Rabéa Didi, Attaché de Presse, Repossi

Rabéa Didi

“I’m twenty-five almost, but people think I’m eighteen. My mother, all my family in fact, look super young. Every night I wash my face with Nuxe l’Eau Démaquillante aux Trois Roses, it’s a cleansing water with essential oils; I put it on some cotton. I think most of my girlfriends here in Paris do that—just use some tissue and natural water. I don’t put too much makeup—sometimes a bit of mascara, sometimes a bit of lipstick—I use the Chanel one, it’s the matte one…I don’t like when it’s shiny. It’s called Rouge Allure. For mascara I think I have a Dior one. And sometimes I’ll put on some black kohl around my eyes, to have smokey eyes—both my parents come from Algeria where that’s common. I also put some Argan Oil in my hair. My parents bring it to me from Algeria in a big bottle. And sometimes I wear some Coco Mademoiselle, but not every day.”

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  • http://Calu.typepad.com Marcela

    She does look 18, that certainly comes in handy, I love that she keeps her beauty regimen to a minimum.

  • Alyssa

    i'm getting really curious about these cleansing waters!

  • http://beautynaturalment.blogspot.com Beauty, naturally.

    I love the simple handful of natural products!

  • Cho

    Does the Nuxe work as the moisturizer as well or does she use a separate moisturizer? It would be great to know!

  • Cherlyn

    how nice to be able to do so little and look like this :)

  • http://www.ilovenystyle.blogspot.com gorete sousa

    Great Post!!!

  • kate

    got so excited to check out that cleansing water - found it here http://us.nuxe.com/en/micellar-cleansing-water-with-3-roses-11/cleansing-care-with-3-roses#composition

    but what a disappointment when you look at those ingredients. a bunch of synthetic, toxic chemicals and a little rose oil for fragrance. so sad.

  • http://thekeypieces.blogspot.com Lou

    She does look younger than her age. Love how easy her daily beauty is.



  • claire


  • http://mellowafternoondiary.blogspot.com/ Mariela

    Simple post yet such a gorgeous face! Keep it up, I'm addicted ♥

  • noelle

    girls I have a similar micellar water from Lancome, and I do like it...it has fewer ingredients, no alcohols as I can tell. Smells rosey. It leaves a liiitttlle moisture on your face, it's not the scrubbed clean of foaming cleansers, so I don't feel the need for moisturizer. Is that weird...? But I can't use it in the summer or it leaves me feeling shiny. (it's meant not to rinse) Maybe will start to use again in the next month. Yes it removes makeup also.

    • kate

      Hi noelle thanks for the lancome recommendation! i checked it out and it has less ingredients, but they seem just as bad :(

      Hexlene glycol, glycerin, poloxamer 184, dihydrocholeth-30, polyaminopropyl biguanide, benzyl salicylate, propylene glycol, fragrance, disodium cocoamphodiacetate, disodium EDTA.

      Do a quick Google search on disodium EDTA - SCARY!

      • Capitalist Pancake

        Kate, with respect, this blog makes no claims to promote organic/all natural products. I think we're all adults enough to know there are potentially harmful things in anything, so why not just let us do the research on our own if we wish?

        • kate

          never said it did! we're having a discussion about organic, natural products and that's my two cents. sadly enough, adult or not, most people are not even aware of the fact that "organic" and "natural" mean pretty much nothing when it comes to beauty products. and reading labels and actually researching the ingredients is something not many people bother doing (look how many posts on here have had glowing reviews about Rodin Olio Lusso being this amazing all natural oil product, and it contains benzyl benzoate and linalool).

          • Lisa C

            Wha??? Tell me more. I'm currently having a love affair with Olio Lusso...where did you find the ingredients list? Why are those ingredients bad?

            Agreed, this blog isn't about organic or natural products, particularly (whatever those words even mean), but if we're going to use those terms let's be smart!

          • Lola

            Kate, with reference to linalool- it is actually a naturally occurring chemical found it lots of plants and flowers and is therefore present in a huge number of natural skincare products. I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the UK we have to legally list this and other chemical constituents found in essential oils such as limonene and coumarin as a small number of people are allergic to them. It *can* be extracted from the original oil and used as a cheap fragrance alternative in other products, but if you see it listed next to a bunch of essential/natural oils then chances are it's a component of one of them.
            I totally agree that we should stop bandying words like 'natural' and 'organic' about and I think it's really important that people educate themselves about ingredients that they're putting on their bodies, but everything is made from chemicals, even rose or lavender absolutes and in a lot of countries these days it's a legal requirement to list these ingredients in their chemical form, so it's just as important that we learn the difference between a 'synthetic' ingredient and a naturally occurring 'chemical'.

      • Fiona

        Say whut? The rose oil in this cleanser is far more likely to damage your skin than any amount of Disodium EDTA, trust.

  • Laura

    Lovely post and lovely girl. I also use a cleansing water from French brand absolution. It's natural/organic and really nice to use.

    • http://www.meishawright.com Hayley

      Thanks Laura, I am interested in looking at this product. How long have you been using it for?

      • Laura

        Hi hayley, I've been using it for a few months. I think you can get it at space nk outside France and at content beauty in the uk.

  • kate

    I just use 100% pure organic rosehip oil on a cotton bud to take off eye make up and lipstick of a night. it works so well! and then a creamy glycolic acid+vitamin c cleanser, followed by a hot face cloth, and then more rosehip as moisturiser. it's so lovely! very simple.

  • http://www.beautylovin.com Hanne

    She definitely does not look like she's 25 and I love that she keeps her beauty regime so simple.

    I love french pharmacie brands, my favorite cleanser is the Bioderma one, I think all make-up artist around the world stick to this one as I always see it backstage!

  • http://musings-cogitations.blogspot.com Kerrie

    she looks so cute!

  • http://www.copperetiquette.com Copper Etiquette
  • sashi

    hmm, I need so much more extreme cleansing because of the amount of makeup because of my less than perfect skin..... So I wonder if I wore less would my skin be better and require only a simple routine as this beautiful girl's?
    Or is there an age past which your skin just doesn't look so even and gorgeous anymore??

  • http://virtuallystunning.blogspot.com David

    Such a pretty photo! :D

    Have a Good Day!



  • Kelly

    Emily--great post! Parisian girls have great skin and I love the hair. Always imperfectly perfect! Please try to post a Top Shelf while you are there. Thanks!

  • https://thebeautyphilosopher.com TheBeautyPhilosopher

    A lovely simple but elegant beauty routine. I love cleansing waters. I have tried the Bioderma, Lancome and Caudalie cleansing waters.

  • http://teasoftime.blogspot.com Odessa

    Love her simplicity and effortlesness....she looks so fresh and clean, I want her cleansing water.

  • Lisa C

    Gorgeous. Alas, I think what she has doesn't come in a jar...

  • denisa

    I think it is important that we know what we really put on our faces. So, thumbs up for Kate! I do think we are not quite aware of the harm we are doing to our skins while we think we care for it.

  • http://www.theionfashion.com Ashley at The I on Fashion

    I love the fact that she admits to her youthfulness. I often get mistaken for younger too (even though I'm well into my twenties), and I know how annoying it can sometimes be. I love her simple regime as well.

    The I on Fashion

  • http://shopaholic-in-oxfords.blogspot.com/ Izzi89

    Beautiful!!! Fresh faced and natural, I love it!
    Good job!

    Follow my blog



  • Laura

    Yes please post a topshelf of more Parisian girls while there.

  • Lena

    hooray for Kate! so many times on this blog and others, an expensive, luxe product is touted for its magical, word-of-mouth properties (and sometimes sensuous feel or fragrance), but what it actually contains is known to be harmful to the skin, or at least potentially irritant and/or not beneficial. We as consumers covet what those with great style and glowing skin advocate, without questioning whether such a product can really give us that. Not being as monetarily wealthy as many of those featured on this blog, I'd rather save my hard-earned dollars for what is proven (through the evidence base) to be effective, or at least not considered to cause harm. It's always good to educate ourselves and check ingredients rather than willfully close our eyes and purchase in the hopes of becoming more like those who use the product in some way! If only these potions were so magical! That said, Emily does a great and skillful job with this blog in creating something elegant, intriguing, and voyeuristically fun.

  • http://nikipaniki.com Niki

    Love that her beauty regimen is so minimalistic. Lucky that she gets a big bottle of Argan oil. Share some! :)

  • eblis

    What lipstick is she wearing?

  • Kevin

    OMG ! French girls are so perfect. I would LOVE to be able to kiss this kind of skin. French men are SO lucky !
    May the force be with you Rabea, mon amour!