa

    Agreed. I love this baby. I inherited my father's body hair... everywhere... so this is a necessity if I don't want to get brazilian waxes every two weeks or whatever (and I really, really don't!). I feel like everyone needs one of these!

  • kate

    really? a razor? this feels a little too corporate promotion-y. let's keep this blog unsponsored so we know we're getting your true opinions.

    • Emily

      Hi Kate--sorry you feel that way. This is not a sponsored post in any way, shape, or form...just an honest review of a great beauty tool I've been using for a long time. If something is sponsored on this blog I make that clear...and even then, I only endorse products/projects that I actually like & support. Hope this makes sense. Emily

    • Don’t judge

      How is this any different than any of the other reviews Emily has done? Just because Schick is a more mass-market brand doesn't automatically mean it's more 'corporate promotion-y' than her piece on the Avene moisturiser, or the Donna Karan hair mist say. This point of this whole blog is to expose the sorts of products other people in the industry deem worthy of buying and using. I mean, you wouldn't go on the top shelf posts and accuse those people of pushing biased, promotion-y opinions on you! So don't jump to conclusions and accuse Emily of doing exactly what she's always done with this site - given people a taste of the products she thinks are the best out there.

  • Lou

    I haven't tried this yet, but I also use a razor over anything else.


  • Laura

    Haha I love that you reviewed this! Where I go to college, I don't necessarily trust any spas here for waxing, so this could definitely be a great buy!

  • Lili Barbery-Coulon

    Sweet Em, I cant' believe that you dared posting this :-) You are sooooo right and managed to talk about it without sounding tacky (must admit I have this trimmer and it is great). In Paris, the best place for bikini waxing and trimming is L'institut d'Artois. All fashion editors go there. Here's the link for the address:

  • sashi

    the photo is kind of striking! Your image makes it more elegant than the real advertisement. I'm sincerely impressed with your photography and eye.

  • Lani

    hahaha love it. Can't believe the first time I'm commenting on your blog is for a razor, but I've been using it for at least a year now and I won't use anything else. The trimming part is a nice touch, but it's also just a really good razor.

  • Farah

    Oh gosh, i think i may have to get this. I have the fancy Bliss Spa version that doesn't have a razor attached and needs to be charged (and of course is never charged when i need it because who wants to leave it out on the bathroom sink charging---kinda embarrassing!) Also great that it is waterproof because of course this is something you want to do in the shower. Thanks for the review of something most gals don't really want to talk about---again kinda embarrassing!---but most of us need. Now i need to boogie on down to the drugstore!

  • LuckyD

    I 've (secretly) wondered about this thing for a while but for some reason hadn't pulled the trigger to try it. So good to know!

  • Aya

    Wow--good to know. Thanks. I hadn't even given this razor much thought, but the thought of not having to sneak my boyfriend's beard scissors in the shower is very alluring. I think I'll get it on my way home today!

  • nik

    Besides the trim feature, can this be used for legs as well. Yeah, I want it all!

  • Rose

    Oh, yeah, this razor is the best, hands down. Its user friendly, and very reasonably priced, I think, considering how awesomely multi-tasky it is. I'm glad you shared a review!

  • jamie

    i second your review - this thing is amazing. i've had it more than a year and no lie, it was among the first things i packed when i moved to south america.

    • jamie

      p.s. - more than a year later, i am replacing the battery for the FIRST TIME. amazing :)

  • Kaitlin

    i definitely need to get this!

  • Ivana

    I usually just get a Brazilian (could never stand the stubble from shaving ANYWHERE/my hair is minimal anyway) but I do have to comment to point out your subtle pun at the start there. Well played Emily ;)

  • maria

    what about facial hair , I don't really like waxing

  • PhotoGirl

    I'm glad you wrote about this product because I've been wondering about it for quite some time. After reading all the positive comments here, I think I'll buy one.

  • Farah

    Emily, just curious if you have a fave shave cream? So many leave rust stains on the bathroom counters---Gross! Tried Nivea which got some good reviews but has the curious habit of being in the state of almost out for an age---Annoying! Fancy ones are often in an awkward to use tube. So far my favorite has been Aveeno Positively Smooth. Would love your opinion--thanks!

  • Pam

    I appreciate this review. The choices of razors confound me and it’s nice to come across a review of one from a reviewer I respect.

    I do have to ask - how do you prevent ingrown hairs? (sexy topic that this is) With a razor that works so well, i.e., cuts so deep, I would imagine ingrown hairs can be a problem. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks!


  • murt

    hmmm this looks very interesting... Will try this. I used to be a lot hairier though & got my legs and bikini line lasered. Was an awesome decision -- I still have a bit of hair which I sometimes shave off, but way less than before and no more ingrown hair. Would recommend it for anyone who is hairy.

  • mlssa

    I have this one, and I like it but I have to change the battery every other week and I don't even use it often only once week. Maybe mine has a defect.

  • Michelle @ Chellbellz

    Girl I've been using this since i came out!!! I love this thing! Like seriously he does it's job and it does it well!

  • Samantha

    My only problem with this razor is that it seems kind of heavy, which results in me being clumsy with it and cutting myself. I wish it was a little less clunky. Otherwise, it's great to have the trimmer on the end. Nice puns, too.

  • Ashley at The I on Fashion

    I purchased this razor a while ago. It's O.K, not great though. I somewhat like doing the tried and true method of getting rid of hair down there.

    The I on Fashion

  • amarie

    Interesting that so many have said the idea of someone seeing your razor/trimmer is embarrassing. Don't really get that...most women (and men do it). Anyway, I look forward to trying this. I've been a Gillette girl forever (first Mach 3 and then Venus once they introduced the women's version). I really like the idea of having a double-sided razor/trimmer combo.

  • Shaver

    My secret to a smooth shave is to first use an exfoliating cloth with soap all over the area. This eliminates dry skin and lifts the hair shaft. Then, proceed with shaving with cream or soap. Follow with moisturizing lotion. This works well for bathing suit season!

  • Stella

    Pleased, because while I like to have a tidy, discreet - dare I say sexy - nether region, I simply can't (as a sometime feminist, wink) do the whole prepubescent hairless thing. Not completely, anyway. What a lovely compromise!

  • tullemor

    Why are Americans so obsessed with shaving?

  • Sofia

    I just purchased this the other day; and yes, it is handy & oh so dandy.. My 'bits' will definitely no longer come in contact with giant scissors. PS: theres nothing wrong w/a little 'promotion-y sponsored goodness'.. if the girl wants to brag about it, let her! just sayin'

  • jules

    @tullemor - great question. i wonder about that too. it's all become so waxed and tweaked and retouched and vaginally rejuvenated aand deodorized it makes the Playboy spreads of the 80s look feral - in a really hot way. I think it's one part Hollywood, one part the pornification of sex - and fear.

  • Leenah

    I want one,but I can't find it my country they don't make them.Can I order one online? :( I can't find a site