Maya Thomas


"My lipstick is MACRuby Woo. I wanted to wear Lady Danger today but couldn’t find it, so I stuck with this one. I prefer orange-y sort of tones. Eyebrows are important to me—sometimes I’ll pencil them in really heavy and then leave the rest of the face bare, so they’re just really big. I use MAC eyebrow pencils. I also really like this brand called Illamasqua—they have amazing color pigments. I think it’s Vivienne Westwood’s son who owns it? It’s real drag queen-y sort of makeup. Sometimes I’ll just do a crazy color across my eyelids. I’ve got a few piercings, from Australia, Thailand—I’ll probably get more. I’m itching for a tattoo; I just have this one drunken-night-out prison-style tattoo on my wrist—a peace sign. It kind of looks like it’s hanging off my bracelets. I’m really bad with skin care; I’m just exfoliating a lot, with St. Ives. I like Clinique under-eye serum because I find that creams are too heavy. I don’t do my hair myself because it’s really curly and I can’t control it. I just get it washed and blow dried by professionals every five days or so. I haven’t washed my own hair for like, years. [Laughs] I’ll go anywhere to avoid it."

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  • Megan Abigail Chandler

    I'm huge into the Clinque skin care products as well ... I've never had such clear skin, and they are really gentle. That lipstick color is fantastic ... great tips, thanks for the interview!

  • Hazel

    Seriously? What is it with these people who cannot muster up the strength to wash their own hair?

    • fritze

      ha ha yes... It's ridiculous

  • Claire Russell

    Love the bracelets! Where did you get them?

    • Casey - amazing beaded bracelets!

  • Marcela

    I like her relaxed style in the picture. Women that don't handle their own hair always make me envious since the hardest thing for me is to let other people even come near my hair.
    Love the post, and even though she says that her focus is on her hair I really like how that lipstick colour gives her so much character.

    Great post as always! Missed them these past few days.

  • katie

    wait who is this beauty?! no background info on her?

    love her laid back style, dark brows and bright lips.

    but as hazel mentioned, i also don't get people who can't do their own hair. it's something everyone should be able to do, no matter how difficult!

  • Kat

    She looks like she's wearing some mascara as well?

  • Miss. Y

    I was going to say 'google is your friend' to the question who she is, but I can't find her either! So yes, I am also wondering who she is.
    She looks so gorgeous, natural and effortless.
    I do understand why women don't wash their own hair, I'm just envious that I can't afford that kind of luxury, haha!
    But then I guess that that's only for the happy few...

  • anna

    such a gorgeous brunette! being brunette myself, I 'll definitely copy the makeup and hairstyle (ok, I'll be washing the hair myself). but please, give us more info about her. We're falling in love!

  • elena

    If her hair is really long, thick and curly, then I can imagine how hard it is to get it blow-dried and styled nicely. If she prefers her hair professionally blow-dried, then it makes sense to let them wash it too, it's just a nice side-effect of paying to blow-dry. For one thing she is definately doing the right thing not washing it more often, in between her hair appointments.

  • Via

    She says she has not washed her hair. she is trying to say that she is low maintenance, perhaps??? but then again, that's really embarrassing to even say...

  • Ella

    she is stunning. i really like the red lipstick, it goes wonderfully with her skin tone!

  • Bre

    I love a girl who recognizes the power of a good red lipstick! M.A.C. makes phenomenal reds, and I too am a fan of Ruby Woo and Lady Danger. I also appreciate the fact that she pays attention to her brows, an important common area and step most women overlook. A defined brow and a red lip is an infinitely chic look. As someone with thick, long hair I wish I had the luxury (and capability) of having someone else contend with my Chewbacca mane!

  • Amelia

    shes gorgeous, but i kind of find it funny that someone with all the piercings and the carefree type look doesnt do her own hair... it kind of breaks the image, you know?

    • katie

      i thought the same thing! if you look at her, you think laid back hippie chick, but she's the example of "it takes a lot of work to look like you do nothing!"

  • Lucija

    So beautiful, you are a true inspiration. I'm so happy I found you on Bloglovin!

  • Emmy

    She's gorgeous!

  • Tammi

    Who is she???

  • Lisa C

    Who is this gorgeous creature? (Literally? Ungoogleable.)

    That said, I presume this is right before the next blow out? 'Cause otherwise all that trouble is a bit wasted if you're going to put it up in a bun, no?

    But I can live with the contradiction--she never actually says she's "low maintenance." I obsess over skincare and ignore my hair; this is the opposite.

    • admin

      Hi all! I spotted gorgeous Maya at the outdoor garden of SoHo boutique/coffee shop Saturday Surf. She said she's a 'professional traveller' and has been all over the world these past 5 years. A bonafide gypsy...with a penchant for MAC and blowouts!! XE

  • dawn

    i think she radiates gorgeousness. i've heard so much positive buzz about those two shades of MAC lipsticks, that i'm inspired to give them a try.

  • R

    How cool are her piercings! Love it when girls dress simply and give themselves a lil' oomph with a bold lip, so fun.

  • Capitalist Pancake

    Total hair envy. However, when I read about these women who only get prof. washed/dried every week, how does their hair look towards the end of that time (or are they just throwing it up so as not to deal with it)? I have super thick hard to manage straight hair (tangles if you look at it funny), but if I didn't wash it every day, it would look like an oil slick, even it was up in a bun. I've tried dry shampoo, but that makes it worse, oddly - and I find the smell unbearable.

    • katie

      you're washing it too much. i don't have thick hair (medium fullness), but it used to get greasy sooooo fast. i had to wash daily. i went through some shampoo rehab and am now able to shampoo only once per week. the other days (about every other day) i use a baking soda rinse. it sounded strange to me when i read about it, but after a 2 or so week adjustment period, that horrible greasiness is gone! the conditioner recommended was an apple cider vinegar. google no shampoo rinse or "poo free" and there is a great blog on it.

  • Toni

    Wish I could get my hair washed and blow-dried by someone that often! It's not the washing part I hate, it's drying it. Takes too long.
    I love that lipstick and am going to check Illamasqua out.


  • Jane S.

    As someone with lots of fine, wavy/curly hair that frizzes most unbecomingly, I completely understand Maya's reluctance to do her own hair. Mine requires special shampoo and conditioner, serums and smoothing spray, a 45-minute blow-dry THEN some flat-ironing around the hairline to activate the smoothing spray. That's a lot of time (not to mention a lot of heat in the summertime) that's easily cut in half in a salon. I'm at the beach in South Carolina this summer and my hair is just wrecked until I get back to the pros in NYC. So you silky-tressed, straight haired wash-and-go babes, a little sympathy for your frizzy frazzled sisters!

  • Katharine

    I have to echo Jane S. above. I have very thick, very curly hair that is also dry. To wash it myself takes a 20-minute scalp treatment, 30 minutes in the shower, a deep conditioner for 30 minutes; and then comes the blow dry and flat-ironing which requires styling spray, heat protectant, anti-frizz products, shine serum, straightening cream, two different hairbrushes, and at least an hour of my time. I usually go to the hairdresser every 5 days to have my hair done, as mentioned above, it is very dry and it can go that long without washing. Doing it myself is stressful, and my blowouts take way longer and never last as long as when they are done at the hairdresser. I'm not "high maintenance," I'm a very self-sufficient student without a lot of money. I was able to find a place that does my hair for $30, so at least for me, it's worth it. Don't be too quick to judge guys...different things work for everyone and don't necessarily tell you what kind of person they are.

    • Jane S.

      Pooh! Are you in NYC? Where did you find a$30 blowout? Please share!

      • Jane S.

        Actually, that was "Oooh!" not "Pooh!" damn spell-corrector...

    • Gina

      I have to agree with Katharine on the jumping to judgement. Don't we all have that one area where cost is of no concern? Even if your income is limited, there is always one area where you'll spend a bit more.

      Washing your hair less often does require a period of adjustment. I was able to do it rather easily when I switched to using WEN Cleansing Conditioner. If you exercise daily, the 1-2 shampoos per week may not work for you.

  • PhotoGirl

    What a stunning woman!
    As my hair is similar to hers, I can totally relate to the desire to have someone else blow it out, even though the exigencies of my own budget make this impossible. It takes forever to do (90 minutes approx.) and it's really anoying. I never achieve the same results that my hairdresser does, even though I've invested in the same tools and products. Most of the time I don't bother; I just wash it and let it dry naturally. And for me, one shampoo/wk is plenty. Otherwise, I'd have a head full of straw.

    If anyone can tell me what career lets you travel the world and afford weekly blowouts, I'd love to hear all about it. I'm ready for a change! :)

    • Jane S.

      I'm in coastal SC and can assure you that my hair is so dry it gets neither greasy nor smelly after 5 days. Same goes for my scalp. Dry hair often equals dry scalp, so yes, unless I've been wearing a hat,my scalp doesn't sweat. Even in 98-degrees, 90% humidity.

  • lotta

    It's a luxury to have someone wash your own hair- the scalp massage and all. But waiting 5 days to wash seems too long unless you've gone camping. I understand why some people say not to wash your hair everyday ...lots of factors are involved...the condition of your scalp and the type of hair one has. But..on hot, humid days when everyone can get hot and sticky everywhere...I wouldn't want my hair unwashed for 5 days.. let alone have someone wash my dirty scalp.

  • Carolinas Couture

    Gorgeous lipstick color! <3

  • Sasha

    I think you girls are being way too critical of this poor woman! Maybe it's jealosy that Maya is able to go 5 days without washing and lets someone else handle it when she needs it done...but for girls with thicker and more unruley hair, I say more power to you! Being a girl with thick and unruley hair myself, I often find myself dedicating a whole evening of my time to do my hair and I definately dread it cause it takes so long. My hands get tired of being up blowdrying and flatironing for a good 45 min to an hour! You ladies that are being critical of Maya not doing her own hair should consider yourselves lucky that you DON'T have to go through this and are able to wash-n-go!

  • Bea R.

    Here's a solution for all of you girls bemoaning how long (and how many different products) it takes to make your hair presentable: stop shampooing! Stop using shampoo. Wash your hair with water and lemon juice, the occasional non-sulfate natural shampoo say, once a month or so, and your life will change. It's true. It worked for me - a former frizzy, curly, fine-haired dry and awful tangled mess of a head. And now I have silky, manageable, glossy smooth hair. And I have my life back.
    Ahhh.... freedom.

  • francesca

    hahaI dont know about the hair.. but i cannot get over how damn gorgeous!!! this chick is!

  • darian

    Stunner! She's so effortless and knows what works for her. Thank you for sharing I always adore seeing what other women do to look and feel gorgeous.
    Ps. Let's not freak out about her hair. Seriously if it works for her then who cares?

  • Colleen

    I wonder what her hair looks like when she gets it done, surely not like this! How can you just never wash your own hair? That seems like something a queen in the 17o0's would do.

  • Sheila

    I agree that some ladies are being awfully hard on this Ms. Maya. I rarely wash my own hair because it's sooo much work and the result is never as sleek as the salon result. Also, I only get it washed every 7 to 10 days. As an African American woman with my texture hair, I'd be bald or have hair like hay if I washed more than once a week. Let's recognize we all have unique beauty habits...whatever works!!!

  • kimmiepooh

    Maya is stunning. A natural beauty with a gorgeous head of hair. Love the red lips.

  • rachel

    i hope i'm not the only one who thinks that not washing your hair for more than 3+ days is...disgusting. not too mention absolutely ridiculous when you won't even wash it with your own hands?

    • maya thomas

      Wow!! I didnt mean to spark such controversy with the whole hair washing deal! If you have mixed race or black hair there is no way you can wash your hair every three days unfortunately as it would become incredibly dry... thick coarse hair such as mine needs the natural oils 5 day breaks give for extra moisture...I think calling people with ethnic hair types 'disgusting' is crazy, judgemental and mean spirited but thats up to you!
      As a few people have realised in earlier comments the reason I get my hair washed professionally is because the professional will do a much better job, that looks better for takes me a few hours to do what they do in one, to me, $30 is worth 3 hours of my time!...though now my hairs growing out I am able to wash it myself and leave it curly. I would love to wash my hair every day and dry it in 5 mins like alot of my friends but I'm not white and kind of proud of that! Thanks for the lovely comments and thanks for the not so lovely comments, they all made me smile : )

      • Gina

        Wow you responded! You created quite a stir on this blog, and ignoring all the meanie comments....most of us here were totally taken aback by your beauty! can you share some more about yourself? and some more beauty advice for mixed chicks (what is your background?)!

  • Lia

    I'm curious for all of you who keep commenting about her not washing her hair, do any of you read the comments before you? Like say the person above me?

    Have any of you taken into consideration that perhaps Maya is of mixed heritage, she sure does look it. Black, mixed, and Latina woman with kinkier, curlier hair don't follow the same routines as people who can wash their hair every single day. As a woman of color I take offense to some of you who are like "oh my goodness that's so disgusting and dirty", clearly none of you get out much, have kinky/different texture hair than straight. None of us who can't wash our hair daily are nasty, we're just different.

    And, I use to get my hair blown out every week thank you very much to the Dominican salons in NYC, because it was cheap and I didn't have to do my own thick and unruly hair. If I hadn't cut it all off I'd still be doing that. Those salons are the cost of a daily trip to starbucks for a weeks, so lay off, it's not expensive. This recession makes some of you bemoan even the small luxurious.

    • KT

      We all want what we can't have! I wish I didn't have to wash my hair everyday! =)

      And certainly, where I live, wash and blowdrys are not very expensive, and honestly, if I only had to do it weekly, I would get someone else to do it as well. I wish I had that texture hair where it looks so thick and gorgeous up in a bun, instead of flat against my head.

  • Sheila

    well said Lia...some people are so short sided!!!

  • Etienne

    Who is Maya Thomas? Why no explanation? She's so pretty though!

  • Alexis

    I no longer feel bad for wearing a ponytail for the second day in a row here at work! I've been really lazy with my hair, as well.

  • Kifaya

    People, calm down!! Maya is my sisterino. Her hair is tres tres thick, and curly like a mofo! We are mixed race, and everyone knows you don't have to wash curly hair as much. And also, she does wash her own hair, just not if she can avoid it!

  • Levina

    Love her lipstick and she's got perfect eyebrows!

  • Gina

    Everyone is raving about the lipstick, but I think it's her lips making MAC lipstick look so good. All of her facial features are magnificent!

  • sabrina

    Maya you're gorgeous girl! I'm sure you're used to people saying things about you and I'm sure you're used to smiling at it to! Keep up that positiveness!

  • Mariana

    These pics are beautiful, her makeup and hair is so simple yet elegant. I wish my curls were relaxed as hers, I could do so much haha!
    One thing though, I have no idea who this gorgeous woman is..