Oneandra Céspedes, Scientist

Oneandra Cesbedes

“I don’t use any foundation or concealer or anything like that—just eyeliner, mascara and lipstick…of course! I’m wearing MAC Girl About Town lipstick and Magenta lip pencil. My favorite eyeliner up to now is L’Oreal True Match in Onyx, and my mascara is Maybelline Great Lash. My hair’s just in a little bun, tucked away, because it’s so hot right now. I’m using Neutrogena SPF 15 moisturizer, but foundation in the summer? Forget it. Too messy.”

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  • Mioara Roncea

    What an inspiring change to see a scientist here! I hope we shall see more of that.

    Thank you.

    Mioara Roncea.

  • Ila

    I love how you're showing that people in "normal" non-fashion-y careers can have fun with make-up too and be noticed for it!
    It's really inspiring to see that you don't necessarily have to be directly involved in the fashion/beauty industry.

  • Marcela

    It's great that you have a scientist here. And she is beautiful and seems so cool.
    I agree with her, foundation in the summer is a no, no.
    Nice post.

  • Amelia

    a scientist? how cool!!!!

  • HeyitsAlexp

    She's super-chic. I wish we knew more about what field of the sciences she worked in. Very cool and inspiring!

    • Oni

      My first career: Medical Laboratory Scientist, in the present pursing a Medical Doctor degree.

  • Juliana

    Being a scientist myself and loving make up and fashion, it's great to see this post! Sometimes we feel a bit "isolated" and feel like we are the only ones in our world who are interested in these things.... this "other world".... LOVE your blog, congratulations for the nice work!

  • steph

    Awesome, its great to see a fellow female scientist, especially on a blog like this

  • Carlotta

    Wow!!! A scientist...!!! a "regular" person NOT in the fashion/beauty industry...She is move not to wear foundation in the summer..

  • Lauren

    Love this site and I like seeing people's approach to beauty but just ONCE I would love to read about someone who unabashedly loves makeup. I'm talking foundation, bronzer, blush & the works. It's probably a bit more chic to focus on skin care, but it would be fun for beauty junkies to read about someone who goes all out!

    • Capitalist Pancake

      Emily posted a Top Shelf about Francelle Daly, the Nars artist who loves and wears loads of makeup not too long ago.

  • PhotoGirl

    Wonderful to see such a beautiful and intelligent woman here! Please tell us more about her.

  • Stephanie

    I agree, it's is refreshing to see someone with style who doesn't work in fashion. We need more of these girls to show that you don't have to work in the industry to rock fashion and awesome make-up.

  • mj

    love that she's a scientist. good find em

  • Cat

    I bet that is the front of La Esquina. There are lovely and pretty people always sitting there. And amazing pork tacos too!

  • Ally

    Simple. Fabulous. She's adorable ... we should be friends. xo

  • Follow Your Own Way

    sweet & simple.

  • Jenn

    Her skin is so glowy and gorgeous!

    Love that ITG is branching out and starting to cover women from different industries. This is quickly becoming my go-to spot for all makeup recommendations. :)

  • Laura

    I agree with what everyone else is saying; it's great to see someone from a different profession! After all, we (who don't work in the beauty industry) are the ones to whom their products are marketed. Good on her for taking time to look great, even if it's not mandated by her job.

  • Alexandra

    Scientist? What does that even mean? Does she play with rainbow colored liquid substances in a dungeon laboratory with a white overcoat and over-sized goggles?If you take the time to differentiate between the artists on this site, whether they be jewelry designers or illustrators, then please take the time to specify what part exactly Ms Cebedes plays in the immense domain that is science. I think ITG readers are curious and knowledgeable enough to appreciate the difference between a marine biologist and a chemical engineer. Thanks!

    • Emily

      Hi Alexandra--that's the info she offered about her job; it was a quick street-style shoot. She was in between bites at La Esquina (good call, Cat!) but I couldn't resist that fuchsia pucker. Will certainly try to find out more if I see her again! Rainbow colored liquid substances sound cool...xE

    • Oni

      My first career: Medical Laboratory Scientist, in the present pursing a Medical Doctor degree.

  • S


  • esra

    so glad you've got the guts to feature someone who isn't in fashion. i'm glad others are into beauty outside the fashion world xx

  • Sofia

    She looks beautiful, but she should have exposed her eyes. How can I tell if the mascara and eyeliner she is wearing looks good on her? This is a makeup blog n'est-ce pas? Perhaps she wanted a bit of anonymity...?

  • dana

    You knocked it out of the park with Ms. Cesbedes....she's smart and gorgeous!

  • Claudette

    Simply beautiful!

  • Ashley

    I am so glad I came across the post. It's the first post I've seen with a person of color. I love the fact that you include all races and cultures and I love how she uses affordable drugstore brands and exudes natural beauty. Great post!

    The I on Fashion

    • chic noir

      go into the archives, there are a few more women of color who've been profiles here.

  • Alexis

    I bet she was the coolest girl in her chemistry class. Cheers, to featuring a non-industry lady!

  • chic noir

    I've been looking for a pink lipstick that would look good on me. I'm about the Oneandra complection. "girl about town" has been raved about by other blk women who have that sort of medium brown coloring.

    I'm going to give it a try, wish me luck ladies because I've tried so many pink lipsticks over the past year that I've left the makeup counters with raw lips.

    • Alexis

      have you tried the MAC Creamsheen lipstick in "Lickable"? I'm a NC42 and this is my favorite bright pink.

  • Ashley

    1. As a fellow scientist, I was delighted to see this post. :) But I agree with the commenter who observed that it would have been better had her sunglasses been removed so we could actually see her eyeliner and mascara! But the girl (and photo) is so chic so we can't really complain!

    2. Why is there always someone whining about how there are never any posts about people who wear LOTS OF MAKEUP OMG. Caked on makeup is absolutely a dated look and just makes people look old! Makeup looks best when it's applied on one or two areas only of the face!
    Also, didn't you just do an interview a few weeks ago with an actual makeup artist who LOVES makeup?? So then what's all the complaining about...
    Keep doing what you're doing Emily. You can't please everyone!

  • erika

    nice! a lady with looks and brains

  • Li

    I love this blog and I can understand Lauren's sentiment as it would appear that the women who use more cosmetics tend to be of a lesser percentage than those interviewed who focus more on skincare. But honestly, I think that's reflective of reality too. Women, at least the ones I've observed, may not always wear a full face of make-up on a day to day basis because it's simply not practical. That kind of make-up application is better observed on models during photo shoots or celebrities on the red carpet preparing for a barrage of cameras. Realistically speaking, the average women gets more bang out of her buck if she invests in skin care. Oddly enough, a number of these women aren't necessarily "average" per say, and the fact that a majority of them work in the fashion/cosmetic/appearance-preoccupied industry might reflect more on how products are actually used than when they are marketed (ie: in a press interview when the model representing a brand goes on about how much she loves this bronzer, lipstick, foundation etc). It's a fun paradox to observe. Maybe when you're surrounded so much by something you love, you seek out better quality products that have a larger impact, hence skincare.

  • Lisa C

    It's hard to say what's most awesome about this post...great lipcolor, the fact that our make-up routines are nearly identical, she's a scientist, a woman of color, she's eating a taco, she's not in the fashion goes on and on! I'm surprise everytime I check in, so much fun!

  • Michelle

    Simply beautiful!


  • JM

    She looks great. Is she a cosmetics scientist? There's one named Ni'Kita Wilson, and I'm dying to know what she uses. I actually love that this blog focuses on the beauty and fashion industries--it's a big part of what sets this blog above most others. There are plenty of scientists in the beauty industry.

    Ashley, not everyone who loves makeup cakes it on. And (shockingly) not everyone is afraid of being old. What people seem to be asking for are more people who like the full works and look good doing it. I think somewhere here there's a Nars makeup artist (who is clearly over 25) who uses mad products and looks absolutely amazing. I haven't seen anyone say that people who use less makeup look bad, so let's take it easy on those who think it's fun.

    • Oni

      My first career: Medical Laboratory Scientist, in the present pursing a Medical Doctor degree.

  • Chic Noir

    JM And (shockingly) not everyone is afraid of being old.
    Speak on it!

    *chic noir pumps fist*

    As a young woman, I feel that too much emphases is placed on youth. A 16 year old can't be sexy when most likely she is untouched. There is something about the 40+ supers that most of the newbe models of today don't have. It takes most models until age 25 before the reach the "ripeness" where they can convey the vast number of human emotions in a photograph.

    which brings me to my next question...

    *chic noir bats eyelashes at emily's even longer eyelashes*

    Is it possible that you can feature the lovely model Carmen Dell'Orefice. She is elegance, glamour, and class all wrapped up in one. I saw her give an interview on one of the morning shows and I could not take my eyes away from the screen.

  • the polka leopard

    brains and beauty!really interesting to see regular women as well as people who work in the fashion and beauty industry and their make up secrets!x

  • Laura j

    I love this post. She is so beautiful. Good spotting, Thank you!

  • PhotoGirl

    This post inspired me to buy MAC Girl About Town lipstick yesterday. Wow! Love it! Finally found a bright pink that I can wear.

  • Paris and Dawn

    love her!! so straightforward. her skin looks so great for no foundation!

  • Nichole

    I love the fact you're featuring the non-fashion folk. Scientists, health practioners & business women rejoice! We all love makeup - it's our common denominator.

  • David

    This photo is gorgeous!

    Have a Good Day!


  • Monica Cespedes

    I luv, luv, luv this girl's look. I'm also a woman who works in the health field, but mostly I'm proud to say I share her genes. Looking good sister!


    • Oni

      Thank u lil' sis! Love ya! ;* !!!

  • Kitani

    She's beautiful...I like the simplicity of her routine.

  • Colleen

    what a glamorous scientist!

  • SuperStar

    you can offered to have a simple routine if your simply beautiful :)

    • Oni

      Thank you Superstar! You are too sweet... Miss you! ;) :*

  • la bible de la beauté noire

    She is lovely and fresh!

  • della

    She is so chic and arresting!
    Did anyone else catch that her lips match her nails?

  • B Ball

    Love that she's a scientist and a minimalist. What a beauty!

  • Oni

    Thank you everybody for your comments. Sorry it took me a bit to reply. ;)