Cartier Baiser Volé

Cartier Baiser Volé

When I think Cartier, I think many things: engagement rings, Love bracelets, bodyguards, credit card debt. I don’t necessarily think fragrance. But their newest offering, Baiser Volé, has me seeing the storied jewelry house in a whole new light.

The scent is 100% Lily—three parts of the plant, to be exact: leaves, petals and pistal. To say it’s heady is an understatement…it’s downright decadent. It is one of the richest, most beautiful florals I’ve smelled in a long time. It makes me want to take a bath in it, and, if Volé’s creator Mathilde Laurent has her way, that tub better be big enough for two: according to the perfumer, eight out of ten men say the Lily is their favorite flower. Regardless, nothing beats catching the infamous Cartier script winking at you from the bottle, which is inspired by a classic gold lighter.  Except, maybe, getting a panther ring from your boyfriend because you smell so darn good.

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  • marcela

    The bottle is gorgeous, now you made me curious, and I will go out and try to get it, or get someone to get it for me since they do not have it here in Luanda.
    Thanks for the post, and the tip. I do trust you judgement I always want to know when a great product is available.

  • Tenzin Yangki

    Ah, I need to buy this fragrance to earn my own panther ring ;) You describe it wonderfully.

  • Sherry

    Hi Emily,
    I just want to say thanks so much for creating this blog! You give so much effort to Into The Gloss, and never hesitate to respond when a reader has a question about your reviews or opinions, the interaction really is helpful. I love how in-tune you are to the beauty world, and how the focus of your blog ranges from influential magazine editors to a random teenager on the street. It's great to be able to read a blog that recognizes the variety and breadth that the beauty world has, that it doesn't just stop at makeup and skincare. Thanks for the Review, the Face, the Top Shelf, and all the other categories that make your blog so unique and fun to discover!

  • LuckyD

    Gorgeous bottle.

  • Laura

    I collect perfume samples that I get as freebies over time and every once in a while I sit down and smell each one, toss the sickening ones, but I honestly have the most Cartier or any other fragrance. They smell amazingly!!

    My mom just got a Cartier watch recently and when you buy a big ticket item like that... you get a bottle of CARTIER CHAMPAGNE that comes in a crystal bottle.... i want all things cartier, including this fragrance now!!!

  • Ashley

    This is a great review, I'm truly interested in trying it. And I love the fact that it is 100% Lily, I would definitely invest in this perfume!

    The I on Fashion

  • Mioara Roncea

    This perfume it's a jewelry itself. It does remind me of a lighter.

  • elle

    I have to say, I'm kind of disappointed. I thought if Cartier ever put out a scent it would contain traces of real panther, ala Paul Rudd's character's scent in Anchorman...

  • Joanna

    I'll have to give this one a sniff. Thanks for the heads up! Cartier's Panthere de Cartier is also quite lovely. It's from the 1980's, but isn't at all brash or cloying.

  • Joanna

    P.S. Another fantastic lily scent is Frederic Malle's Lys Mediterranee. The lilies are singing in that one, so glorious.

  • Nathalie

    Thanks once again for this post. I've discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and I'm addicted now!
    Cartier perfumes are great, particularly the one called Declaration. I offered it to my husband and it smells so good.


  • alice

    the best perfume I ever tried was Cartier's "Must" in the cream version (not liquid).
    My mother had it when I was growing up, and it was incredibly amazing!
    Now I'm obviously curious about this one. :)

  • Jackie

    what a lovely bottle!
    my dad bought my mom a love bracelet while we were in verona. hoping my future husband is as romantic!

  • donna

    I can't wear perfume but I can still admire how gorgeous that bottle is--pared-down, almost like an antique but not in a crusty-dusty sort of way. I especially love the lid!

    Emily, I'm addicted to your Top Shelf entries! Would love to see Poppy Delevigne's.

  • Dawn

    the bottle is beautiful and you sold me with -"getting a panther ring from your boyfriend because you smell so darn good."

  • Florina

    I'm almost panting-- I want this so much. Except I do have a question: There are so many lily species, most with very potent but also quite unique scents; do you know which lily Cartier is formulating this with?

    Also, this blog. No words. Just a pleased sigh. :)

  • Lisa C

    Yes, please!

  • Nathalie @ Neigeblanche

    My late darling mother used to wear Must de Cartier. It was so her. Cartier's fragrances are always so beautiful. A class apart from the crowd.

    Maybe I am a Cartier girl too, like mother like daughter. I have the watch after all!

  • Christine

    I smelled this at Nordstrom the other day and was completely taken aback...the top notes smell JUST like a fresh bouquet of lilies! I have never smelled a perfume that smells as REAL as this one! And of course the bottle is gorgeous :)

  • {kelly and jones}

    What a gorgeous bottle! I can't wait to try the perfume.

  • Elayne

    Two weeks ago I gave myself a spritz at Nordstrom's. The scene haunted me ever since. I have never smelled a perfume so "me." Today I went back and purchased the 1.6 oz. size. I intend to wear it 24/7. Heavenly!


Cartier Baiser Vole Eau de Toilette Spray