Tory Burch, Designer


"I have three brothers and was a total tomboy growing up—my beauty regime was and still is minimal. Less is definitely more for me. I’m not a big makeup wearer, but I’ve always been interested in protecting my skin. I’ve never really sat in the sun, except maybe in college [Laughs]—unusual because my mom loved the sun, but she taught me about taking care of my skin early on. I play a lot of sports outside and always wear sunblock.

In terms of skin care, I keep everything very simple. I always wash my face and put on moisturizer when I go to bed. I’ve used Erno Laszlo Sea Mud Soap for a long time—it’s very cleansing but doesn’t dry out your skin. My friend Marina Rust gave me Tata Harper moisturizer for my birthday last year. I really love the natural scent. Weleda Skin Food is my go-to moisturizer, which you can buy for $10 at Whole Foods. It’s rich and hydrating but not too heavy—great for your face but you can also use it on your arms and legs. I love the smell of Mustela lotion as well. I used it on my boys when they were little and I kept using it—it’s meant for babies so maybe it’s time to move on. [Laughs]

I’ve always used tinted moisturizer on my face. I like Pat Wexler’s—her products are great. They’re sold at Bath & Body Works and are amazing for the price. She has an under-eye moisturizer that works for dark circles too. I usually wear MAC lip gloss, Shu Uemura cover-up, and Armani Eyes to Kill or Dior mascara, but I don’t have a set regime—I mix it up and use what’s on hand. I like natural nails—I use Deborah Lippmann’s Tiny Dancer and leave the crazy colors to the 20-year-olds. [Laughs] I wear the same fragrance day or evening. I love Vetiver by Guerlain—my father and brothers wore it, but I think it crosses over well. I’m not a big flowery perfume person. I used to wear Chanel No. 5 and Cristalle growing up and sometimes wore Hermès too. And I like Balenciaga—it’s really about the bottle! [Laughs] When I travel, I pack a few extra things in my carry-on—Kiehl’s Coriander Body Lotion and By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm. I try to pack Airborne, too, because planes can be hazardous to many things, including your health—especially if someone has a cold.

In the morning I usually walk out the door with a wet head, put my hair in a low ponytail and go out for the day—not very exciting. I don’t blow dry my hair, except when I go to a party, just so it’s a little bit more presentable. [Laughs] I prefer the look of my hair when it dries naturally—not too perfect or too straight. I like Klorane dry shampoo, but I don’t use it in between washes; I use it for styling. It gives really great texture to your hair. I see Jessica Gillin at Marie Robinson for haircuts, and Marie does my color. I’ve been going to them for the last three years. They’re both really talented. I also go to Tracie Martyn for a facial when I can. It’s incredible. I started going there a few months ago when a friend told me about it. My skin feels great afterwards. I have her products and use the body lotion for everything.

I have three boys who are incredibly athletic, so I’m constantly fishing, hiking, playing tennis and playing lacrosse. I also run a little bit and work out on the elliptical in the gym. I’ve always been somewhat sporty but I’m not a big dieter. I think it’s all about moderation—you can eat anything you want as long as you’re not eating too much of it. I drink a ton of water too—I definitely feel better now that I’m not drinking Diet Coke."

—as told to ITG

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  • Marie-Thérèse

    a pleasure for the eyes and more every time again... thank you!

  • Amelia

    i can't decide whether this totally practical beauty routine is charmingly contradictory of tory burch's preppy reputation or totally fitting (simple good quality no frills clothing = same philosophy for beauty?)

  • Hanna

    Oh my... she is so beautiful and her products are amazing too. Thank you! Great!

  • Alyssa

    Thank god.. I was going into ITG withdrawal. I like this! Facials are especially awesome. Could you do a post about how to do a really great at-home facial? That would be awesome.

    • Emily

      Hi Alyssa--sorry for the dry spell! My hard drive crashed so I've been computer-less : / Not fun. Thanks for your facial-post suggestion...I'll see what I can come up with! xE

      • Alyssa

        Haha I knew something must be wrong! It was worth the wait!

  • LuckyD

    Great way to start the week!!
    Your photography just gets better and better - this photo of TB could go on a book jacket.
    As for the products, I've never heard of Pat Wexler, so I'll probably start there and work my way down the list. :)

  • Charlotte

    Thanks ITG! The top shelf is my favorite feature and Tory Burch's routine is refreshingly simple. Your blog is the best!

  • Anne Sophie

    I look forward every new beauty portraits and it's always the same pleasure, great tips too!

  • Linda

    Hi Emily! Fantastic post- it's soo exciting to see your blog grow! Just curious about primers, what you and others use for your face and eyes??

    Thanks! Love the writing :)

  • Wendell

    Another terrific post; congrats! Love Ms. Burch's sensible approach to skincare - it is about protecting the skin. I also bought Balenciaga becuase I adore the bottle (the scent is lovely). And Le Labo's Vetiver is also great.

    Beautiful photos!

  • MG

    LOVE balenciaga perfume as well. Ah, she's so amazing!

  • Jackie

    it really is fascinating to see what products other women use! tory burch is no exception. thanks for posting!

  • Marcela

    Great post.
    It's interesting like many of the people that you have featured in this blog take a minimal approach when it comes to make up. I love it all.
    I have always admired Tory, I think she is great and doing a great job.

  • Erin

    Love how down-to -earth she is!

    Btw, can I request a beauty interview? I would love to see what's in Shiri Appleby's routine (in case you ever get the chance!)

  • Farah

    A Monday morning treat!

    Thank you so much, Emily!

  • Alexis

    I really love seeing pictures of other people's makeup/skincare stashes. It really gives me ideas on how to better organize my stuff. Tory's routine doesn't really surprise me - very simple and unfussy. A perfect representation of her design aesthetic.

  • Ashley

    So glad you did this interview, I absolutely love Tory Burch! And I love her skin care and eating advice - she's completely right: simple and everything in moderation. Love this post!

    The I on Fashion

  • Fluffy

    Marina Rust is beautiful - I want to hear her thoughts!

  • The Procrastinator

    Everyone seems to be so on this Tata Harper thing - any idea if we Canadians can get it?


    • Fluffy

      try all natural it is the nest I have ever tired.

    • Lesa

      If you're in Toronto, they just started carrying Tata Harper at Gee Beauty. Otherwise, you'll have to order from the site.

    • Alison

      Her online shop delivers to Canada!!

  • Cassie

    just found your blog and love it, i'm a huge tory fan too :) i love that she uses a moisturized that i can get at whole foods.

  • Laura

    absolutely love this post!! she seems so low key yet beautiful!

  • Ally

    She's my perfume soulmate! xo

  • Elizabeth

    Love this website so much! Emily, could you please try and do a Top Shelf feature on Katie Lee? Love her personal style.

  • anu

    To Procrastinator, does international shipping and they have Tata Harper. I have not tried it internationally, but for US they are extremely prompt.

    Tata harper products are great. Expensive but they saved my skin. I get their trial pack and use it extremely sparingly and still it makes difference to my skin. I cannot afford to make it my regular skin care, but I use it to reboot every couple of months.

    • LuckyD

      This is a great site and if you click on their "samples" section they let you order sample sizes (even smaller than travel) of the best collections for a lot less $. Thank you Anu!

  • the polka leopard

    your blog is so interesting! i'm so nosy, it's fascinating finding out what other women's beauty secrets are, especially famous, beautiful fashion designers!

  • Laura

    I so look forward to your top shelf posts! And I agree with fluffy, do one on Marina Rust!

  • mimi

    love her hair & beauty philosophy.

    i go out with wet hair too, which is apparently really "frowned upon" etiquette wise (is this just an australian thing?) but my haid dries fast and dead straight so boo to those frown upon-er-rers!

  • Dawn

    tory burch1!!! my favorite so far from ITG! I love her line and her personality. I like how she's low maintenance but still takes care of herself well. I run out of the door with my hair wet too! because I never have time to blow dry in the morning. I used to hate my hair's natural state when it's air-dry but when I started getting the "right" hair cut it worked. I wanna try some of the inexpensive products she mentioned like the moisturizer from Whole Foods. I didn't know they sell tinted moisturizer at Bath and Body! My mom doesn't love the sun but she never really taught me to always wear spf outside or made me put on sunscreen when I was younger so my skin always got pretty damaged during the summer times. But in college I realized that I need to be disciplined about slapping on some sunscreen before I get exposed to the sun. She's right, moderation is the key, especially in the long term. I love the top that she's wearing!! and of course all of the counter photos! Thanks ITG for another great read!

  • chic noir

    I love Balenciaga. It goes on big and strong but dries down well. I also notice that young men, under 25, seem to like it a lot.

    It's funny how different genders and age groups react to the fragrance I wear on a given day.

  • Carolinas Couture

    Great info and I love the picture of her sitting..

  • Amanda

    Aaahhh more top shelfs pleease!! :)

  • JWK

    Love her beauty regiment!! Must check out that moisturizer at Whole Foods!!

  • Avery

    Another great post! For some reason I absolutely love seeing what other women have in their bathroom. Its fun to learn about new products and share ones you already know and love. I would, however, adore it if you would do a post about a woman who loves makeup as much as we all clearly do! There is certainly something to be said about the minimal route, but of course one has to consider those who love makeup too much to take it!

  • Eileen

    I'm really liking the top shelves- especially this, two in a row? What a dream come true! I agree with the above comments that it's quite refreshing to see a simple skincare routine. It's not to say that I don't love the ones that are ridiculously complicated, because they always have so much to say about all kinds of products and that's what I love to read! Keep up the good work ITG!

  • Alison

    Top Shelf is my favourite!
    I'm so happy to have discovered ITG! I LOVE it for so many reasons. Looking into someone elses bathroom cabinet is so awesome. It gives me an insight into different products and routines, women who are real and interesting and actually have lives. Not just show ponies!
    Thank you!!

  • Devon

    I sort of loved this post. This is going to sound terrible-I always thought that Tory Burch was stuck up. After reading this, I am eating words. She seems extremely down to earth, uses affordable products that the average woman can purchase easily and DIDNT PLUG HER PRODUCT like every other person. So many people are "product ambassadors," its refreshing to see a strong woman who owns her own company not shamelessly trying to see her items. Go on with your bad self-your skin looks amazing.

  • Hallie

    Wow, I LOVE being able to peak into Tory's beauty regime. Thank you for sharing!

    Tory Burch online is having a sale this weekend, too: Additional 20% off all sale >> :)


  • Closet Cravings

    Absolutely love Tory. I really like her low maintenance approach to beauty. I drink a lot of water too and I think it's one of the best things you can do for you skin. =)

  • Stephanie

    Love her simple routine and how she mixes high and low beauty products to maintain her effortlessly chic style.

  • Ana

    I LOVE these features. Please do one on Carolina Herrera or her daughter Patricia Lansing. I think the other daughter lives in Spain, so that wouldn't work.

  • Liza

    I love Tory Burch's look. It's natural but polished and chic at the same time. She always looks great! I will have to try out some of the Pat Wexler stuff. I always see it at Bath and Body Works.

  • Marylou Currier

    Per Tory's sensible recommendation, I started using Weleda Skin Food. Great moisturizer and dirt cheap.


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