Estée Lauder Fashion’s Night Out

Estee Lauder Fashions Night Out Into The Gloss

Well, the party's over but IT. WAS. AMAZING. I knew that Tom would be doing my makeup but I didn't know that he'd be giving me "Hilary Rhoda-meets-Brooke Shields" eyebrows. Or that I'd meet so many cool ITG readers, like Tessa from Australia who might just be my next intern, and Lauren Zaremba, the Twitter contest winner who spent a good forty-five minutes in Tom's chair and left with a killer metallic eye. Here's a little peek at our event last night!

Some highlights not caught on camera:

-Hilary and I being interrupted mid-conversation by a male admirer (of hers, duh) with a rose and love letter.

-Tom explaining that the best way to do a "smokey eye" on me is by not "closing in" the outer corners. Leave a bit of space for a more wide-eyed look. And here I've been giving the inner corners all of (or rather, none of) the love.

-The Lauder makeup artists' tiny "video pins" playing Derek Lam's Fall/Winter 2011 runway show and behind the scenes. Like little flat screens over their hearts...very cool.

-Me leaving in a took me eight years of living in New York and three FNOs to figure out that it's the only way to travel during crazy traffic.


August 31, 2011

I don’t know where you’ll be on September 8th, but if the answer is New York City then you should be thrilled to hear that Tom Pecheux (aka the sexiest makeup artist alive) and I will be hosting Estée Lauder’s Fashion’s Night Out festivities at Saks!

Remember when you went to a department store makeup counter to get ready for prom? This will be the dreamy version of that. Mr. Pecheux and his team of international artists are creating four “front row”-worthy looks to choose from, and all you need to do is RSVP, show up, mingle (we’re fun), and get dolled up for the big night—whatever the rest of your evening entails. And, as if you weren’t already mapping out the quickest route to 611 Fifth Avenue, get this: one lucky ITG reader will win a personal session with the legend himself! Tweet @IntoTheGloss and @EstéeLauder with the hashtag #EstéeLauderFNO between now and September 6th for your shot at a tête à tête with Tom.

See you there!


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  • mj

    fun! I'll be there xx

  • Jeanette B. Indiviglio

    I have used Estee Lauder products and Youth Dew for over 50 years . I always get compliments on my Youth Dew.

    • corrie kilpatrick

      Im almost 50, decided im throwing out mom's voice in my head. Since I was thirty, she said I was too young to wear Youth Dew, it was for older woman. I'v always loved it. This Christmas it's on my wish list to her and to Santa.

  • Laura

    Reason #519807 I wish I lived in New York.....

    • Emily

      Laura--what better reason to take a mini vacay! xE

  • Shawna McCambridge

    I LOVE EL....when I was a little girl my glam Aunt Amata only had EL products on her mirror n glasses make table. I was in awe of her...her beauty...when I was 12 she bought me my first beauty case...My signature fragrance is SUNFLOWER...every where I go ppl always say I love being around me cause i smell so granddaughter,Bridget, turned 10 this past weekend...I gave her her 1st fragrance trio!!!!! 3rd generation of EL!!!!!! PLEASE continue 2 make least til I die!!!! Even then a want a bottle 4 the road!!!!

    • Hannah

      I too love Sunflowers but I'm pretty sure it's by Elizabeth Arden.

  • kenya Rittenburg

    I'm so there

  • Lisa C

    Though we have no fashion week that I am aware of, PLEASE come do something fabulous like this in San Francisco!!!

    • Alexis

      Yes, we ladies here in SF love beauty and fashion, too!!!

  • Janine

    Definitely going to be there!!!! So excited!


    happy for you emily

  • Alison

    You look really lovely with Tom's makeup applied! Go Tessa (I'm a Sydney girl .... can't help it!) I love your blog. I've picked up a number of 'beauty' tips/products that I'm now using. Top Shelf is awesome. Hope you enjoy Fashion Week.



  • cat

    wow you look fantastic in the video!

    were you able to find out what the models were using from the line last night? hilary's skin looks immaculate!

  • Ana

    where is your dress from? it looks killer on you!

    • Emily

      Thanks Ana! It's by Carven. xE

  • Nikki Ashley

    The party looked fun and your make up looked fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing.

    xo Nikki

  • Priscilla Francine Makeup

    I would love to spend an entire week with you...just to enjoy what you get to experience!

  • Vera


    I just found your blog and it was love at first sight. Your dress immediatly caught my attention. It's Carven, but new or old collection? It's very flattering, both the cut and the colour.

    Next year I will be living in Washington DC, hope I can make it to the NY fashion week as I will be arriving in late August/early September. Very excited.

    Guess I will now a thrilling new hobby to explore during my dissertation breaks!

    Greetings from a Portuguese based in Canada and studying in the Netherlands ;)

  • Cendrine

    Emily, what colors did Tom use on you for your personalized look?
    I'm loving your blog, by the way!

  • pamela

    Hi Emily,

    I'd love to know what colours and products Tom used on you also. You look fantastic!

  • kriss

    wow emily you are stunning!!!!! beautiful skin indeed.

  • Alexis

    You are so delightful on camera as you are on your blog. You look fabulous! Keep up the great work.

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    Emily you look absolutely dreamy here.