Alexander Wang Spring 2012


Diane Kendal (MAC): The look today is a bit 90’s, and it’s all about the smokey, greasy eye. In the 90’s that’s when it really started that people didn’t wear any foundation; moisturized skin and a greasy eye was a real look then. So we’re doing really raw skin, and we’re rimming the eye with black pencil, which we’re taking off with moisturizer, blending with a brush, and then reapplying, so you get that kind of really nice worn-in feel. No mascara. Basically that’s it—just brushing the eyebrows, and keeping everything groomed. It’s definitely how Alexander likes to see his girls—kind of quite raw, very urban, modern, and little bit rock and roll too.

Guido (Redken): Alex is very true to himself—there’s a true “Alexander Wang” aesthetic: a very cool, downtown kind of girl, so the hair is always in that kind of world. And this season we’ve gone for this wet looking sort of hair that actually isn’t wet; I’m using Redken Full Frame Mousse to achieve the look. And some girls have in hair extensions because when you make the hair look wet, it can look quite thin, and I don’t want that. What I’m doing is letting the product dry, and then for girls who have stick-straight hair, I’m using my Sultra curling irons to create a slight bit of movement in the hair. And then at the end, I will be adding a bit more shine with Redken’s new argan oil, which is great because you can use it all different ways. So it’s an easy look, and a look that a girl can achieve really easily, with the help of just a few styling tools and products. And how chic is that, to be wearing these clothes and just have wet hair…it’s the ultimate kind of coolness for any woman. The more effortless we make the hair look, the more kind of cool, I suppose, we’re being.

Jin Soon Choi (Sally Hansen): Sally Hansen and Alex worked together on a nail collaboration—they come out in April. There’s three shades: Parchment, Petrol, and Oxblood, and they were completely inspired by him. He gave them his fabric swatches from the collection. Today we used Parchment, and only one coat, no base or top coat, because he doesn’t want to have a really high gloss. I think it’s going to be cool to mix dark colors with bright colors for spring: hands bright, toes dark…I think it will be very very cool.

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  • Julia

    I really love this "kind of quite raw, very urban, modern, and little bit rock and roll too". That is so fantastic. I wish I were better at doing a smokey eye...

  • The Procrastinator

    I'm loving wet EVERYTHING for this season -- glossy lip, a shiny eye. Go Alex Wang!

  • PvdH

    The girls did indeed have that awesome 'rawness' of the Wang Girl. A great look.


  • Nikki Ashley

    Can't wait to try the "oxblood" shade!

  • Lauren

    I leave the house with wet hair every day and let it dry on my way to wherever I'm going....does that make me effortlessly chic or just lazy?

    • Emily

      Ha! I do that too, so I'll go with "effortlessly chic". ; ) xE

  • David

    I love the make-up photos! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  • the polka leopard

    really like that oxblood nail polish for Autumn! the models look great but why no mascara....

  • Joy

    Nothing revolutionary but soooooo pretty!

  • Jackie
  • Aquí

    So in love with the eye makeup and nail polish! I'll definitely be picking up these colors! Really love the makeup because its minimal but still gives that edge and can easily be worn as an everyday look!

  • Jessica

    Dear Emily,

    I am really happy that you are having fun at in NYFW. But I hope that you had time to interview interesting people since it's been a looooooong time (at least it feels that way) since the last top shelf and I'm experience severe withdrawal.


  • Marysia

    I see Lottie with the purple hair! She's the best makeup artist I've even worked with...sooooo talented! fun post..thank you!

  • Bre

    The models looked effortlessly cool, something you definitely come to expect from Alexander Wang. I love that the model's hair was wet and unfussy, makes me feel better about my leaving the house with wet hair all the time! I thought I was just being lazy and hair styling inept. The undone smoky eye is really sexy, as is the Oxblood nail polish, I will be picking up a bottle come April!

  • martha

    really cool :)