Melinda & Sailor Love Dean

Melinda & Sailor Love Dean

“I’m Native American, and there’s a Native American store on the Venice Beach boardwalk that I always walk past, where I’ve bought these leather hair ties in every color. I actually haven’t worn them in a long time, I got sick of them, but today I decided to pull them out. Sailor doesn’t have any yet but we’ll get her some eventually!

The tattoo on my wrist was a two-year anniversary gift to my husband; the string spells out 'Tyler' on the underside. It was kind of spur of the moment. As far as beauty goes, there’s nothing consistent—I’m always trying new things. I always stick to the natural stuff—I think that’s a California thing. I’m actually in school right now for holistic health and alternative medicine. I go to the farmer’s market and try out all kinds of organic beauty products. And my skin’s not temperamental which is great, because I don’t have to worry about something making me break out. Sailor uses California Baby products—we share it when we take baths together.”

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  • Farah

    oh my goodness---the sunshiney loveliness of these two!

  • Gina

    I'd love to be able to see a closer look at her leather hair ties! She looks gorgeous

  • Mioara Roncea

    It is so nice to see normal people in here. :)

  • Marcela

    I agree with all the comments, what can I say, it's nice to see the diverse kind of women in the blog.
    She does look like a holistic and all natural kind of person, I wish her all the best in her studies.
    It's good to know that people vary in the kind of profits that they use and know that that is ok too.
    Lovely post.
    To all great week-end

  • Ashley

    She is very beautiful. Her face is stunning and her skin is so smooth and glowing. And I love how she used the hair ties and didn't make them look too juvenile. Great post!

    The I on Fashion

  • Jackie
  • Ally

    Divine duet of beautiful people.
    I love the name Sailor.
    Tattoo is precious, precious too.


  • pemora

    its great seeing a 'regular' person on here + she looks amazing!

  • David

    Love this post! :D

    Have a Good Day!


  • Laura

    Really enjoying this focus on people who aren't in the fashion industry! Very refreshing, and they seem like friendly, down-to-earth people too!

  • Sindhu

    Have to second everyone on the hair ties, she wears them well. She just radiates health and beauty, although some of that might be the excellent lighting you caught on this photograph!

    I also really like the tattoo, I'm thinking about getting one as a wedding gift :)

  • Lisa C

    If she's not a model she should be! Stunning!

  • Alexis

    As someone that also has a wrist tattoo - this one is incredibly sweet. How cute is Sailor? Lovely natural Southern California beauties!

  • Queen B.

    How precious! She is adorable. And I love the wrist tattoo, I don't think I've ever seen one before but I'm a big fan. Thought it was a bracelet before I read the article!

  • k.

    Is this photograph taken outside Gjelina?