Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012


Pat McGrath (Dolce & Gabbana): She’s a beautiful, fresh young Italian girl—it’s this cinematic, modern beauty based on Sophia Loren. Just a teeny little eyeliner done with black pencil, pulled out, and we’re adding a quarter length of false lashes to the outer corners. Then we’re doing brown Coffee pencil underneath just so it’s not really hard…with tons of Secret Lash mascara on the top lashes. We’re using the Creamy Foundation on the skin and then a mix of Provocateur and Rose blush mixed together which gives a really healthy glow, and we’re doing a beautiful sheer nude lip with Imperial Passion Duo lipstick. The brows are super groomed because we are giving a nod to Sophia, and it was all about the brow with Sophia Loren.

Guido (Redken): She’s in a market in Sicily on a hot summer night, so the hair is very soft, very pretty. I’m putting Redken Thickening Lotion in the hair to prep it, and then around the perimeter we’re lifting the root with a curling iron and finally sweeping it up very very softly—so everything looks like it could just fall out—soft around the neck, soft around the ears…it’s about a beautiful woman, really. That beautiful Dolce woman.

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  • gorete sousa

    Great !!!
    love it!!!


  • Copper Etiquette

    Looks great! The first model is beautiful!
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  • Dina

    So fresh and beautiful! Love it!!!!

  • Ali K

    This was my favorite beauty look from all the Fashion Week shows, thus far! It's a gorgeous look; fresh enough to wear everyday, but pulled together for an occasion or work. Molto Bello!
    Emily, could you possibly show us your makeup you wore for Fashion Week? I would SWOON!

  • kate

    love the hair and make up. sooo pretty for spring!

  • Mioara Roncea

    Pat really knows how to use her magic brushes.
    Thank you.

    Mioara Roncea.

  • Bre

    Sophia Loren is the perfect muse for Dolce & Gabbana! I love the defined brow, black liner, and soft lip. Such a pretty, feminine look. So flattering!

  • Lou

    Love the make up! It is very natural and soft.


  • Liz


    Liz Lizo

  • Jackie

    perfectly simple makeup to complement the absolutely stunning, colorful Dolce & (how do you spell Gabbana? jk) spring collection!

  • Twelve52

    This is just how I would like to look every day. Such a pretty and understated look.

  • Julia

    She is gorgeous. Love it!

  • Sara Majane

    Hey Emily!

    Not sure if you have seen, but you are on Tommy Ton's street style section on

    I love your blog and I am so proud of your success! You are an inspiration!


  • linh

    What is the name of the first model?

    • Emily

      Hi Linh--Julia Frauch, she's a new girl from France who's having a great first season. I think she's so gorgeous. xE

  • David

    IN love with the make-up! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  • marcela

    The thing about this post that I like apart from the make-up is the fact that it takls about the brilliant work of Path, and that we get to know the story behind it, where the inspiration came from.

  • Alexis

    YAY - the beauty team at Dolce & Gabbana never fails to disappoint me. I love the inspiration board because Sophia's classic beauty is timeless. I feel so honored that I share a birthday with her.

  • Géraldine

    Great !!
    Love it

  • Mel’

    It was one of the best make up & hairdo of Milan FW after Ferragamo !