Derek Lam Spring 2012


Orlando Pita (Phyto): The hair style follows the simple clean lines that are in Derek’s collection: I’m doing a super simple side part, low ponytail in the back, and it’s all very perfectly done—no hair out of place. And how we do that is first we blow dry the hair with Phytovolume Actif Maximizing Spray, and then we use Phyto 7 Cream on the ends—everything should look really shiny and beautiful and healthy. Then we tie the hair back with a piece of elastic, and those we’re using brown black and beige, depending on the hair colors. I buy rolls of it at a notions store and just cut pieces off. And then we’re finishing it off with the Workable Holding Spray, and there’s a Shine Defining Wax that we’ll run over the ponytails before they go out, so the hair stays in place. It takes a certain with a certain confidence to slick all her hair back; it’s quite severe, the look. So I don’t know how much that will translate, but I do think a ponytail is something that, for the summer, is on-trend. And what I love about a ponytail is that it’s good for everything: you can wear it messy, you can wear it high, you can wear it low, you can wear it with an evening dress, you can wear it with jeans….and, every woman knows how to do it themselves.

Tom Pecheux (Estée Lauder): First, I’m doing the usual treatment on the skin…the basics, just like you need to put on underwear…you need to moisturize, and what I like to do on everyone, is use a smoothing veil, because when you use a smoothing veil before foundation it’s super sleek, super neat. To erase the little wrinkle, little pimple, Idealist Illuminator is perfect. And today I’m using a new foundation that we’re going to launch at the beginning of next year—it’s amazing, I’m so proud of it. It has gentle coverage and there are about twenty colors, for every skin tone you can imagine. It’s super easy to apply, and the best way to apply is with the finger. Then we do a veil of loose powder, and after that we start the color treatment: a more powerful eyebrow, a brown shimmery eye shadow right under the eyebrow, and I’m using a yellow eye shadow on the eyelid [launching January 2012]. When Derek showed me his collection and his inspirations, he was showing me earth, the heat of the west coast—when you go to LA you see colors that you kind of don’t see anywhere because of the sun. So I wanted the yellow to represent that warmth. I love to use yellow; yellow is a striking color that a lot of people are afraid of. And I think it’s great for me as a makeup artist to say, “Don’t be terrified”. I don’t know if every woman can wear a yellow eye shadow, but I’m saying, try. You may like it, you may not like it, but that’s not the most important thing—the most important thing is to not get stuck. You need to totally be with pleasure in the search of making yourself feel beautiful and confident. And afterwards I apply a yellow lip gloss to add shine and also to erase the pink of the lips, because if not the lips look too girly for the rest of the face.


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    A good look for anytime, and phyto never feels mucky on your hair.

  • PvdH

    I am really enjoying your backstage beauty posts from fashion week. Very interesting insights in what the designers and their stylists go for. I wouldn't be one to wear yellow eyeshadow, but I very much appreciate the whole look of the girls. Particularly once you see them in conjunction with the clothes- incredibly cohesive.


  • Alexis

    Ever since Tom Pecheux came on board at EL, I have been paying more attention to the line. I'll be looking out for this new foundation that will be launched beginning of the year, as color matches are tricky for me!

  • Lou

    Lots of ponytails look like they are the next big thing.


  • Cristina

    I love this post, i follow you blog, seems amazing :D