Shelley Edmunson, PhD Student

Shelley Edmunson

"I live in Martha’s Vineyard year-round; my grandmother lives here and I’ve spent every summer here. I’m actually starting my graduate studies at UNH, up in New Hampshire—I study the conch fishery here. My beauty routine? [Laughs] I just take a shower—an outdoor shower. I like Purpose cleanser, and I mix up shampoos…whatever’s in the outdoor shower, I guess. [Laughs] Lately I’ve been using L’Oreal, the one in the pink and green container that’s Rosemary and Juniper, you know? I’ve been into those lately. I like Alba Botanicals Green Tea and Aloe face lotion, and the Alba sunscreen is really good. I’m out in the sun a lot doing research on boats, so my hair just gets naturally lighter. I don’t wear any makeup, ever…pretty boring. [Laughs]"



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  • Betsy

    Haha! Her low-maintenance vs. everyone else who has claimed the same.

    Love the blog!

  • mimi

    the outdoor shower intrigues me haha. on the one hand, it sounds lovely and refreshing.. on the other, i think id be freaking out about "the outdoors" (bugs! the cold air! people seeing the nakedness!).

    but i love the low maintenance approach. you totally need confidence to be makeup-less everyday :)

    • Lisa C

      Just 'cause it's outdoors doesn't mean it's exposed and cold!

      I once stumbled upon this book, which, obsessed as I am with the concept of outdoor showers, I could not bring myself to buy:
      But it has great pictures.

      All that said, Shelley is beautiful and everything about her is worth emulating! Now excuse me while I go study science that will benefit the environment, wear vintage-looking dresses, educate children, work outdoors, and radiate light from within :)

  • kate

    outdoor shower....sounds heavenly in the mornings. what a beauty

  • MG

    Oh I love the Alba line of products!

  • Lisi

    I rotate the Loreal Rosemary/Juniper shampoo, too! I love the smell and it feels so clean! She's such a natural beauty and I love that she studies conch! How original!

  • Denisa

    wow she is really an interesting person and I really like that you feature normal people with sound principles
    thank you

  • Ashley

    She's really beautiful. I love how humble and honest she is about her beauty routine.

    The I on Fashion

  • Jennie

    love the simplicity (and love purpose!)

  • Lauren

    I'm waiting for a fabulous drag queen or just someone who piles on the product without shame! Love these natural low maintenance approaches but I'd love to see someone who goes all out.

  • Ella Pretty Blog

    Love Shelley's simple routine (although I could never stick to it). Her natural highlights are gorgeous!

  • Bre

    Her pared down and simplistic style is really refreshing! I am envious of women like that, but at the same time, I love my makeup and skincare products. I agree with her though, Alba makes incredible products and I am big fan of their hydrating moisturizers and all natural sunscreens. I am also incredibly envious of her outdoor shower! Showering outdoors is amazing, I love to take advantage of outdoor showers when vacationing at the beach. One day I would love to install my very own to use during the hot, summer months. Turns a necessity into an indulgence!

  • Rose

    I love her. And she's gorgeous. I have learned- as I've gotten older- that keeping it simple and focusing on the more impotant aspects of life (i.e. education, family, personal growth, etc) is the best way to stay beautiful. She seems to have that figured out too! Jane Goodall is a good example of this approach, too.

  • Genevieve

    I really enjoyed this one, like I do all of them, but how great of you to interview a variety of women who really represent the whole spectrum of how we approach grooming and beauty. I loved it!

  • Christina

    Now this girl could be classified as a bonafide hippy! Timeless and classic- a true ITG woman.

  • JM

    "a true ITG woman." I'm going to have to disagree. ITG stands for INTO the GLOSS, which Shelley clearly isn't. No judgement, she just isn't a glossy woman. I would have liked to have seen that shower, though. I think I'm going to have to have one some day.

  • David

    Beautiful photo! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  • Laura

    Very beautiful girl, good on her for wearing a proper sunscreen every day given that she's constantly outdoors.

  • Irina

    i went to visit my home country for 3.5 months this summer. I also took outdoor showers and no makeup and no plucking or straightening my hair (i have to admit i shaved though lol). It was quite an experience,because of this I somehow got more confident with my natural self.

  • TheBeautyPhilosopher

    That is a rare true minimalist! But gosh look at that skin! She is divine.

  • Kim S

    This site is about beauty and makeup. No offense but this interview is about a woman who uses no products, not informative. Low maintenance is cool but not using anything is a non story.

    • TheBeautyPhilosopher

      But she is using products. Just because they are simple products with no fanfare and just because she only uses a few does not mean she does not use anything of note or interest. I am always curious to see what a person with great skin uses.

  • gina solon

    I know Shelley, and she is as radiantly beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside...jealousy aside, I have no doubt as to her "beauty routine" ...she really is just that lucky.

  • Colleen

    Wow, it must be great to be naturally beautiful...and have an outdoor shower

  • elena

    If I went a week without scrubs and my clay mask, my face will be totally gross (blackheads and breakouts anyone?) I am not sure what honesty and admiration has to do with anything here that so many mentioned. Shelly is just a lucky woman to have the genes that do not require of her to have any kind of face care to keep a clear complexion. She is lucky, lucky, lucky, that's all.

  • Gemma

    Shelley is beautiful, and it's great to see a female scientist on ITG. Why not represent all ends of the spectrum? (There has been another scientist too, I believe) I love love love skincare products but haven't worn makeup in several years and so thanks for representing!

  • Style Souk


    How I wish to be this beautiful with the assistance of so few products and tricks.

    Sarah x

  • rebecca

    ,,,she indeed IS naturally beautiful,,,to live on MV year round, my dream!,,,and a outdoor shower, how wonderful! vacationed on MV this summer and I saw those outdoor showers on the properties of these beautiful homes and many of them had views of the ocean!,,,

  • Mopsy

    Ha, as a former PhD student I remember that sort of routine- in my case it was moisturise, moisturise, moisturise because our labs were really dry but with light make-up to look professional when we had to speak to patients and clinicians.

    Of course, the rubbish stipends meant rationing my Chanel perfume and best make-up for special occasions!