Rochas Spring 2012


Eugene Souleiman: These girls look so perfect that they’re another species, basically. For hair, I wanted to do something with a nod to Mars Attacks!, and a kind of nod to Parisian couture—there’s a slight 50’s influence to it. So it’s a bit sci-fi, it’s a bit 50’s, and it’s just beautiful and really well done. We’re not putting any product in the hair besides hairspray—we’re just creating a structure internally. It’s basically a ponytail that’s teased to death, so that it becomes this kind of frizz, and then you roll that frizz into a ball and that gives you the base of the hairdo. It makes things much quicker—I wouldn’t say you should do it at home—but I would say that instead of the set taking an hour and a half, it takes fifteen minutes. But this look is really about preparation—that blow out, and getting the shine. It really is about something being well done and crafted, but still looking like hair and really refined. It’s supernatural. There are these chiffon headscarves on some of the girls that when they walk, just kind of float. You know that scene in Mars Attacks! when Lisa Marie is walking, and you don’t really see her legs moving? She’s just kind of levitating? It kind of feels a little bit like that. There’s a strangeness and an outer-worldliness about it, but it’s not weird.

Lucia Pieroni (Clé de Peau): The inspiration is cinematic—sort of a mish-mash of all cinematic things. It is a little bit Mars Attacks!, it is a little bit Tim Burton. So basically, she’s kind of this perfect beauty who’s just come off a spaceship. They have this incredible, uniform, alien beauty. It’s a bit Stepford Wives in the sense that they’re all the same; they’re these immaculate beauties. A very 50’s eyebrows, a little bit of shading, a tiny bit of eyeliner—used with shadow rather than pencil. She’s shiny in the right places. We’re using the new Clé de Peau brown/taupe eye shadow quad that will come out in spring 2012, and then we’re using an illuminating powder for an all-over glow. That gives them the highlight that makes them look quite wax-y, in a sense. And then we are also using a combination of two lipsticks: one’s called Honey Nut and the other one is kind of a pinky color…they’re both kind of nude, caramel-y colors. I’m using eye shadows on the eyebrow in quite cool, taupe-y grey colors. The arch is quite wide. Marco [Zanini] is really all about this sculpted beauty—playing with light and shade. His women are quite simple but they’re quite made up. It’s not a natural face…it’s a little bit of a modern Belle de Jour in a sense—there’s no lashes and no strong liner, but there is a little bit of the dark shadow in the lashline.

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  • Capitalist Pancake

    In a million years, who'd have thought Mars Attacks! would ever be referenced for hair/makeup at a show? Crazy, but fantastic! I love this shadow filling for brows as well. Started using Nars' coconut grove on mine, and it looks so much more cleaner and natural than pencil or coloured wax.

  • Fiona

    Wow, amazing!

    So they did a teased bun first, and then a chignon built on top of that? It looks great.

    Do you have any photos of the girls front-on, to see the make-up better?

  • Lou

    Love the photos, and the hair is styled to perfection.


  • Marcela

    I lime this post, it's always good to know the story behind it. The hair is beautiful and one gets to appreciate it more once one knows the story.

  • Beauty, naturally.

    The hair is perfect, Rochas to me is always firmly 1960s glamour!

  • Raecine

    loooove, omg the make-up is perfect and the hair really captured the effect they wanted especially with that gorgeous pink scarf

  • Charlotte

    The photos on your blog are so beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?

  • Priscilla Joy

    Looks so serene and chic.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  • Copper Etiquette

    Looks great ;)

  • daria

    amazing hair! I'm speechless!

  • Catherine

    Love the up-dos, the colors and Mars Attacks! Stunning work, congrats. The scene you speak of in the intro..."when Lisa Marie is walking, and you don’t really see her legs moving? She’s just kind of levitating?" is one of the best along with Sarah Jessica Parker's head on the chihuahua. Guess you couldn't so that one...
    Pure genius. Thank you.

  • Izzi89

    Those hairstyles must have taken hours!!!

    Love the photos!!

    Follow my blog


  • Izzi Pasco

    Wow wow wow, brilliant photos of brilliant style. Not sure if this is the right place to ask aboutthis, but here goes: anyone know the best way to get into a fashion job so some day I can work on shows like this? It's been my dream for years, but Idon't really know what to do/where to go or anything.... So, anyone feeling helpful?

  • fashion magazines

    Wow what cool, big hair! You're right, it definitely seems alien inspired

  • Ally

    WOW! The hair is AMAZING!